16 Amazing Ina Garten Salad Recipes To Try Today

Ina Garten, who also goes by the title, the Barefoot Contessa, is loved for her exquisite, yet approachable dishes. 

The chef and TV personality is also well-skilled at creating tasty salads that are perfect for any event, from an elegant dinner party to casual summer barbeques in the backyard. 

You’ll find some of Ina Garten’s best salad recipes in this post. These are bound to impress guests and picky family members. Some may turn into some of your recipe book staples for a while to come! 

8 Amazing Ina Garten Salad Recipes To Try Today

Ina’s salads aren’t just delicious, but they’re also beginner friendly. Even novice cooks will be able to master these without much difficulty. 

So, put on your apron and get your ingredients ready, as we explore some of Ina Garten’s best salad recipes! 

Amazing Barefoot Contessa Meat And Fish Salad Recipes

1. Ina’s Curried Chicken Salad

This salad recipe is great for serving with weeknight dinners, as it’s very easy and only takes an hour to put together. This curried chicken salad isn’t just tasty, it’s full of protein, making it a filling and satisfying dish. 

Ina’s recipe involves coating chicken pieces with chutney, white wine, and mayonnaise dressing. 

The wine and chutney give the salad a bright feel, while the mayonnaise keeps everything rich and creamy.

Curry powder gives the dish a wonderful warmth which is perfect for colder days, though the salad remains light enough to enjoy in the summer. 

You’ll also be adding raisins and cashews to the mix, giving each bite a fruity feel with a nice, salty crunch.

Remember to let the salad cool for a few hours in the fridge before serving, as this helps all of the flavors meld together. 

2. Lobster And Potato Salad

Lobster is a delicacy that’s normally saved for special occasions, but it can be used in a casual setting when included in this potato salad.

The mix of hearty potatoes and succulent lobster meat makes a dish that’s both refined and comforting. 

You’ll coat steamed potatoes with a mustard, vinegar, garlic, and egg yolk dressing. These give the potatoes a creamy, slightly zesty finish with a light kick.

White wine and olive oil complement the lobster’s rich, elegant feel, while lemon and tarragon round out the other flavors nicely. 

This indulgent salad is sure to impress, thanks to the rich, delectable ingredients! It’s perfect for casual lunches or summer picnics outside.

Enjoy with crusty bread slices and some white wine for a truly delightful meal. 

3. Chicken Waldorf Salad

This chicken Waldorf salad is a winner for so many reasons. First, there is its combination of tender roasted chicken, crispy bacon, and crunchy nuts, giving the salad a magical contrast of textures.

Then, there is the mix of baby spinach, delicate frisée, and hearty kale, offering a variety of fresh flavors and nutrients.

The salad enjoys a sweet note from shredded apples, while golden raisins give it a burst of flavor. Finally, the tangy, sweet dressing bonds everything together with perfection, creating a hugely flavorful and satisfying meal.

This recipe is also versatile, allowing you to change up some ingredients, like substituting the cashews and almonds with pecans or pistachios.

And, if you don’t have kale or frisée, try using other leafy greens like arugula, romaine lettuce, or mixed salad greens. Be bold, and we’re sure the salad will be one of the tastiest you have ever had!

4. Lobster Cobb Salad

Here’s one for all the seafood lovers out there! This classic Barefoot Contessa lobster Cobb salad recipe is exceptional, with exquisite flavors and truly luxurious ingredients.

The lobster meat is succulent, pairing perfectly with the creamy avocado, while the tangy blue cheese and crispy bacon add depth to the flavor profile.

Tying everything together is the zesty Dijon vinaigrette, bringing out the freshness of the cherry tomatoes and peppery arugula. This salad has been a hit with Ina Garten fans for over twenty years, mainly down to its balance of freshness and richness.

It is indulgent and satisfying, ideal for main meals or as a side dish at a summer event.

5. Tuna Salad

Another seafood delight, this tuna salad recipe sports bright flavors and a beautiful textural contrast. You can forget boring old canned or packed tuna for this salad. Instead, it calls for real grilled tuna steaks, seared to perfection.

These bring a meaty richness to the salad, further complemented by the zesty lime-wasabi vinaigrette and creamy, buttery avocado.

Add in spring onions and red onion for a fresh, crunchy bite, and allow the vinaigrette to infuse each ingredient, introducing a burst of citrusy heat. This tuna salad is hugely satisfying, light, and refreshing, providing a dreamy balance of flavors and textures.

Fresh, Veggie Salads

6. Ina Garten’s Celery Salad With Parmesan

We start with a recipe that may sound a little strange at first but trust us, this celery and Parmesan salad from Ina Garten is totally delectable and one to remember.

It boasts a divine combination of fresh lemon zest and juice, shallots, and celery seeds, creating a vibrant and zesty dressing. This perfectly compliments the celery’s crispiness.

While anchovy paste can give the salad an extra kick, skipping it, as the recipe suggests, does not detract from its overall flavor profile. We love the addition of toasted walnuts, Parmesan cheese, and parsley, all adding a sumptuous depth and texture.

The result is a gourmet-style salad that is refreshing, light, and bursting with citrusy flavors—an ideal choice for a summer picnic or any occasion.

If you’re feeling creative, try customizing this famous salad. For instance, you could add some diced apples or grapes for a sweeter contrast or incorporate thinly sliced radishes or fennel for more crunch.

We also suggest substituting the Parmesan with crumbled feta or goat cheese. Parmesan offers a nutty, rich flavor, but feta and goat cheese add a tangy, creamier element to the salad. Finish off with a topping of toasted pine nuts or almonds for a truly nutty flavor.

7. Tomato And Avocado Salad

First up, we have Ina’s tomato and avocado salad. This healthy, simple, and delicious dish works well as a side dish at dinner, as well as a light meal to keep you satisfied around lunchtime.

It’s great for anyone looking for a refreshing, light dish that’s also good for you. 

This salad isn’t just tasty, but it’s also full of nutritious ingredients. Cherry tomatoes are juicy, full of flavor, and packed with vitamin C.

The avocados give the salad a creamy texture and are high in potassium, fiber, and monounsaturated fats. 

You can have this salad ready in a few minutes, so it’s great for dinner parties where you need to pay attention to other kitchen tasks. This salad’s fresh flavors and vivid colors are sure to make it a hit at your next event! 

8. Maple Roasted Carrot Salad

This maple-roasted carrot salad is perfect for the holidays, but you can also enjoy its warming flavors at any time of the year. 

Ina’s salad recipe involves roasting carrots to release their flavors, then mixing them with tangy goat cheese and nutty, slightly salty almonds.

The goat cheese keeps the salad creamy, while almonds give each serving a nice crunch. 

The maple syrup adds some sweetness to the salad, while orange juice and cranberries give the dish a tangy, juicy later.

Sherry wine vinegar adds an acidity that cuts right through the creamy goat cheese, giving the salad a refreshing finishing note. 

Full of flavor and soft, tender ingredients, this salad doesn’t disappoint! 

9. Warm Mushroom Salad

A lot of salads involve cool or room-temperature ingredients that are better for hot weather, but if you’re looking for a salad to warm you up, this recipe is perfect!

You can have this warm mushroom salad ready in just 20 minutes, so it’s great for kitchen beginners too. 

You’ll saute mushrooms in olive oil and butter, creating a rich, hearty mixture. The mushrooms are then spooned on top of fresh arugula leaves and prosciutto slices. 

The prosciutto gives the salad a nice salty element, while Parmesan cheese and sundried tomatoes add a satisfying tang. Sherry wine vinegar delivers a slightly sweet undertone, while salt and pepper round off the salad nicely. 

Serve this salad immediately after you put it together, as it’s best enjoyed warm. 

Tasty Barefoot Contessa Salads With Cheese

10. Crunchy Iceberg Salad With Creamy Blue Cheese

With its bold flavors and orchestra of crunchy and smooth textures, this iceberg salad with creamy blue cheese is a must-try for all the cheese fanatics out there.

Its soft and buttery Roquefort blue cheese dressing explodes on the palette with a burst of rich, cheesy flavors. Combined with the crisp celery, radishes, scallions, and the tang from sherry vinegar, there is a satisfying crunch with each bite of this iceberg salad.

Serve on top of crispy iceberg lettuce, and enjoy each bite of creamy, crunchy, and savory goodness. We adore this recipe’s rich taste and mix of textures, but best of all, you can play around with the ingredients.

Feel free to swap out the radishes, celery, and scallions with some of your favorite vegetables, like cherry tomatoes, sliced cucumber, or bell peppers. You could even use another type of cheese such as goat cheese, crumbled feta, or Gorgonzola for a different flavor profile.

11. Greek Grain Salad

Here at Women Chefs, we love Greek cuisine, and this Greek-inspired grain salad is one of our favorites. It is bursting at the seams with strong flavors and incredible textures, all thanks to its combination of exciting ingredients.

Nutty farro gives the salad a hearty, comforting base, while crisp cucumber, sweet red peppers, and juicy cherry tomatoes offer a fresh, satisfying crunch.

The creamy feta cheese and tangy kalamata olives add savory depth, and the brightness of the lemon juice and red wine vinegar balance the whole salad out. Once again, try customizing the recipe with ingredients of your choosing.

We recommend adding more cheese for extra creaminess or swapping out the veggies for your favorites. Variety is the spice of life, after all!

12. Greek Salad

Ina’s Greek salad is one of her most popular dishes, which is full of flavorful ingredients, like feta cheese, fresh vegetables, and a satisfyingly tangy dressing. 

This Greek dish is a salad with some depth, as the lighter cherry tomatoes and bell peppers mix with heartier feta cheese and olives. This makes the salad filling without being too heavy. 

The dressing is one of the best things about this salad. Olive oil acts as a base, while garlic and Dijon mustard add a little kick.

Red wine vinegar adds a light, sweet note and acidity that cuts through the heavier ingredients, while oregano adds a herby, slightly peppery undertone. 

This sharp dressing complements the saltier feta cheese well, particularly against the crisp, fresh vegetables.

This salad is perfect for summer barbecues in the sun, but make sure you make enough for everyone, as it’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser! 

13. Heirloom Tomato And Blue Cheese Salad

As its name suggests, this recipe really is a valuable heirloom, and one that should be passed down to each generation. Made with juicy heirloom tomatoes, this salad has a sweet and tangy taste, enhanced by the savory richness of Roquefort cheese.

The aroma from this dish is wonderfully herbaceous, thanks to the fresh basil, while olive oil lends a luxurious silkiness.

Every bite is an explosion of summer freshness and will stand out on any table with creamy textures from the cheese and a colorful presentation from the tomatoes.

Comforting Barefoot Contessa Salads

14. Potato Salad

You can put Ina’s potato salad recipe together in just 30 minutes, so it’s great for whipping up at the end of a long day. This recipe is very simple and easy, but the result is a flavorful, filling dish with a lovely creamy texture. 

You’ll coat steamed potatoes with a buttermilk, mayonnaise, and mustard dressing. The mustard adds a slightly spicy note that makes the potatoes more interesting.

Red onion and fresh dill give the salad a fresh, sharp undertone, while celery delivers a gives each bite a satisfying crunch. 

Whether you’re making this salad for dinner around the table, or bringing it to a potluck with your friends and family, this potato salad is bound to be a hit with everyone who tastes it!

15. Crunchy Noodle Salad

This vibrant salad is full of impressive colors and textures, but rest assured, it’s easier to make than it looks. You can have this on your table in a little over half an hour! 

Ina’s crunchy noodle salad is a refreshing dish that goes great with lunch and dinner dishes. The mix of tender noodles, crisp vegetables, and a sweet, slightly sharp dressing is a treat for your mouth! 

You’ll be mixing soft spaghetti strands with crunchy bell peppers, scallions, and sugar snap peas. The contrast in textures is made even better thanks to the dressing. 

Sesame oil, soy sauce, and peanut butter give the dish salty, creamy notes, while rice wine vinegar and honey make it pleasantly sweet.

This dressing also gives the salad gorgeous Asian-inspired flavors, which are sure to leave a lasting impression on those you serve it to. 

If you’re looking for a salad recipe with a difference, this crunchy noodle salad is perfect! 

16. Butternut Squash Salad By Ina Garten

Revel in the flavors of fall with this roasted butternut squash salad, enhanced by a warm cider vinaigrette that marries the sweetness of maple with the tang of cider vinegar.

Begin by roasting cubes of butternut squash drenched in olive oil and maple syrup until tender, adding dried cranberries in the final moments for a chewy contrast.

At the same time, reduce apple cider with shallots and cider vinegar, then emulsify with Dijon mustard and more olive oil to create a robust vinaigrette.

Toss the warm squash and cranberries with fresh baby arugula, crunchy toasted walnuts, and freshly grated Parmesan cheese.

Drizzle with the cider vinaigrette just before serving to ensure every leaf is lightly coated, resulting in a nourishing and delightfully satisfying salad.

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Final Thoughts

From refreshing summer salads to hearty winter dishes, Ina Garten has a recipe to suit all occasions and taste buds.

Ina Garten’s salad recipes are always easy, uncomplicated, and extremely tasty! They’re a testament to her skills and dedication to using high-quality ingredients. 

Whether you’re a kitchen novice or an experienced home cook, Ina’s salads are always approachable but elegant enough to serve at special events. 

Try out our selection of diverse recipes above, and let us know which is your favorite.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Herbs Are In Potato Salad Ina Garten?

Ina Garten’s French potato salad recipe uses three herbs: basil, dill, and parsley. These add an earthy, slightly peppery feel to the salad that goes well with the other ingredients, like mustard, vinegar, and pepper.

What Is The Most Famous Salad In The World?

Mixed salad is one of the most famous salads in the world. It’s often enjoyed as an appetizer to go with a main meal. The salad is a classic Spanish dish, though variations of it can be found in different countries.

Mixed salad can contain a large range of ingredients, but onions, tomatoes, and a lettuce base are essential. Some may choose to add cucumber, corn, tuna, or hardboiled eggs, depending on their taste preferences. 

How Can I Make My Salad More Flavorful?

You can add other ingredients to a salad to make it more interesting. Examples include roasted nuts or seeds for a satisfying crunch or whole grains and plant-based protein to make it more satiating.

Seasonings, like salt, pepper, and herbs can make a salad tastier, complementing the flavors of other ingredients in the salad.

Depending on the type of salad, you can also add more flavor by using fruit pieces. Apple slices, pomegranates, and grapes are all nice options. 

16 Amazing Ina Garten Salad Recipes To Try Today

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