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Barbara Hunt - Founder

Hello fellow food lovers! I’m Barbara Hunt, the founder of!

I am a mom of two, and anyone who has had children can tell you how monotonous finding and planning meals is for the family!

It’s so easy to just cook your staple meals every week, as it is familiar, and you don’t have to put too much thought into it. But those dishes soon feel boring and stale, and you end up craving all different types of foods instead. 

In my free time, I have always found myself looking for new recipes and dishes to try.

I am famous in my family for always asking for cookbooks for birthdays and holidays as I just love trying new things now. 

There are so many incredible female chefs out there today, and it is not such a male dominated industry anymore.

I want to celebrate these chefs, their skills, and the amazing food that they create.

This is what inspired me to start! I wanted to create a space where women could go to get tongue-tingling dishes and recipes that could ensnare the senses and inspire the taste buds!

I hope that you can find your next staple recipe on this site. Join me, and try something new today. 

Joyce Rodriguez - Author

Hey! My name is Joyce Rodriguez. I am a writer here at! I have worked as a food blogger for around 7 years now, sharing my experiences and my own recipes with the world. 

I am part of a large latino family, and as you can guess- we love getting together and sharing good food. We are big foodies here! 

As part of my job as a travel food blogger, I have had to travel the world, tasting all of the best dishes various cultures have to offer.

In my spare time, I still love going on vacation with my family, and we love nothing more than to find new recipes to try at home, or to get together and have a big cookout where we each bring a dish. 

At home, my family’s love of food has always stayed with me.

I love searching for new recipes, recreating old recipes, and trying out unique dishes from my local restaurants. Food is definitely the way to my heart!

When I saw the opportunity that we had to share our passion with others here at, I knew I wanted to be a part of it with Barbara. 

Together, we can give you amazing recipes curated by the best female chefs in the world. Whether you prefer to eat vegan, healthy, or you want something indulgent, we are sure to have something for you here! 

Join us in our little community, and become Women Chefs like us.


For more information on the Women Chefs, check out our About Us page.

The easiest way to contact us is to fill out the form here.


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