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In the United States, men make up to 77% of the chefs and head cooks in the culinary world. Even today, there is still a gender gap and the chef industry is still male dominated. But not for much longer!

There are so many talented female chefs out there, but we only ever hear about the big names! On this site, we want to shine a light on the women chefs who are skilled, inspirational, lucrative, and who create amazing dishes that the whole family can enjoy. 

Why remake the same tired old recipes time and time again when you can keep your family and friends on their toes with flavorful dishes every week? 

Here at WomenChefs.org we want to celebrate female chef ingenuity, and share their recipes with the world.

Whether you prefer vegan recipes, healthy cookbooks, gluten free meals, desserts, or spicy dishes- we have a recipe that is just right for you. 

With cookbook recommendations and recipes from the likes of Paula Deen, Ina Garten, Rachael Ray and so many more incredible women, you can find a range of dishes, meals, sides, desserts and recipes to try out for yourself with WomenChefs.org. 

Join us here to turn your cooking skills into something spectacular!

To meet the faces behind Women Chefs, head to our Meet The Team page.

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