10 Best Paula Deen Cornbread Recipes To Try Today

Cornbread is one of the homiest, most comforting side dishes out there and one a lot of us love to make from scratch.

However, there are tons of different cornbread recipes out there for you to try – so why just stick to one? 

10 Best Paula Deen Cornbread Recipes To Try Today

Explore some new cornbread recipes and try out some variants by testing out different recipes! If you are looking for inspiration, then here are some of the best cornbread recipes from Paula Deen.

Check them out below and try them out – who knows, you may find your new favorite cornbread recipe! 

Cornbread Flavor Profile 

Cornbread is a type of quick bread made using cornmeal. It’s a popular dish in the US, particularly in the Southern states because it has its origins deeply rooted in Native American cuisine.

There, cornbread is made and used in a ton of different dishes. 

It’s beloved for its light and crumbly texture that is often compared to cake rather than bread.

It’s more spongy in consistency which makes it excellent for soaking up sauces, liquids, and grease – so it’s a side dish served with a lot of as well as its subtle sweetness.

However, there are tons of different variations on cornbread so there’s bound to be a recipe that suits everybody’s preferences and needs. 

Check out the wide range of Paula Deen cornbread recipes below to find yours!

1. Southern-Style Cornbread

Let’s start out with a good, simple cornbread recipe. 

If you have never made cornbread before, then you should try out this basic Southern-style cornbread.

It’s a great recipe to start out with because it’s very easy to follow and it leaves you with a plain but still very tasty cornbread.

Once you have this style of cornbread mastered, you can move on to more exciting recipes with fun twists and extra flavors! 

But, for now, Paula Deen’s Southern-style cornbread is a great recipe to start out your cornbread journey with! 

2. Mexican Cornbread 

Southern-style cornbread is not the only type of cornbread out there! Mexico loves to put its own spin on this classic side of cornbread by adding some sour cream and jalapenos for a thicker, richer flavor.

The jalapenos bring a good kick of spice while the sour cream helps the cornbread taste thicker and moister. 

If you are well acquainted with Southern-style cornbread, then your next step is naturally to explore how other cultures make their own versions – and there’s no better place to start than with Mexico! So, check it out and give it a go! 

3. Sweet Potato Cornbread

There are tons of different ways to make cornbread but one unusual method is to add sweet potatoes to the mix! 

This Paula Deen recipe adds sweet potatoes to make the cornbread dense and heavy.

They also bring a touch of natural sweetness to the cornbread to enhance the sweetness of the corn and help the cornbread retain more moisture.

This means that if you try out this recipe, you will be left with a thick, moist cornbread that works as an amazing side dish for a ton of juicy dishes! 

4. Spicy Jalapeno Cornbread 

Do you love spicy food? Then you may be tempted to try out Paula Deen’s spicy jalapeno cornbread recipe. 

Unlike the Mexican-style cornbread recipe, this recipe puts a different spin on things by adding hot jalapeno peppers and salty savory cracklings to the cornbread, making it a delicious savory treat.

All of this is fried rather than baked for a crispy cornbread snack! 

If you want to experiment with cooking cornbread then this recipe is a must-try! Frying your cornbread gives it a whole new texture so give it a go and see what you think! 

5. Cornbread Stuffing

Cornbread is a classic side dish served up at big events like Thanksgiving – but why not try serving it in an unusual, alternative way? 

This Paula Deen recipe will guide you through as you make delicious cornbread stuffing.

It’s a great substitute for conventional stuffing and can be enjoyed even after Thanksgiving dinner is over – serve it up as a side, stuff it in a sandwich or use it to make leftover waffles. 

But first, you need to make your cornbread stuffing. It’s light, and fluffy with a crispy top layer and tons of delicious flavor thanks to all the seasoning.

Give it a try and who knows, you may never go back to traditional stuffing again! 

6. Cornbread Salad

Cornbread is served alongside a lot of different dishes but this recipe actually adds it to a salad and uses it as one of the key ingredients (Also check out Best Paula Deen Corn Salad Recipes).

Not only does it include cornbread diced into cubes but fresh corn, sweet bell peppers, juicy tomatoes, onions, beans, and plenty of cheese and ranch dressing too. 

Altogether these ingredients work to make a light, refreshing salad to enjoy during the summer. It’s a fun alternative way to serve cornbread at a barbecue and picnic – so why not give it a try? 

7. BBQ Chicken Cornbread Cups

This recipe is a fun one to try if you love cooking and really want to test your skills. It will show you how to make small cups made from cornbread, stuff them with delicious BBQ chicken, and garnish them with sweet pickles. 

These are great snacks to pass around at parties or to serve as light appetizers before a larger meal. Either way, they are a lot of fun to make yourself as they will put your skills to the test to make individual cornbread cups.  

8. Chicken Cornbread Casserole

This recipe will show you how to make a whole casserole using cornbread! 

Casseroles are huge, filling meals we love to eat during the colder months. They are a very popular comfort dish and they can be tailored to suit your tastes easily. Anything can go in a casserole – including cornbread! 

This Paula Deen recipe uses not only cornbread but sour cream, red onion, spicy jalapenos, and chicken to help create a delicious casserole meal (Also check out Amazing Paula Deen Broccoli Casserole). It’s tasty, filling, and a great dish to try around Thanksgiving! 

9. Cornbread Pudding

Another alternative cornbread recipe is cornbread pudding (Also check out Best Paula Deen Bread Pudding Recipes). 

This recipe takes your usual cornbread and throws it into a deliciously moist pudding with other more savory ingredients like bacon and leek.

All meshed together they create a filling meal with plenty of nutrients to appease your appetite.  

Although it may take a bit of effort and time (especially because you have to make the cornbread separately first and then move onto the pudding), the amazing salty and sweet finish of the pudding is worth it.

If you love cooking and really want to put your skills to the test by making a more complex dish, this is the recipe for you! 

10. Blueberry Cornbread

Cornbread is actually a pretty sweet dish which means that with a bit of magic (and the right recipe) you can make a delicious dessert out of your cornbread.

This recipe does just that by adding blueberries to help make a sweet, tasty cornbread cake! 

Although it may be unusual to serve cornbread as a dessert, it works well thanks to its cake-like consistency and the addition of sweet blueberries in this recipe! 

Final Thoughts

Cornbread is a classic side dish enjoyed across the Americas and it works so well in a ton of different recipes. For some amazing examples, just check out the list above!

There you will find some of the best Paula Deen cornbread recipes for you to try out! (see also: Amazing Paula Deen Cheese Ball Recipes To Try Today)

Take a look, pick out your favorites, and give them a try! Happy cooking! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Better To Use Milk Or Buttermilk In Cornbread? 

While you should always follow your recipe’s instructions and use whatever milk the recipe tells you to use, buttermilk is widely regarded as the better option for cornbread. 

This is because buttermilk is richer and provides a stronger buttery flavor to the cornbread.

As a result, the cornbread is more tender in texture and tastes richer too – and overall, better! This means that if you want your cornbread to taste its absolute best, you need to use buttermilk! 

What Do Southerners Eat With Cornbread? 

Cornbread is a popular side dish you can enjoy on its own, but it’s often found served alongside a ton of other main dishes.

Some examples include soups, stews, chilis, meatloaf, pot roasts, and more – basically anything that comes with a ton of sauce and liquid that you need to soak up.

Cornbread does just that which is why it isn’t usually eaten alongside meals that have a lot of sauce and liquid. 

Do You Serve Cornbread Hot Or Cold? 

Cornbread should be served warm. 

Serving it straight out of the oven when it’s too hot can lead to burns but it doesn’t taste great when left to grow completely cool.

Once the cornbread is cool, it will be much more dry and crumbly. 

It’s important that you try to serve your cornbread at the right temperature. You can always reheat it if you find it’s too cold to enjoy! 

10 Best Paula Deen Cornbread Recipes To Try Today

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