6 Amazing Paula Deen Broccoli Casserole Recipes To Try Today

Casseroles are one of the most popular dishes on the planet because they hit so many targets. They’re filling, cozy, and comforting dishes perfect for chilly evenings and winter nights.

They’re also super versatile as you can add all kinds of ingredients and tailor your casserole to suit your tastes. 

6 Amazing Paula Deen Broccoli Casserole Recipes To Try Today

If you are a huge fan of broccoli, then why not try making a broccoli-based casserole?

Paula Deen has quite a few different casserole recipes that all include broccoli so there are lots of different ways you can make a broccoli casserole. 

If you are interested in making your very own broccoli casserole, then this is the list for you!

We have collected some of Paula Deen’s best broccoli casserole recipes for you to try (see also: 5 Amazing Paula Deen Broccoli Salad Recipes To Try Today)out. Check them out below! 

Broccoli Casserole Flavor Profile

Casseroles are a layered deep dish that is mostly made up of starchy binders with lots of vegetables and protein.

It’s a one-pot dish that is thrown into the oven, baked, and served hot – so it’s an easy way to get a nice hot and filling meal at the end of a long day. 

Because of this, casseroles are incredibly popular and eaten all around the world. This has also led to a lot of different variations of the classic casserole.

People love to swap out the ingredients for some of their favorite meats, veggies, and starchy binders to make all kinds of wacky combinations. 

This is where the broccoli casserole comes in. It’s a hearty dish that uses broccoli as the key ingredient.

Sometimes, the dish is made vegetarian while other versions of the broccoli casserole may add meats like chicken or minced beef.

Either way, broccoli is a common ingredient added to a lot of casseroles as it brings plenty of important nutrients like calcium and vitamin K. 

This also means that there are a lot of different broccoli casserole recipes out there – so let’s check them out! 

1. Broccoli Casserole

Let’s start out with Paula Deen’s recipe for a traditional broccoli casserole (see also “Amazing Paula Deen Salmon Pattie Recipes To Try Today“). 

If it is the basics you are after then you can’t go wrong with this recipe. It’s rich and creamy and filled with broccoli so it’s not overpowered by its accompanying ingredients.

These ingredients are also expertly chosen to enhance the flavor of the broccoli rather than drown it out – tangy mayonnaise, sharp cheddar cheese, smooth mushroom soup, and buttery crackers.

All complement the broccoli perfectly and come together to make a delicious casserole. 

The crackers are also crushed and used to create the top layer of this casserole.

This crunchy layer contrasts nicely with the soft baked broccoli and creamy sauce underneath so this casserole is not completely one-note when it comes to texture. 

Overall, it’s a very good comfort dish that you should definitely try out if you want to bring more broccoli to your diet.

Once you have mastered it, you can then look for some more exciting recipes that introduce interesting ingredients that completely change the flavor and texture of this classic dish! 

2. Cheesy Broccoli Casserole

One thing we all love to do to our meals is to add some extra cheese. 

Cheese is an incredibly popular flavor and it’s often sprinkled, melted, and mixed into a ton of various dishes. Broccoli casserole is no different.

Even though Paula Deen’s traditional broccoli casserole uses sharp cheddar cheese, this recipe takes it a step further to make a really cheesy broccoli casserole. 

It also introduced some extra ingredients to help give the casserole more body. This includes onions, mushrooms, celery, and crunchy chestnuts.

Despite this, the main flavors of this dish remain as broccoli and cheese – so if you love these two flavors, this is the dish for you! 

3. Broccoli And Sausage Casserole

Another great way to build up the body of your casserole is to add meat.

Of course, this recipe won’t be suitable for everyone (especially vegetarians and vegans) but it’s a great choice if you want to add more vegetables to your diet but want a more substantial dish. 

This recipe for a broccoli and sausage casserole does just that. It uses crumbled sausage meat to add a lot of protein and thick texture to the casserole, building up its consistency so it’s thicker and more filling.

It doesn’t lose the classic broccoli flavor nor the classy cheesiness that comes with casserole dishes – so it’s the perfect option for those wanting a meatier version of the broccoli casserole! 

4. Chicken Divan

Chicken divan is a type of chicken casserole that is served with a rich cheesy sauce and plenty of broccoli. This makes it a good option for those looking for a meaty version of the broccoli casserole recipe. 

This is a very rich, luxurious version of the casserole so it’s a great recipe to follow if you want to flex your culinary skills.

It adds a nice dry wine to help enhance the flavor of the dish and uses a ton of great ingredients like lemon juice, sour cream, and cream of mushroom soup to get the perfect flavor and texture of the cheesy casserole sauce. 

5. Paula’s Chicken Divan

Paula Deen actually has two different chicken divan recipes, both of which will leave you with a delicious cheesy chicken and broccoli casserole dish.

However, this version of the chicken divan is not as rich – making it a good alternative recipe for those who want to avoid using the white wine sauce from the alternative chicken divan recipe. 

It still captures all the great flavor of a classic chicken divan but the exclusion of white wine makes it healthier and more suitable for serving to a lot of people. 

6. Veggie Mac And Cheese Casserole

This final broccoli casserole dish combines it with another amazing classic dish – mac and cheese! 

Mac and cheese is another creamy, cheesy comfort food main dish so it makes sense to combine it with tons of veggies to make a casserole dish.

This includes not only tons of tasty broccoli but also cauliflower and peas. Throw on a ton of gruyere and parmesan cheese and you will have a super rich, creamy veggie mac and cheese casserole.

You can also go off-recipe and add more broccoli if you want a stronger broccoli flavor to your casserole!  

Final Thoughts

So that’s it! Those were Paula Deen’s top 6 broccoli casserole recipes. 

You can choose between a classic traditional broccoli casserole or try something more adventurous like a chicken divan or mac and cheese casserole that’s also packed with veggies like broccoli (Also check out Paula Deen’s Cheese Pie Recipes). 

You don’t have to stick to the same recipe time and time again – so check out the list above, pick out your favorites, and give them a try! Good luck and happy cooking! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Sides Go With Broccoli Casserole?

Thinking of a good side dish to serve with your broccoli casserole can be difficult because this main dish serves up a lot of the main nutrients for a filling, balanced meal.

However, there are still plenty of great sides you can serve alongside a broccoli casserole.

Bread is the go-to side because it’s filling and goes with pretty much everything. You can’t go wrong by serving up some warm, buttered bread rolls on the dinner table.

You can also serve mushroom salads, grilled corn, sweet potato fries, and more.

If you have opted for a broccoli casserole dish that doesn’t include any meat, you can also serve a nice chicken breast on the side – as long as you are not vegetarian or vegan!

Basically, because a broccoli casserole includes a lot of cheese and carbs (either through potatoes or crackers) then it’s a good idea to avoid these ingredients in your sides.

The sides should offer different flavors, nutrients, and textures.

Why Is My Broccoli Casserole Watery?

One common problem a lot of people have when making casseroles is that they are very watery after baking.

This is usually due to all the moisture released by the vegetables used in your casserole – so the more veggies you add, the more watery your casserole may be.

The thing is that vegetables are a core component of a casserole so you can’t just take them out. Instead, try salting your vegetables and letting them rest in a colander for 30 minutes so the salt will remove some of the moisture in your vegetables.

Another method is to par-cook your veggies first then drain them of any excess water.

How Do You Thicken A Broccoli Casserole?

Broccoli casseroles thicken as they cool so if your casserole is fresh out of the oven, give it time to settle and cool as it will begin to thicken.

If you are still not happy with the consistency of your casserole then you may want to add more thickening agents next time you make it.

Flour or cornstarch mixed with water can be added to your casserole before it bakes so pay close attention to your recipe, see what thickening agent you add, and just slightly increase its amount.

6 Amazing Paula Deen Broccoli Casserole Recipes To Try Today

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