10 Amazing Paula Deen Slow Cooker Recipes To Try Today

Slow cookers are one of the most amazing cooking devices ever to have been conceived!

10 Amazing Paula Deen Slow Cooker Recipes To Try Today

These devices allow you to place all of your ingredients into one pot, give them a quick stir, and then allow them to cook to perfection over an extended period of time.

This can help to make cooking a total breeze, as you could even set about prepping your meals in the morning, and then allow them to slow cook, ready for consumption that same evening!

However, in order to make the most of a slow cooker, you need just the right recipes to help! And who better to learn fantastic slow cooker recipes from than industry legend Paula Deen?

Paula Deen is a home cooking celebrity who has become renowned for producing fabulous recipes that can delight taste buds while also filling hungry stomachs!

Want to know some of the best Paula Deen recipes that make use of a slow cooker? Then make sure to read down below where we have cataloged some of the very best!

1. Gingerbread Spoon Cake

We figured that we should kick off this list with a recipe that might prove surprising to many people – gingerbread!

Often when we think about slow cookers we tend to think about using them to create savory dishes like stews, but did you know that a slow cooker is also perfect for creating tantalizing desserts?

This incredibly easy recipe simply involves whipping up the cake batter and then allowing it to cook in your slow cooker for around 2 hours.

What results is an incredibly moist and sweet cake that is bursting with flavor with every single bite.

This cake pairs incredibly perfectly with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, or even a little bit of whipped cream! It’s a very versatile dessert that is super easy to put together!

2. Beef Short Ribs

Short ribs are known for being an incredibly tender cut of meat, and this means that they also lend themselves perfectly to stews and other similar recipes.

This stew, in particular, manages to imbue every bite of beef with meaty flavor, while also allowing the broth to absorb some of the flavors from the ribs themselves.

The vegetables that are mixed together with the ribs are cooked to absolute perfection, and are, themselves, bursting with juicy flavor in every bite.

The slow cooking progress allows every ingredient in the stew to become incredibly tender, almost melting away in your mouth.

This recipe is easy to whip up and prepare, and then you can simply leave the stew to cook for around 4 to 6 hours.

As it slowly cooks, the smell of all of the ingredients slowly spreads through the home, which will get your mouth watering in mere seconds!

3. Orange Chicken

The flavor of orange and chicken is such a strangely natural combination that you’ll wonder why you’ve never tried it sooner!

The citrusy taste of orange is combined with plenty of salt and rosemary to create a flavorsome sauce that slowly absorbs into the meat of chicken as it is cooked in the slow cooker.

We could not believe just how good this recipe tasted in the end.

It made use of such simple ingredients that we were surprised at how much they were able to meld together to create a dish that had so many hidden flavor sensations!

Keep in mind that this dish needs to be left in the slow cooker for around 8 to 10 hours, but the preparation process is incredibly simple and short, so you could easily make this in the morning for dinner later!

4. Pulled Pickled Beef Sandwiches

Never tried pickled pulled beef before? Then you are in for an amazing treat! This incredible variation on traditional pulled beef injects whole new flavor sensations into a popular favorite.

The recipe requires cooking the beef for around 10 hours on a low setting, which allows the meat to become incredibly soft and tender.

Paula Deen herself recommends cooking this beef (Also check out Amazing Paula Deen Beef Stew) while out of the house, because the pickled flavor can result in some very strong odors from the slow cooker!

Once the beef is ready, however, it is perfect for adding to a sandwich, atop a bed of coleslaw, perfect for an evening lunch.

Definitely make sure to serve the sandwich up with some extra pickles to give it that little extra flavor kick!

5. Apple Onion Soup (With Cinnamon Cheese Toast)

You’ve likely found yourself going ‘Huh?’ at the mere idea of mixing up some apples into your onion soup, but trust us when we say that it makes for such an amazing flavor experience that you won’t soon forget!

With this recipe, you can easily place your soup into the slow cooker for around 3-4 hours on high, or 6-8 hours on low, depending on when you need it to be ready.

The onions very slowly caramelize, releasing a savory-sweet flavor that melds perfectly with the flavor of apple juice, and plenty of meaty beef stock!

This recipe also shows you how you can then place the finished soup into individual pots, and then top those with a lovely and crispy cinnamon and cheese toast!

6. Stuffed Green Peppers

Stuffed peppers are one of the best humble recipes to try out because of how incredibly convenient they are! All you need are a few affordable bell peppers, which you then stuff with flavor, before allowing them to cook.

Bell peppers make great vessels for your favorite recipes, and the best thing of all is that they are totally edible. This means that they are easy to serve out, and just as easy to eat.

This recipe stuffs each of the peppers with a blend of ground beef, wild rice, tomatoes, eggs, and much more to create a flavor sensation that is also a medley of unique textures that are great to bite into.

This recipe only takes 5 to 6 hours in a slow cooker, and the resulting peppers become incredibly soft and tender, and really delightful to bite into!

7. Taco Soup

This is a perfect recipe to make full use of your slow cooker because all you need to do is drop all of your fresh ingredients right into the pot, give them a quick stir, and then allow them to cook for around 8 hours on the lowest heat setting for a delicious taco soup.

What results from the combination of ingredients like chilies, olives, and green onions is a soup that has all of the flavors you expect from traditional tacos, but served in a form that is simple and easy to lap up any time!

This soup can also make for a great side dish to accompany a larger meal if you wanted!

8. Cheese Stuffed Meatballs And Sauce

Making meatballs in a slow cooker is such a natural no-brainer that you may be finding yourself wondering why we’d dedicate this space to them!

Well, have you ever tried making cheese-stuffed meatballs like Paula Deen has put together here with this recipe? If not, then you simply need to give this recipe a go yourself!

The meatballs, thanks to the cooking process of 5 hours, become incredibly tender, and when you bite into them, they quickly release their melted cheese flavors, providing a load of extra savory flavor to perfectly complement the taste of the meatballs.

Creating the meatballs is actually incredibly easy, and we were amazed at how well Paula Deen (see also: 10 Amazing Paula Deen Pimento Cheese Recipes To Try Today)was able to make the process so easy even for those that have never made meatballs before!

9. Boeuf Bourguignonne

Paula Deen’s boeuf bourguignonne is easily one of the very best variations on this classic dish that we have ever had the delight of trying out!

We simply loved the soft texture that the beef ended up taking on after cooking for around 8 hours. As well as that, the various vegetables also easily absorbed the flavors of the broth, which itself was incredibly thick and rich.

This is a great recipe to try out when the weather takes a turn and it gets a bit chilly outside, because it is full of warming flavors and great savoriness that will remind you of some of the home-cooked stews you enjoyed in your childhood home!

10. Apricot Glazed Pork Tenderloin

You may not have ever thought to combine the flavors of pork and apricot before, but allow this amazing recipe to enlighten you as to how well these two ingredients can meld together to create a feast for the ages.

This simple recipe takes next to no time to prep, and results in an amazing meal for 10 in just 6 hours of slow cooking time!

You have to experience this recipe for yourself!

To Wrap Up

These are just a few of the masterful slow cooker recipes that Paula Deen (see also: 8 Amazing Paula Deen Chili Recipes Slow Cooker To Try Today)has put together using her genius culinary mind, but they are easily the best of the best. Why not try one out tonight?

10 Amazing Paula Deen Slow Cooker Recipes To Try Today

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