7 Amazing Lidia Bastianich Recipes To Try Today

Lidia Bastianich is a famed restaurateur who has won Emmy Awards for her TV show hosting. She also has a cookbook that shares many of her brilliant recipes.

7 Amazing Lidia Bastianich Recipes To Try Today

She is Italian-American, and many of her dishes focus on Italian cuisine.

Bastianich has been contributing to public television cooking shows since 1998 and has been interviewed many times concerning her food.

Considering how famous her cooking is, and how much we all love Italian cuisine, it is time that we took a look at the best Lidia Bastianich dishes.

Today we will cover the top dishes, including some simple and easy ones for those in a rush, or with less experience in the kitchen!

Who Is Lidia Bastianich?

Lidia Bastinanich is the owner and chef of four acclaimed NYC restaurants, Felidia, Esca, Becco, and Del Posto.

She also has ‘Lidia’s’ in Pittsburgh and Kansas City too! She is a key figure in the culinary landscape of America and is the matriarch of a successful family operation that roots in Italian cuisine.

Lidia Bastianich is humble, despite her roaring success in catering. While everyone knows her as a TV host, chef, author, and restaurateur, she notes that she is also a refugee who has lived the American dream. Which we cannot deny!

However, she has lived many dreams, she never dreamed she would cook for the Pope, however, she has now cooked for both Pope Francis and Pope Benedict XVI!

However, she also cooked for Julia Child, another famous chef, who shared her passion (see also “Female Famous Chefs From New Orleans We Adore“).

Lidia Bastianich has made a mark on the catering world, and now it is time we honor her incredible achievements by noting some of our favorites of her many dishes!

Alternatively, if you’re looking for some of the best Lidia Bastianich pasta recipes, we have already created a list for you here.

1. Stuffed Mushrooms

We would be foolish not to start with this dish. Lidia Bastianich nailed it with these stuffed mushrooms, and any mushroom lover has to try these!

You can cook them up in just 30 minutes, however, they do require quite a few ingredients.

We would not usually think of stuffed mushrooms as being an Italian dish, we usually get them at junk food diners, however, these are Italian, and Lidia Bastiniach’s recipe gives you a little taste of Italy through them.

The recipe includes scallions, parmigiano-reggiano cheese, Italian parsley, bell peppers, dry-white wine, cremini mushrooms, and more! We love mushrooms, so this is our absolute favorite!

2. Lidia Bastianich Ossobuco Alla Milanese

Ossobuco is a recipe that goes back to when Lidia opened her first restaurant in 1971, and it was the top dish on her menu at Felidia in the 80s as well.

It combines great veal shanks with herbs and vegetables, then simmers the dish for hours.

This results in fork-tender meat that is nestled deliciously in a savory, complex sauce. It works well served with an espresso spoon or a marrow spoon, so you can scoop the marrow out, which is the ultimate delicacy.

This recipe requires over 15 ingredients, so make sure that you are prepared before you cook. It will take some time, so make sure that you set aside plenty of time to cook this dish, it is well worth the effort though.

You will need herbs such as bay leaves and rosemary, as well as ossobuco, all-purpose flour, carrots, tomato paste, dry white wine, and more!

3. Risotto Alla Milanese By Lidia Bastianich

The Risotto Milanese is a sacred risotto in Milan, many chefs will enjoy creating and changing dishes, but when it comes to this recipe, Italian chefs will stick to the traditional way of making it. It can be easily served alone or with Ossobuco.

For those who love Milan, or who want to visit, this dish is the perfect way to simulate that you are there for a while. In Italy, it is sacred, but it is also a comfort food, guaranteed!

It is made with 11 ingredients, so you may need to pop to the store if you want to make it, but it is well worth it.

You should also be able to have this dish cooked up in around an hour or so, just make sure all of your ingredients are prepped before you start!

4. Penne With Spicy Tomato Sauce & Ricotta

This is a dried-pasta dish that is super easy to make. It is known as ‘al brucio’ due to its spicy flavor. It did not always include ricotta, however, ricotta helps to balance out the spice in the sauce.

It also works well with a spoon of burrata at the end or a slice of buffalo mozzarella.

In Lidia’s Felidia restaurant, this would be made with candele pasta, which is a tubular, smooth, extra-long pasta that is hollow and wide, similar to rigatoni, making it look like an extra-long candle!

The pasta requires 10 ingredients while the ricotta will require 5. You can buy ricotta pre-made, but it is so much better to create it yourself!

5. Skillet Lasagna

Lasagna is an Italian classic that everyone has heard of, but many of us do not consider that we could make it up in a skillet!

If you are craving Lasagna on a weeknight, after work, with not much time to cook, this recipe can be cooked up in only 45 minutes!

You only need 11 ingredients for this recipe, and if you love Italian cuisine you are likely to already have many of these.

You just make up the sauce, then assemble the lasagna and broil it. Once it is all together it will only take 20 to 25 minutes for the pasta to be al dente.

Then you need only broil it for a minute until it is browned. Do make sure that you let it settle for 15 minutes before you serve, however.

6. Skillet Chicken Thighs With Cerignola Olives & Potatoes

If you are hankering for many flavors all in one, this one is tangy, savory, and toasty all in one pot.

The chicken thighs are a wonderful cut for single-pot braising, and they are juicy and flavorful, it is a great dish for busy people!

Made with 10 simple ingredients it is really easy. You start with the chicken, which only takes 10 minutes.

Preparing the rest of the dish should take less than 30 minutes, and the assembly should take less than 25 minutes, overall. This dish will be ready in around an hour.

Yet another, tasty yet simple Italian-styled dish perfect for busy people who seek lots of flavors!

7. Apple Cranberry Crumble

What about dessert? Well, while crumbles are not Italian Lidia loves them, as she finds them “very Italian in spirit”.

The simplicity of fresh fruit and a simple topping creates a very homey dessert that is delicious for everyone.

It includes a more extensive cooking list, however, if you are a regular home baker you are sure to have most of the ingredients at home in your pantry.

The crumble does take around 40 to 50 minutes to cook, but the preparation is very simple, so it evens out.

This is a delicious dessert, and with the cranberry being very warming, it makes for a delicious dessert for all the family in the fall or winter months.


Lidia Bastianich has created so many delicious dishes, she has made some stellar classic Italian pasta dishes, recipes for homey and decadent desserts, seafood dishes such as her Shrimp alla Buzara, and easy alternatives to favorites, such as the skillet lasagna.

Whatever you are hungry for, we are certain that Lidia Bastianich has a recipe for you.

If you are busy and don’t get much time to cook her 2022 cookbook “A Pot, A Pan, and a Bowl” is the ideal inspiration for some delicious but quick cooking!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Dish Is Lidia Bastianich Known For?

Lidia Bastinach is most famous for her Risotto Alla Milanese dish. This dish is sacred in Milan, and while chefs love to create and change dishes, when it comes to this dish, chefs will usually stick to tradition.

Risotto Alla Milanese can be served alone or with Ossobuco.

Does Lidia Bastianich Have A New Cookbook?

Lidia Bastianich’s latest cookbook is titled “Lidia’s A Pot, A Pan, and A Bowl: Simple Recipes For Perfect Meals”.

It provides readers with 100 recipes that are simple, easy to make and to clean up afterward.

This is perfect for busy people who don’t have a lot of time to spare to cook but still want good food.

What Brand Of Cookware Does Lidia Bastianich Use?

Lidia Bastianich is said to use HomeWorx by Slatkin & Co as her go-to brand. However, the brand is now a part of Bath and Body Works and is now more focused on homeware, candles, and diffusers.

We are not entirely sure if she still uses her old cookware or decided to switch to another brand.

7 Amazing Lidia Bastianich Recipes To Try Today

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