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Everything you need to make Ina Garten stuffed mushrooms.

Make traditional Ina Garten sausage stuffed mushrooms or choose from the other 9 stuffed mushroom recipes in my list which have been inspired by Ina’s style and her other recipes.

Ina Garten Stuffed Mushrooms On A White Plate

Barefoot Contessa stuffed mushrooms are easy to make and are an accessible meal for anyone to try. 

I will start with my tips to making Ina Garten stuffed mushrooms, specifically, her sausage stuffed mushrooms.

They combine the savory umami taste of mushrooms, sweet and saltiness of Italian pork sausage with a creamy texture from mascarpone cheese.

The full recipe for Ina Garten sausage stuffed mushrooms and step by step instructions are listed below the tips.

If you prefer to watch how its done, you can watch a video of me making Ina stuffed mushrooms with sausage. Its under 2 minutes long and will show you each step with ingredients. The video is linked under the recipe below.

If you’re still not sure about stuffed mushrooms, check out Ina Garten’s stuffed peppers recipe.

Ingredients for stuffed mushrooms

Recipes For Barefoot Contessa Stuffed Mushrooms

Ina Garten sausage stuffed mushrooms are the only original Ina Garten stuffed mushroom recipe.

However, I listed another 9 different stuffed mushroom recipes below the full recipe and video in this post.

These other recipes have been inspired by Ina’s stuffed mushrooms and some of her recipes.

There are options to suit different diets, such as vegetarian and vegan options.

All of these other 9 recipes combine the most common and popular mushroom flavor combinations.

I highly recommend number 8 on the list. Stuffed with a creamy, garlic filling, then crumbed and fried. Its the most unique take on Inas stuffed mushrooms and probably one of the most delicious.

(You could also check out Best Ina Garten Stuffing Recipes and come up with some fresh ideas).

Ina Garten Sausage Stuffed Mushroom Cut In Half

Tips To Making Any Ina Garten Stuffed Mushrooms

Skim through them, or scroll directly to the recipes below.

I also have a video which walks you through the steps if you prefer. Its less than 2 minutes long lists all of the ingredients to make Ina Garten sausage stuffed mushrooms.

  1. Use these tips for any stuffed mushroom recipe
    • This post focuses on the original Ina Garten stuffed mushroom recipe, Ina’s sausage stuffed mushrooms.
    • These tips will apply equally to any stuffed mushroom recipe, including the other 9 listed below.
  2. Which mushrooms to use
    • Keep it simple.
    • Choose any type of mushrooms that have a nice cup shape, as opposed to flat mushrooms – cup shaped mushrooms will hold the stuffing and juices much better.
  3. How to serve stuffed mushrooms
    • Smaller sized mushrooms work best as a side dish served on a platter, so your guests can help themselves.
    • Larger cup mushrooms work exceptionally well as individual starters. They look impressive when served on a starter plate with fresh garnish and feta cheese sprinkled on top.
  4. Use the mushroom stem as part of the stuffing
    • The stem is the most nutritious part of a mushroom – it contains high amounts of fibre and vitamin C.
    • I recommend removing & dicing the stems, then cooking them before adding them to the stuffing.
    • Cooking the stem will soften them (they can be tough otherwise) and reduce the water that comes out of them (the stems can have a high water content).
    • If your stuffing gets cooked before the mushrooms are stuffed, simply add the diced stems to the stuffing during the cooking process (as I do with Ina’s sausage stuffed mushrooms).
    • If the stuffing wont be cooked beforehand, simply dice and cook the stems in a pan for about 10 minutes, leave them to cool and then mix them through your stuffing.
  5. Know your ingredients and watch the salt
    • Dont salt the mushrooms.
    • Instead, season your stuffing.
    • The amount of salt you need will depend on how salty you’re ingredients are to begin with.
    • Everyone’s ingredients will be different so you will need to taste your ingredients as you go and season to taste.
    • For example, if you know your Italian pork sausages are on the salty side, you may want to add less salt. If you use a cheese which is particularly salty, you may want to add less.
  6. Dont feel the need to peel the mushrooms
    • Mushrooms don’t need to be peeled before cooking.
    • The outer layer does not have any particular nutrients, its just peeling mushrooms is mostly a waste of time.
    • Make sure the mushrooms are clean and get to cooking.
  7. Washing and cleaning mushrooms
    • Mushrooms retain water easily so its best not to soak them or wash them in lots of water. This can cause them to release even more fluid while cooking.
    • The easiest way to clean mushrooms before cooking them is simply to wipe them clean with paper towel. Use a damp towel if needed. Any stubborn bits that wont come off can simply be cut off.
Ina Garten Stuffed Mushrooms On A White Background

Ina Garten Stuffed Mushrooms – sausage stuffed

Recipe by Barbara HuntCourse: Recipes


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Make Ina Garten sausage stuffed mushrooms. Combine the umami taste of earthy mushrooms with saltiness of pork sausage and creaminess of mascarpone cheese. A great appetizer or side dish.


  • 16 large cup shaped mushrooms

  • 5 tablespoons olive oil

  • 2 ½ tablespoons marsala wine (or medium-dry sherry)

  • ¾ pounds Italian sausage (sweet or spicy to your taste)

  • ¾ cup minced scallions, white and green parts (6 scallions)

  • 2 teaspoons minced garlic (2 cloves)

  • Salt (to taste)

  • Black pepper (freshly ground, to taste)

  • ⅔ cup panko breadcrumbs (Japanese dried bread flakes)

  • 5 ounces mascarpone cheese

  • ⅓ cup parmesan cheese (grated)

  • 2 ½ tablespoons minced fresh parsley


  • Prepare The Mushrooms
  • Remove the mushroom stems and dice the stems finely. Set the stems aside for the stuffing.
  • Place the mushrooms on the oven tray they will be baked in. Drizzle over with 3 tablespoons of the olive oil and the marsala. Use your hands to rub the oil and marsala all over the mushrooms. Set aside.
  • Prepare Mushroom Stuffing
  • Preheat the oven to 325 degrees.
  • Remove the sausage filling from its casing (the sausage skin). Discard the casing.
  • Heat the remaining 2 tablespoons of olive oil in a medium pan (medium heat).
  • Add the sausage filing, crumbling it as it cooks. Cook the sausage until it’s completely browned (8 to 10 minutes).
  • Add the diced mushroom stems and cook for another 3 minutes.
  • Stir in the scallions, garlic, salt, and pepper and cook for another 2 to 3 minutes. 
    Add the panko crumbs, stirring to combine.
  • Swirl in the mascarpone and continue cooking until the mascarpone has melted and made the mixture creamy.
  • Remove from the heat, stir in the parmesan and parsley and season to taste. Leave to cool slightly.
  • Stuff & Bake the Mushrooms
  • Fill each mushroom generously with the stuffing mixture. Arrange the mushrooms in a single layer in a baking dish. Bake for 40 minutes, until the stuffing is browned and crusty. Serve while warm.

Inspired By Ina Stuffed Mushrooms – 9 Different Recipes

These 9 recipes are not exactly Ina Garten stuffed mushrooms, but they have been inspired by her and some of her recipes.

They contain some of the most common and popular mushroom flavor combinations.

There are vegetarian options and a vegan option.

Number 8 is my favorite – creamy garlic stuffed mushrooms, crumbed and then deep fried. So crunchy and moorish.

1. Risotto Stuffed Mushrooms

This recipe is inspired by Ina Garten’s mushroom risotto recipe. (See Ina’s best risotto recipes here)

Mushroom and risotto is a great combination, but instead of making a mushroom risotto, you make stuffed mushrooms Ina Garten style using mushroom risotto.

The risotto has a creamy texture and wonderfully savory flavor.

You can use any type of cheese you want for this recipe, but monterey jack is recommended. If you prefer a stronger flavor, try a blue cheese.

Once the risotto is ready you can prepare the stuffed mushrooms using the same directions as the sausage stuffed mushroom recipe above.

Remember to use the mushroom stems as part of the stuffing.

You can make the risotto up to 2 days ahead of time if you want to. This is very convenient if you are making this recipe for a party and you have a lot to do on the day of the event.

2. Cheesy Bolognese Stuffed Mushrooms

This recipe is inspired by Ina Garten’s mushroom bolognese recipe.

You can stuff the mushrooms with beef bolognese, or use a vegetable bolognese if you want to make this a vegetarian recipe.

If using a vegetarian option, make sure all of the vegetables are very finely diced. If the vegetables are in large chunks then they will not fit into the mushrooms.

After adding the bolognese stuffing, each mushroom is topped with cheese.

The cheese melts as the mushroom is baked, creating an irresistible melty lid for the stuffed mushroom. The bolognese is flavored with basil, garlic, and tomatoes for a rich and authentic Italian flavor. 

3. Chicken Stuffed Mushrooms

This recipe is inspired by Ina Garten’s chicken with wild mushrooms recipe.

This meal is a great source of protein as there is protein in the mushrooms and in the chicken.

The chicken is in a creamy sauce, made with soft cream cheese. The chopped mushroom stems are fried with finely chopped onion before being added to the creamy chicken mixture, giving it a lovely savory flavor.

4. Leek And Breadcrumb Stuffed Mushrooms

This recipe is inspired by Ina Garten’s mushroom and leek bread pudding recipe.

A great vegetarian option.

Each mushroom is stuffed with leek, thyme, garlic, and breadcrumbs.

5. Blue Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms

This recipe is inspired by Ina Garten’s baked polenta with blue cheese and mushrooms recipe.

Mushrooms and blue cheese are a winning combination.

The blue cheese is mixed with cream cheese, so if you prefer a milder flavor then use more cream cheese to tone down the flavor.

If you want to make this even more like Ina Garten’s recipe, you can serve it with polenta or sprinkle some polenta on top of the stuffed mushrooms.

6. Farro Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms

Another good vegetarian option.

This recipe is inspired by Ina Garten’s wild mushroom and farro soup (see also: 12 Amazing Ina Garten Soup Recipes To Try Today).

Farro is an Italian whole grain that contains lots of protein and fiber and cooks similarly to brown rice. It has a chewy texture and an earthy flavor which makes it a great accompaniment to mushrooms.

You can customize this recipe by using whichever vegetables you like. This dish has zucchini and sweet potato along with the mushrooms. Green onions and garlic add a punchy flavor. 

7. Vegan Stuffed Mushrooms

This vegan and gluten free recipe is ideal if you are hosting a holiday party and you have guests with various dietary requirements. The recipe uses chestnut mushrooms which have a wonderful flavor.

The mushrooms are stuffed with the finely chopped mushroom stems that have been sauteed with shallots, herbs, garlic, nutritional yeast and miso.

8. Cheesy Stuffed Garlic Mushrooms 

This is perhaps the most unique take on Inas stuffed mushrooms.

The mushrooms are stuffed with a creamy garlic filling, then dipped in flour, egg and breadcrumbs and then deep fried.

The crumb and frying combination gives you a super moorish, crispy texture on the outside, while the middle stays soft and smooth.

You could oven bake the mushrooms instead of frying them, just they won’t be as crispy.

9. Bacon And Cream Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms

Bacon and cream cheese are classic mushroom combinations.

This recipe similar, yet and ultra simplified version of Ina Garten sausage stuffed mushrooms.

You only need 5 ingredients to make this recipe, so it is nice and simple. 

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