6 Best Ina Garten Risotto Recipes To Try Today

Whether you know her for her cooking shows, cookbooks, or online recipes, Ina Garten is known for her relaxing, uncomplicated, and incredibly tasty dishes. 

6 Best Ina Garten Risotto Recipes To Try Today

People love Ina Garten for her dedication to simple recipes. She doesn’t follow culinary trends or make dishes that are too complex, but she does concentrate on creating flavorful, simple, and elegant meals. 

Many of Garten’s recipes can be made with common household ingredients, so you probably have them sitting in your kitchen already! 

We’ve listed some of the Barefoot Contessa’s best risotto recipes below. These are all simple to prepare and are full of tasty ingredients. 

Once you give one of these risotto recipes a go, you’ll be tempted to make them for dinner every night! 

Before you try one of these risotto recipes, make you have some high-quality ingredients, like Parmesan, butter, and rice grains. This will ensure that your risotto tastes as good as possible. 

Keep reading to discover some of Ina Garten’s tastiest risotto recipes! 

Things To Know About Risotto

Before we get into Ina Garten’s risotto recipes, it’s helpful to go over what risotto is and what it tastes like. 

Risotto is an Italian dish that involves cooking boiled rice grains with stock, wine, or broth. The grains are mixed constantly until they take on a creamy texture.

Classic risotto recipes will need to be stirred regularly during cooking, as this ensures the dish cooks evenly. 

If you give the dish the right temperature, the rice grains will slowly begin to release their starches, turning into a velvety sauce.

The risotto’s quality will depend on the type of rice that is used, how much starch has been released from the grains, and the type of liquid you use to cook the rice. 

Risotto should take on an al dente consistency. Each spoonful should be soft with a slight bite and resistance to it. 

There are several types of risotto dishes, such as chicken, vegetarian, or seafood. Its light, nutty taste, and smooth consistency are comparable to stews or soups

The way risotto tastes will depend on the ingredients and the way the cook prepares it. In most cases, risotto has several flavor notes which are subtle and gentle.

If the risotto contains cheese or butter, these ingredients will also affect its taste. 

So, risotto is creamy, smooth, and has a gentle flavor profile. The dish will take on the flavor of any ingredients you add to it, like cheese, herbs, or butter.

If you’re preparing one of Ina Garten’s risotto recipes below, remember to keep stirring the grains as you cook. This will release starch from the rice to make it creamy and prevents the grains from sticking to the pan afterward. 

Now that you know a bit more about risotto, here are some of the Barefoot Contessa’s best risotto recipes! 

1. Easy Parmesan Risotto

First up, we have a simple recipe that’s ideal for beginners in the kitchen. As the name suggests, this dish is very easy to put together! 

You’ll mix Arborio rice grains with chicken stock, white wine, and Parmesan cheese. The grains take on the flavors from the wine and stock, while the cheese gives each bite a nutty, slightly tangy taste. 

Butter adds a nice richness to the dish, as well as adding to its velvety, creamy texture. The peas look great in contrast with the rice’s white, shiny grains, as well as adding a fresh taste to the dish. 

You’ll need to bake the rice and stock in a Dutch oven before adding the other ingredients, so remember to plan accordingly. 

2. Saffron Risotto With Butternut Squash

This risotto is best for intermediate-level cooks, but don’t be put off, as it isn’t very difficult to prepare. This dish is full of fresh flavors and vibrant colors which are perfect for sharing around the dinner table! 

The recipe involves creating a creamy risotto with white (see also: Best Ina Garten Risotto Recipes To Try Today)wine, pancetta, and shallots. The latter two ingredients give the dish a salty, slightly sharp taste. You’ll also be adding saffron threads to the dish.

This makes the grains take on a vibrant, orange hue with a gentle, spicy aroma. 

Once the risotto is cooked through, you’ll be adding Parmesan cheese and roasted butternut squash cubes to the dish. The result is a smooth, filling dish that is packed with flavorful ingredients. 

Just remember to add the stock slowly, as this ensures the rice grains have enough time to soak up all of the liquid. 

3. Spring Green Risotto

If you’re looking for some indulgent comfort food that isn’t too complicated, this is the recipe for you. This Spring Green risotto is packed with tasty, fresh flavors and can be ready in a little over an hour. 

Classic risotto ingredients, like white wine, butter, and Parmesan cheese keep the dish smooth, with a slight acidity. 

You’ll also be using lemon zest, mascarpone cheese, and asparagus. The mascarpone ensures that every bite is thick and creamy, while the lemon cuts through the fattier ingredients for a well-balanced flavor profile. 

Asparagus and peas mean that every bite is filling, with sweet, slightly nutty flavors from the cooked vegetables. Remember to remove the tough ends and blanch the asparagus before you add it to the risotto.

If you prefer fresh peas over frozen, you should also blanch them to remove their starches. 

4. Chive Risotto Cakes

This recipe is a little different from traditional risotto, as you’ll be making risotto cakes instead. 

The dish involves classic risotto ingredients, like Arborio rice and grated Italian cheese, except you’ll be mixing these with eggs, Greek yogurt, and seasonings. 

The yogurt keeps giving each bite a nice creaminess, while the eggs bind the ingredients together as they cook, creating the cakes. 

You’ll also coat each cake with dried Japanese breadcrumbs, known as panko. This makes each cake crisp on the outside, while the risotto insides remain pleasantly smooth and filling.

These cakes do take a bit of time to prepare, so keep this in mind before you decide to make them. 

5. Fresh Crab And Pea Risotto

Here’s a seafood risotto recipe that you can have ready in just 50 minutes! 

This dish is full of fresh-tasting ingredients, like shallots, crab meat, and minced, fresh chives. The seafood stock complements the crabmeat’s flavors well, while thyme, garlic, and red pepper give each bite a satisfying kick. 

Butter and creme fraiche make the risotto rich and creamy, while saffron threads give the dish a gorgeous, light orange hue. 

Make sure that your crabmeat has no shells before you add it to the dish, and check that it’s warmed through completely before adding the stock. 

6. Wild Mushroom Risotto

This mushroom risotto involves a lot of ingredients, but it’s still relatively easy to put together. 

I love this recipe and have also included it in my list of best Ina Garten stuffed mushroom recipes.

The recipe involves two types of mushrooms: dried morel and fresh porcini. You’ll need to soak the dried mushrooms in water before making the risotto.

If you can’t find fresh porcini mushrooms at the store, you can use cremini ones to substitute. 

The Arborio rice takes on some flavors from the other ingredients, like shallots, white wine, and chicken stock.

Pancetta pieces add a pleasant salty note to the dish, while butter and Parmesan cheese give it a rich, hearty feel. 

Remember to save some of the dried morel water on the side, as you’ll be soaking the risotto grains in this later on. 

Final Thoughts

Those were some of Ina Garten’s best risotto recipes! 

Whether you need an easy, quick dinner, or a more indulgent dish that’s full of delicious ingredients, you’re sure to find a risotto recipe that suits your taste in this post. 

We hope you enjoy making some of Ina Garten’s risotto recipes at home! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Trick To Making Good Risotto?

As you make risotto, cook the grains at a lower heat temperature. Allow the grains to simmer as you slowly add the stock, each ladle at a time. Keep an eye on the time as overcooking the grains can lead to gummy rice.

When it’s time to add the final ingredients, like parmesan cheese, butter, or parsley, take the risotto off the heat before doing so. This will ensure the risotto is smooth, with a creamy texture. 

Should You Stir Risotto As It Cooks?

Yes, you should stir your risotto while it cooks, as this stops the grains from drying out and sticking to the pan’s base. Always give your risotto full attention and never let the dish cook unattended.

If the pan is left on heat for too long, without stirring, the grains will become dense and stodgy. 

Do You Rinse Risotto Before Cooking?

Risotto rice, like Arborio, Nano, Vialone, and Baldo, should not be rinsed before you cook risotto. The water removes starch from the rice grains, which is important for creating a creamy, velvety dish.

You should only rinse rice when dishes with individual grains are required. 

6 Best Ina Garten Risotto Recipes To Try Today

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