8 Female Chef French Cookbooks You Do Not Want To Miss

Female Chef French Cookbooks

There are lots of different types of French cookbooks that focus on different recipes and techniques.

This is a list of the best French cookbooks written by female chefs. Keep reading to find your ideal French cookbook. 

Here are the top recommended French cookbooks written by female chefs that you do not want to miss out on (see also "Female Chef Christmas Cookbooks You Do Not Want To Miss"). 


Julia Child was a very popular American Chef who lived from 1912 until 2004.

This cookbook is a firm favorite and is still in publication almost 20 years after its initial release.

It includes over 500 recipes with lots of instructional illustrations. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced cook, you will be able to learn something from this book. 


  • Flavor - These recipes have amazing flavors that will blow you away 
  • Simpe - The recipes are easy to follow
  • Experience - Julia Childs had many years of experience when she wrote this book


  • Dated - This book is almost 2 decades old now and is a little dated 


Meliisa Clark not only writes her own cookbooks but is also a food columnist for the New York Times.

This bestselling book includes 150 recipes for modern French cooking that combine traditional flavors with contemporary ideas to create a refreshing take on French cuisine.

There is something for everyone with a great range of dishes to choose from. 


  • Modern - This book is a modern take on classic French cuisine 
  • Variety - There is an excellent variety of recipes to choose from 
  • Photos - The mouth-watering photography is very helpful


  • Ingredients - The recipes are not budget friendly as a lot of the ingredients are quite expensive 


Rebekah Peppler is an American food, travel and lifestyle writer who lives in Paris.

This stylish cookbook is inspired by her experiences of French cuisine in the Capitol, and has a friendly, conversational tone.

It is very accessible, with plenty of recipes that are suitable for beginners. You will find classic French recipes alongside more modern, multicultural dishes. 


  • Photos - The stylish photography is a wonderful addition to the book
  • Simple - The recipes are simple to follow and very clear 
  • Context - The recipes are given in the context of the author’s experiences 


  • Difficulty - Some of the recipes are quite challenging to get right 


Mimi Thorrison is a French cook and food writer. She lives in a renovated chateau in Medoc, and this book is a collection of some of her favorite French recipes.

She is inspired by the people around her - local farmers and artisans, and even the previous owner of the chateau who was a much loved local cook.

The book contains helpful illustrations, and photography contributed by Mimi’s husband. 


  • Authentic  - The book is written by a French cook who lives in the French countryside 
  • Recipes - There is a great range of recipes to choose from 
  • Simple - The recipes are straightforward and easy to follow 


  • Rustic - All of the recipes are very rustic and not very ‘gourmet’ 


Emily Dilling has a popular blog that documents her experiences in Paris and the surrounding areas.

This cookbook is based on her blog and includes recipes to go alongside her stories of visiting local breweries, farms, markets and restaurants.

This is not just a recipe book, but also a traveler’s handbook giving you an insight into the culinary world of Paris. 


  • Experience - The recipes in the book are inspired by experiences of real people and places
  • Simple - The recipes are simple and easy to follow 
  • Photos - The photography is excellent 


  • Anecdotes - There is a lot of background information and stories to go alongside each recipe which some readers might not like 


Clotild Dusoulier is a French food writer who lives in Paris. She has a very popular food blog called ‘Chocolate & Zucchini’ and also writes cookbooks.

This book features 100 French recipes - a combination of traditional and modern cuisine - which are all based on the food you can experience within the city of Paris. 


  • Variety - From street food to restaurant dishes, there is an excellent selection of recipes
  • Authentic - The book is written by a French woman who is from Paris and lives in the city 
  • Photography - There are some excellent photographs of the food 


  • Instructions - The instructions could be a little clearer on some of the recipes 


Maria Zihammou is a food journalist and cook who is passionate about colorful dishes and seasonal ingredients.

This book is a tribute to French cuisine, in particular the authentic dishes you can expect to find at a Classic French Bistro.

It takes you through all of the traditional and classic recipes that make up French Bistro cuisine, teaching you how to recreate them in your own kitchen.

These are recipes that the whole family will love and you will want to make them again and again. 


  • Simple - The recipes are clear and easy to follow 
  • Beginner - The book is ideal for beginners as the dishes are uncomplicated 
  • Photography - There are photos to show you what the dishes should look like 


  • Traditional - There are lots of classic recipes but not many modern ones 


Cathleen Clarity is a trained chef who lives in Paris. This book divides 70 French recipes into 12, well-crafted menus that you can use to host the perfect French inspired dinner party.

The elegant recipes are accompanied by stunning photographs that get your mouth-watering and provide the guidance you need to recreate the dishes in your own kitchen.

This book is perfect for people who want to learn how to master French fine-dining recipes to impress their family and friends. 


  • Experience - The book is written by an experienced chef who lives in Paris 
  • Photography - The book is visually stunning with excellent photography 
  • Simple - The step by step recipes are easy to follow and recreate 


  • Ingredients - Some of the ingredients are expensive or difficult to source if you aren’t in France        

How To Choose The Best Female French Cookbook 

There are lots of great French cookbooks to choose from, so how do you choose the right one for you? Here are some things you should consider when making your choice. 


Do you want a cookbook that focuses on one particular aspect of French cuisine? Or would you prefer one that covers various parts of French cooking?

Do you want to learn country style French cooking or gourmet dishes that you could find in a French restaurant (Also check out Female Chef Gourmet Cookbooks)? You need to think about this when choosing which recipe book to buy. 


When you buy a cookbook you should always check how many recipes are included.

The more recipes you have, the longer the book will last and the more you will be able to learn from it.

You should also check that the recipes sound appetizing to you - there is no point buying a cookbook full of recipes that you don’t want to eat. 


The recipes in the cookbook should have clear instructions that are straightforward and easy to follow.

Even if you are an experienced cook, step by step instructions make it easier to ensure that you are doing everything correctly and will guarantee a good result.

It’s also very handy if the book has photographs so you know what you are aiming for. 


These books will help you to learn how to cook French cuisine. There is something for everyone on this list, including rustic recipes and restaurant quality dishes.

The books are all written by female chefs so every meal you make will have the woman’s touch. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are some frequently asked questions about French cooking. 

Is French Cuisine Hard To Cook? 

French cuisine is very varied and ranges from simple, rustic dishes to gourmet meals that require precision and complex cooking techniques.

If you choose a cookbook with clear instructions then you will be able to tackle any recipe. 

What Is Special About French Cuisine? 

French cuisine is characterized by fresh, seasonal ingredients used to create simple but irresistible flavors. The presentation is also very important. 

Why Are The French So Passionate About Food? 

A passion for good food is an important part of French Culture.

Historically, food was considered a form of art by the wealthy members of French society, and even the philosophical significance of food was considered. 


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