8 Female Chef Vegetarian Cookbooks You Do Not Want To Miss

8 Female Chef Vegetarian Cookbooks You Do Not Want To Miss

Many cookbooks contain repetitive and bland recipes that won’t excite you and it's hard to find a cookbook that contains innovative and interesting recipes that aren’t too difficult to make!

With so many vegetarian recipes by female chefs, searching for the perfect one can feel like you’re searching for a needle in a haystack! There’s no need to worry though because we’re here to help! 

We have compiled a list of the top vegetarian cookbooks written by female chefs (see also "Female Chef Sauces Cookbooks You Do Not Want To Miss"). On this list, you are sure to find one that you absolutely love!

Ranging from adventurous recipes to simple and traditional ones, there will be something on this list that suits you. Let’s take a closer look!


This is a fantastic vegetarian cookbook that has won many awards. In our opinion, it holds the authority on many vegetarian recipes, and it will give you some fantastic new ideas!

The author, Deborah Madison, spent many years as a teacher and a writer.

She saw a gap in the market when she realized that there was no single book that taught vegetarians all of the cooking techniques that they needed. 

This book was originally published in 1997 and it was seen as being ahead of its time.

It is one of the most popular vegetarian cookbooks in the world, featuring over 1600 recipes that are suitable for vegetarians and vegans! 

This cookbook is filled with practical information and recipes that are an inspiration for those who want to add some excitement to their cooking!


This is a brilliant cookbook brought to you by the award-winning Leon restaurant. This recipe book contains over 100 easy recipes that are perfect for every vegetarian.

Every recipe in this book can be made using just one pot, making it great for those who want to make a quick, easy, and delicious meal. 

The recipes in this book are perfect for every occasion, whether you’re looking to make a quick midweek supper or an impressive weekend meal for friends and family. 

This recipe book contains both easy, comforting dishes and some that will force you outside of your comfort zone.

As it contains only one-pot dishes, you will have plenty of time to spend cooking without having to waste any time washing up!

This book is split into very useful chapters including ‘Lunchy Brunchy’ and ‘Food for Friends’.

These chapters are very useful as they will help you to find the type of recipes that you are looking for immediately.


This is a fantastic vegetarian cookbook by Amy Chaplin, a female chef. This book aims to transform the way you eat with the 250 recipes that it contains.

In this book, Chaplin shares some fantastic recipes that incorporate all of the things that you need to maintain a healthy diet.

With lots of fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts, these recipes will transform your diet!

In this book, Chaplin shares her secrets for healthy eating.

She highlights lots of different techniques for cooking and ways to choose ingredients based on the season, occasion, and what you’re craving! 

Chaplin’s book is unique as it gives you a basis for delicious recipes, with endless ways to adapt and customize the recipes to suit you.

You may want to change the fruit in the recipe depending on the season or add nuts for extra protein. You may also want to change the sauce to add variation to your diet. 

This recipe book is very unique as it encourages its readers to seek out organic ingredients and cook exciting recipes at home. We absolutely love this vegetarian cookbook!


This is a great vegetarian cookbook by a culinary superstar! Anna Jones is known as the Queen of the Greens, and the way she cooks reflects the way that lots of us want to eat today!

Her book is filled with sustainable recipes that are packed with flavor and are super stylish. 

This is an award-winning cookbook that has placed Jones as a trailblazer for creative and modern cuisine that is centered around a vegetarian diet.

Every dish in this book is sustainable, but it certainly doesn’t give when it comes to the variety of flavors on offer.

If you opt for this cookbook, try out the fantastic Saag Aloo Shepherd's Pie or the Carrot & Sesame Pancakes: these are some of my personal favorites!

This cookbook contains over 200 recipes for every occasion, whether it is for weeknight meals or weekend feasts!

It also comes with tips and tricks for how to reduce waste, make your kitchens plastic-free, and ensure that you use all of the leftovers.

One: Pot, Pan, Planet is a unique cookbook that is perfect in lots of ways, for your pocket, planet, and palate!


Fresh India is a fantastic cookbook that specializes in vegetarian Indian dishes. It reveals a whole new side to Indian food that is very easy to make at home, fresh and delicious! 

Sodha’s family is from Gujarat in India, a state which has a rich vegetarian food culture, so she gets her inspiration for these recipes from this background.

Every recipe in this book is filled with flavor and nutrition, making them perfect dishes to add to your repertoire.

In the recipe book, you will find lots of traditional curry and dahl recipes that are very familiar and some that are unique. 

All of the recipes in this book contain fresh, seasonal ingredients. If you’re a vegetarian who struggles to find good recipes, this book is perfect for you.

It is also great if you simply want to eat more vegetables.


This is a fantastic vegetarian cookbook that will teach you new ways to enjoy American cuisine that is rich in vegetables!

The recipes in this book have a unique taste while still being in keeping with tradition. 

In this cookbook, you will find 75 fantastic recipes, ranging from Southern Baked Mac and Cheese to Red Beans & Rice Mélange.

There are lots of very healthy recipes in this book for dishes that are usually unhealthy. These lighter options still have all of the traditional flavors that you crave from these dishes. 

All of the recipes in this cookbook are made from accessible ingredients and they are very easy to make.

They use convenient cooking methods to suit those who are cooking on busy weeknights, or those cooking for a large group. 


This is a fantastic cookbook for beginners! We recommend this one for those who have just started vegetarian cooking, looking for some everyday recipes that are easy to add to your repertoire. 

If you’re low on time, there are so many recipes in this book that you can pull off in a very short space of time! If you’ve had a long hard day, open up this cookbook for a simple solution.

Not only are the ingredients easy to find and available all year round, but the recipes are also easy to adapt if you have any food allergies or personal preferences. 

In this book, you will find recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can also add meat to any of these recipes if you are a meat eater!


This is a perfect dish for anyone new to a vegetarian diet. This book contains 200 recipes including some low-fat, vegan, and gluten-free options.

This recipe book has a lot of variation, ranging from pizza to salads and lots more.

This book also contains advice for stocking your pantry with lots of the essentials that will be useful for these recipes.

You will also find lots of great advice on techniques that are useful for vegetarian cooking.

Meatless is a comprehensive book that will make it very easy for you to prepare meals for any occasion, and you won’t even miss the meat!

Find great variations of stews, soups, and chilis and how to ensure that they are just as satisfying without meat.

This recipe book does not only contain main meals, but it also contains lots of simple side dishes for you to add to the meal to wow your family and friends!

Final Thoughts 

So, there you have it! We have compiled a list of some fantastic vegetarian cookbooks that are all written by female chefs (see also "Female Vegetarian Chefs We Adore").

It can be very difficult to find a cookbook that contains recipes that suit you, but there will be something on this list that works for you.


No Spam, just delicious recipes, cooking tips and quality kit for your kitchen!

Barbara Hunt


No Spam, just delicious recipes, cooking tips and quality kit for your kitchen!

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