5 Amazing Paula Deen Chili Recipes To Try Today

If you’re a fan of Paula Deen’s cookbooks and shows, then you may be looking for some delicious chili recipes. From traditional chili to fun twists, you won’t be disappointed with these flavorful Paula Deen chili recipes. 

Paula Deen Chili Recipes

Whether you’re looking for something quick and easy to prepare or something that will need a bit more time in the kitchen, there’s something here that will satisfy your craving for chili.

About Paula Deen

Paula Deen has become synonymous with southern cooking, and her influence has been felt across the country. 

Her recipes, which are often very simple and utilize ingredients that are easy to find, have become widely popular for celebrations and everyday meals alike.

With Paula Deen, you can always expect delectable comfort food inspired by the South’s classic flavors and customs. 

Whether it’s a spicy gumbo for dinner or a decadently sweet layer cake for dessert, there’s sure to be something on her menu that appeals to everyone at your table. 

From common staples like macaroni and cheese and fried chicken to more indulgent fare like pecan-encrusted salmon and apple cobbler, Paula Deen gives you all the best of Southern food in one place. 

No matter what special occasion you’re hosting or craving something cozy after a long day, you can find the perfect recipe in Paula’s collection of easy-to-follow dishes and menu recipes perfect for any meal or holiday table.

1. Easy Classic Chili

For those looking for a classic chili recipe, Paula Deen’s Chili is a great option. This dish features ground beef, diced tomatoes, onion, garlic, and a blend of spices.

Serve this chili with shredded cheese, sour cream, and chopped green onions for an added layer of flavor.

The flavors of the savory ground beef combined with the sweetness of the bell peppers and onions create a unique combination of complex tastes. The texture combination between the bits of beef and vegetables also makes for an interesting meal.

Serve this warming chili with a side of freshly baked cornbread or crackers for an additional crunchy texture contrast that adds to the overall experience. 

Not only does this classic chili taste amazing, but it also looks stunning when served for dinner parties or special occasions too! 

Whether you’re entertaining family and friends or just want something comforting on a cold day, this easy classic chili will make everyone happy.

2. World’s Best Southern Chili

Paula Deen’s World’s Best Southern Chili is an easy-to-follow recipe full of flavor and spice (see also “Amazing Paula Deen Southern Cabbage Recipes“). Perfect for cold winter nights, this dish starts with a basic chili base of garlic, onion, and ground beef. 

From there, Paula adds two types of beans for heartiness and a variety of spices like paprika, cumin, and oregano for depth of flavor. 

The result is a chili that strikes the perfect balance between comforting and flavorful that’s sure to please even the pickiest eaters.

Preparation time for Paula Deen’s World’s Best Southern Chili is only 25 minutes and requires minimal effort.

Simply brown the ground beef while sautéing onions in the pan and then add all ingredients including pre-mixed herbs and spices into the pot to simmer it together. 

To serve this unique chili dish, top it with Greek yogurt or sour cream along with your favorite shredded cheese blend or diced red onions – whatever your personal preference.

This classic comfort dish comes together quickly, but you’ll find yourself savoring every bite!

This meal can be a crowd-pleaser as it comes together quickly with minimal ingredients needed. 

The red onion and bell peppers provide bold color to the dish while contributing a great flavor when combined with the celery and garlic. The addition of lean ground beef gives this dish added protein that will leave everyone full after eating! 

This meal can also be added to salads or grain bowls for additional meals throughout the week that pack a flavor punch but won’t derail any healthy eating habits!

3. Hearty Ground Beef Chili

The Hearty Chili by Paula Deen is a family favorite for busy days or just for fun. This easy chili is a great way to warm up any night, and it’s much healthier than store-bought versions! 

The recipe prepares 20 servings, and it will only take you about 20 minutes to prepare and another 20 minutes to cook, giving you plenty of tasty bowls of chili before the night is over. 

The ingredients are simple, making this recipe great for last-minute dinners or when you’re in the mood for some comfort food.

Hearty Chili includes ground beef or turkey, onion, garlic, diced tomatoes, tomato sauce, beef broth, and generous amounts of various spices such as chili powder, cumin, and oregano. 

You can also add black beans and optional toppings such as shredded cheese, sour cream, and diced onions depending on your taste preference. 


The combination of ingredients found in this recipe is timeless and can bring a lot of flavor to your favorite dishes.

This classic combination of onion, red bell pepper, garlic, chili powder, and cumin yields an impressive array of flavors that are sure to tantalize your taste buds.

When you add the chopped onion and red bell pepper to the pan with a little oil, you get a delicious base from which to work.

The rich aroma created by sautéing these two ingredients together will fill your kitchen with pleasant smells and spices. 

As you continue to cook down the vegetables, add in freshly chopped garlic cloves that have been minced finely for maximum flavor. 

Spice things up even more by adding chili powder and ground cumin; their bold flavors will surely kick up the heat in any dish! 

4. Jamie’s Award-Winning Chili

Jamie’s Award-Winning Chili is a simple yet flavorful chili dish created by world-renowned cooking stars, The Deen Brothers. This easy-to-prepare chili is incredibly versatile and perfect for any occasion or season. 

Not only does it require minimal preparation, but it also only serves up to 6 portions! With its combination of classic ingredients like ground beef, garlic, onion, and tomato sauce, this dish has quickly become one of the family’s favorite recipes. 

All that plus its award-winning flavor makes Jamie’s Award Winning Chili the perfect hearty meal for those cold winter nights. 


This combination of ingredients is the perfect base for an amazing meal. The olive oil adds a rich flavor to the dish, and the red onion and bell peppers provide plenty of colorful vegetables for nutrients. 

The garlic complements the veggies and the beef provides a hearty protein source. The result is a flavorful mix that can be used in whatever way you like – from tacos to casseroles and beyond.

Using these simple ingredients, you can create endless combinations of dishes to feed your family or friends. No matter how you prepare it, it’s certain to please everyone at your table!

For those looking to bring bold flavors to their meal without too much heat or spiciness, substituting chili powder in place of chili seasoning can be a great option!

Whether you’re baking or simmering a dish, utilizing the unique tastes produced by The Deen Team will make it hard to forget your flavor-packed creation!

5. Jamie’s Chili With Ground Beef & Italian Sausage

This delicious skillet meal is a great way to warm your family up on a chilly night. With only 30 minutes of prep time, you can save time and energy by quickly assembling this meal.

The ingredients make up the perfect combination for a delicious, hearty chili. The beans are all an essential base for the chili. 

Using three different kinds of beans gives the chili unique flavors, textures, and colors that combine wonderfully in a pot of chili. 

The kidney beans have a creamy, slightly sweet flavor that pairs nicely with the savory black and pinto beans. Together they form a protein-packed foundation for this classic dish.

Final Thoughts

Paula Deen chili recipes (see also: 8 Amazing Paula Deen White Chicken Chili Recipes To Try Today)are a great way to add flavor to your meal with minimal prep time. With just a few simple ingredients, you can create an amazing dish for your family and friends. 

Whether you choose to use Jamie’s Award-Winning Chili or Paula’s Easy Classic Chili, you will be sure to have a successful meal that everyone will love!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Gives Chili It’s Amazing Flavor?

Using a combination of tasty spices like smoked paprika and chili powder, as well as cooked meat, salty black beans, zesty tomatoes, and other flavorful components helps contribute to a delicious end product. 

Each ingredient has its own unique set of flavors that becomes most amplified when cooked at low heat over an extended period. 

What’s The Best Way To Cook Chili?

When it comes to making the best-tasting chili, allowing your ingredients to meld together is the key to good flavor. 

The slow cooker is the ideal way to do this, by cooking your chili low and slow for eight hours. This gives you plenty of time for all the individual ingredients to mesh together and reach their full flavor potential.

5 Amazing Paula Deen Chili Recipes To Try Today

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