8 Amazing Paula Deen Deviled Eggs Recipes To Try Today

If there is an entree that everyone loves to eat, it is deviled eggs. However, not everybody wants to eat the regular kind of deviled eggs – oh no.

Because of that, Paula Deen has created a plethora of different recipes which include deviled eggs. From using guacamole or bacon to turning them into scary eyes for Halloween, Paula Deen has got you covered.

8 Amazing Paula Deen Deviled Eggs Recipes To Try Today

Deviled eggs also can be added to a buffet-style get-together too, which is often fun for a children’s party. 

If you are looking to make your own deviled eggs and would like to find some interesting recipes, then look no further. Here you will find 8 amazing Paule Deen deviled eggs recipes to try today (see also: 10 Amazing Paula Deen Cheese Ball Recipes To Try Today). 

Who Is Paula Deen?

Paula Deen does not need an introduction – but we will try anyway! That is because she has been working within the food industry for over 30 years.

Not only is she a cook, author, and television personality, but she owns restaurants too.

In fact, both of her sons have also been bitten by the cooking bug. They create wonderful food alongside their mom, as well as run some of the family-owned restaurants. 

Paula Deen creates comfort food with a Southern twist, something she learned from her own mom. People enjoy creating her food because not only are the dishes often very familiar, but they are easy to replicate too. 

Flavor Profile Of Deviled Eggs

Before we take a look at the recipes, let’s have a look at the flavor profile of deviled eggs. You might not be quite sure what to expect, so let us tell you!

When it comes to the flavor of deviled eggs, it is really all down to the filling. This kind of recipe uses boiled eggs, so ultimately a deviled egg tastes like a boiled egg.

However, the star of the show is often the filling.

This is because a deviled egg is one that is boiled, the egg shell is removed, the yolk is scooped out – which is added to a filling – and then it is put back into the carved-out area of the egg and served. 

You might taste seasoning such as black pepper, salt, mustard, and even egg yolk. 

We have rounded up 8 of the most amazing Paula Deen deviled eggs recipes for you to try today (see also: 6 Best Paula Deen Peach Cobbler Recipes To Try Today).

So here they are:

1. Paula Deen Traditional Southern Deviled Eggs

We thought we would begin this list off by including this Paula Deen traditional Southern deviled eggs recipe (see also “Amazing Paula Deen Southern Cabbage Recipes“).

What makes it Southern is the use of spices and pickles such as paprika, pepper, gherkins, sweet relish, and mustard.

You will want to add some delicious pimentos to garnish, but you can leave these out if you are not a fan.

They are quick to make too, as it will only take you 24 minutes to prep and cook. 

2. Paula Deen Lighter Southern Deviled Eggs

And if you are opting for a lighter version of the Southern deviled eggs, then your wish has been answered.

While the recipe is similar when it comes to the method, a few ingredients have been left out and some have been changed.

For example, you will be using a reduced-fat mayonnaise and Dijon mustard instead, while omitting the salt and pepper entirely. However, there really is not much of a difference.

It takes just the same amount of time to make too!

3. Paula Deen Curry Pecan Deviled Eggs

This deviled eggs recipe is for those who want a curry-flavored hit to their entree. And while you might be thinking that you need to create something complex to fill those eggs – think again!

The flavor of the curry comes from basic ‘ole curry powder which is mixed into the yolk mixture. You will also want to add some chopped pecans too, which will add some crunchy bite to the deviled eggs.

It will only take around 15 minutes to prep with a 15-minute cooking time. This makes it an easy option for a lot of flavors. 

4. Paula Deen Pimiento Cheese Bacon Deviled Farm Eggs

Another fun and delicious option when it comes to deviled eggs is these pimiento, cheese, and bacon bites. They look really interesting too because the filling is piped back into the eggs.

The recipe does call for hot sauce, however, if you would rather have no heat then you can leave this ingredient out, or add very little. 

The recipe creates around 12 servings and only takes 30 minutes in total to create. This means you can have these tasty deviled eggs ready in next to no time at all.

5. Paula Deen Southwestern Deviled Eggs

These Southwestern deviled eggs are a popular choice when it comes to Paula Deen recipes. They include mixing mayonnaise, shredded cheddar cheese, salsa, and sour cream together with the yolk.

They have a slight heat to them too due to the addition of cumin. You can add green onion to garnish if you wish. It adds a slightly tangy flavor as well as a delightful appearance overall.

Altogether the mixture creates 15 servings, while the recipe itself takes around 30 minutes to make. 

6. Paula Deen Guacamole Deviled Eggs

Another interesting Paula Deen recipe when it comes to deviled eggs is this guacamole version.

Created by Paula Deen’s sons (also known as the Deen Brothers), it includes using red onion, avocado, sour cream, garlic, lime, black pepper, and kosher salt.

You might even find that the recipe itself makes great guacamole ready to be used with tortilla chips. 

While this super simple recipe only makes 6 servings altogether, and it will take you a good 40 minutes to create, it is definitely worth it. 

7. Paula Deen BLT Deviled Eggs

If you like a good BLT to start your day, then you will enjoy these deviled eggs inspired by the famous sandwich.

It includes exactly what you would expect: bacon and tomato – however, the greenery comes in the form of parsley flakes. You will also want to add some delicious mayonnaise to add extra seasoning.

The recipe makes 12 servings and will take you half an hour to make.

8. Paula Deen’s Deviled Eyeballs

When Halloween comes around, you can use deviled eggs to make some scary-looking food. This recipe creates deviled eggs that look like eyeballs.

However, to really create some magic you will need to use food coloring.

The flavors come in the form of using sweet pickle relish, mayonnaise, black pepper, pimento, salt, and black pepper. The olives create the middle of the eye, plus add a salty flavor to the egg.

Using some red food coloring paste, use a toothpick to draw some veins to make the deviled eggs look extra scary.

This recipe altogether creates 12 servings, and it should only take you around 10 minutes to make.

Final Thoughts

Deviled eggs are so easy to make. For this reason, they can be made within an hour of when you need them for. Any earlier and you might risk them losing their flavor.

While there are some fantastic Paula Deen deviled eggs recipes above, why not try experimenting with your own flavors too? But first, give one of Paula Deen’s a go.

These recipes show you how to make the flavors work with the egg.

Fortunately, eggs have a type of flavor that can work alongside many other different flavors. So, which deviled egg recipe are you going to try first?

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Origins Of Deviled Eggs?

It is said that deviled eggs come from Ancient Rome, despite many people believing it is a British delicacy.

The Romans boiled eggs and would season them with spicy-flavored sausages, and then serve them to guests before a luxurious meal.

What Do People In England Call Deviled Eggs?

People in England call deviled eggs the same thing as Americans. However, they are known by other names in many parts of the world.

For example stuffed eggs, mimosa eggs, dressed eggs, angel eggs, and so on. 

Why Do Deviled Eggs Have The Name?

It is said that deviled egg comes from a culinary term used in the 18th century. The Oxford English Dictionary described a dish with this name that was boiled or fried and full of seasoning.

This then went on to include spicy food, as well as food that had condiments added to it. Eventually, it became the term used to describe the egg dish that we know today.

Why Do Deviled Eggs Lose Their Flavor Over Time?

The main cause of deviled eggs losing their flavor is due to bacteria, but also because they have been made too early.

This is when you make the deviled eggs but do not need them for a day or several hours.

Deviled eggs are always best made closer to when you need them. This ensures both the flavors and textures are perfect for eating, and that no bacteria are present.

8 Amazing Paula Deen Deviled Eggs Recipes To Try Today

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