7 Female Chef Gooseberry Patch Cookbooks You Do Not Want To Miss

7 Female Chef Gooseberry Patch Cookbooks You Do Not Want To Miss

Not to mention easy on the wallet as well!

They have recipes for every season, every meal of the day, from breakfast through to supper, and some for special occasions like Thanksgiving.

And the books are pretty handy to have in the kitchen because their comb binding means that they lie flat on the kitchen countertop, so you don’t have to worry about holding the book in place or using kitchen tools as a bookmark.

We’ve been diligently going through the Gooseberry Patch catalog to pick out our favorites to write this round-up for you. We think you’re gonna love it.

We’re also giving you a brief guide to choosing a Gooseberry Patch cookbook, and a handy FAQ section where we answer your most frequently asked questions on the subject.

And without further ado let’s get straight to it!

(The following cookbooks aren’t listed in any particular order.)


Despite the title “Grandma’s Best Comfort Foods”, this is one of Gooseberry Patch’s more recent cookbooks.

But in line with the title, it’s packed with lots of comfort recipes,

It covers breakfasts, lunches, comfort food classics, sides and salads, foods for get-togethers, and of course desserts as well.

What we particularly liked about this cookbook was how the recipes mainly feature ingredients that are easy to get hold of in your local grocery store.

The highlights for us were the peanutty breakfast ring and Grandma’s best cinnamon sugar bread.


  • Excellent comfort to cover every meal time and all the trimmings
  • The recipes use ingredients that are easy to get hold of


  • The dessert section is a little brief and could use some more recipes


What could be more convenient than a recipe book where every single recipe can be made in just one pot?

Not only does it generally mean that the recipes are quicker and easier to make, but there’s also the advantage of less washing up!

This cookbook has over 200 one pot recipes for you to try out and enjoy (see also "Best Jessica Seinfeld Recipes To Try Today").

And it covers all kinds of meals, from cookouts and campfire meals, through to regular dinners, lighter meals and salads, and our personal favorite - desserts!

There are dishes for the stove top, the oven, the microwave, and the slow cooker as well.

The highlights for us were the classic chicken cacciatore and the smoky sausage stew.


  • It’s a prominent bestseller in the category of casserole recipe cookbooks
  • A staggering number of convenient and varied one pot recipes


  • The customer reviews on this book are few and far between


This is the perfect cookbook for busy parents and guardians who endeavor to bring fresh fruit and veg into the family diet.

It features a total of 225 recipes, and all of them are family friendly ones that everyone will love to eat.

And it features lovely fresh foods, rather than canned goods and ready-meals.

There are breakfast dishes, soups and breads, snacks for both parties and everyday foods, family meals to enjoy around the table together, and of course plenty of healthy veggies!

The recipes are really tasty and even if you’re not a particularly confident cook, you can easily do them.

And there are loads of recipes that you can make ahead of time.

The highlights for us were the pizza nachos and the skillet barbecued chicken!


  • 225 tasty recipes that the whole family are sure to love
  • There are loads of recipes that you can make ahead of time


  • Not all of the recipes are made with a full 100% of fresh ingredients only


We should all embrace our slow cookers - such a convenient way to cook.

Quite often it’s simply a case of dumping all the ingredients into the slow cooker in the morning, and letting your meal cook low and slow until the meats are so tender that they fall off the bone, and all the juicy flavors have been absorbed.

This no fuss recipe book features over 225 slow cooker recipes including mains, soups, appetizers, sides, beverages and even some really nice slow cooker desserts.

And the really great thing about this particular slow cookbook is that it’s specifically tailored for different points throughout the year, using foods when they are in season, warming winter dishes, hearty harvest favorites, and meals for celebrating various holidays, such as Easter and St Patrick’s Day.

The highlights for us were the lemon sage chicken with creamy scalloped potatoes, and the summer berry cobbler.


  • Over 225 no-fuss, tasty slow cooker recipes to take advantage of
  • Recipes suitable for every part of the year, including the holidays


  • The customer reviews on this book are few and far between, but are very positive on the whole


Unless you're raving foodies like us, you probably just like to get your food on the table as soon as possible.

And that’s exactly where cookbooks like this one come in…

Not only is it brimming with quick to fix recipes, 235 to be exact, but it also has loads of handy tips for getting food on the table quicker, which is perfect for when you’ve got hangry people to feed!

There’s make ahead tips, handy ingredient swaps, and time saving shortcuts to make prep time fly by.

The highlights for us were the peanutty breakfast wrap and the chocolate scones!


  • Specifically focused on making meal prep quick and speedy
  • Well over 200 yummy recipes that are all family-friendly 


  • Umm, *scratches head*


Who doesn’t own a 13 x 9 inch pan? It’s one of the cheapest and most convenient pieces of kitchen equipment you can own.

You can use it interchangeably for baking or roasting, and for both apps, main courses, and for desserts and snacks too.

This cookbook is entirely centered around recipes you can make in a 13 x 9 inch pan, and they’ve got everything from overnight French toast through to yummy meatball casseroles (Also check out Amazing Paula Deen French Toast Casserole Recipes).

There are 150 recipes provided in total, and while this may be fewer recipes than the other cookbooks mentioned here, it’s still very high for a cookbook.

And even more conveniently, there are plenty of recipes that feature ingredients that are easy to find, or ones that you may already have in your pantry.

The highlights for us were the Tex-Mex egg puffs and the cookies and cream brownies.


  • It’s available at an excellent price and is also available as an e-book on Kindle
  • There’s less washing up to do when everything’s done in one pan!


  • There are less recipes provided than some of the other books mentioned here


We just love this cookbook!

It’s conveniently divided into handy themed sections for weeknight meals, including Meatless Mondays, Tuesday Tex Mex Night, Wednesdays Italian Night, Comfort Food Thursday, and Just For Fun Friday.

It has a staggering 253 recipes included, covering everything from the main dishes themselves, and also quick and easy salads, breads and desserts to go with it.

There are several full color recipes and the recipes are all very easy to follow.

The highlights for us were the fiesta soft chicken tacos and the speedy skillet lasagna!


  • A staggering number of recipes, coming in at 253
  • There’s plenty of variety there, so you can enjoy a varied diet


  • Although it’s called “weeknight dinners” the cookbook doesn’t make the claim that all the recipes are quick to make

How To Choose A Gooseberry Patch Cookbook

Here are some key things to consider when choosing a gooseberry patch cookbook

General Or Specific

Go through your cookbook collection to identify what might be missing.

Do you need a good all-round cookbook, or are you looking for seasonal recipes, or recipes using specific kitchen equipment?

Number Of Recipes

The greater the number of recipes that a cookbook has, the more chance you’ll have of finding plenty of recipes you and your family like.

And that’s one of the great things about Gooseberry Patch cookbooks is that, whereas some recipe books may only have 60 or so recipes, they often have 200 recipes or more.

Wrap Up

We hope you’ve enjoyed browsing through our shortlist of favorites.

And remember this is just a snapshot of the Gooseberry Patch collection, and you may surprise yourself with how many you’ll want to get!

Still here? Stick around for the FAQ section.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happened To The Gooseberry Patch Catalog?

Gooseberry Patch chose to discontinue their catalog business back in 2010 because their mail order sales dropped quite steeply around the time of the economic downturn, and as competition increased.

That said, however, they still continue to publish new cookbooks and calendars.


No Spam, just delicious recipes, cooking tips and quality kit for your kitchen!

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No Spam, just delicious recipes, cooking tips and quality kit for your kitchen!

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