The Best Viviana Varese Recipes For Italian Dishes With A Twist

Italy has long been a haven for food lovers, where generations-old recipes are revered, and each region boasts its unique flavors.

But in the midst of time-honored traditions, several Italian chefs dare to innovate without losing the essence of genuine Italian cuisine.

One such chef is Viviana Varese.

Viviana Varese Recipes

Through her dishes, she marries the best of Italian flavors with modern culinary techniques.

For those looking to explore true Italian dishes but with a fresh perspective, Viviana Varese’s recipes are a perfect start.

Let’s take a look at her career and some of her best-ever recipes together.

Who Is Viviana Varese?

Born in Salerno in the 70s, Viviana Varese’s culinary journey is as diverse and rich as the flavors she presents on the plate.

Beginning her career in the bustling kitchens of Italy, she has trained under the tutelage of renowned chefs and has traveled extensively to refine her craft.

With a passionate commitment to sustainability and innovation, Varese has won numerous awards, including coveted Michelin stars.

Her career milestones also include representing Italy at international culinary forums and competitions.

What truly sets her apart is her ability to honor tradition while embracing modernity, resulting in dishes that resonate with both authenticity and imagination.

Viviana Varese’s Cookbooks

Over the years, Varese has penned a number of cookbooks, including:

1. La nuova cucina di mare

Focusing on delicious seafood dishes, Viviana shares her love of fish and mollusks in this cookbook and brings the ingredients to life.

The book is full of wonderful tastes and pairings that will make your mouth water.

2. Alice e le meraviglie del pesce

This cookbook shares some of the finest fish dishes that Alice Ristorante has become known for.

It also teaches the reader how to choose and prepare the best fish – echoing back to Viviana’s early years, working in her parent’s fish restaurant.

Viviana Varese’s Restaurants

Each of Varese’s establishments is an ode to her culinary philosophy:

1. Viva

Viva, located on Milan’s Eataly complex’s second floor, offers panoramic city views and vibrant interiors.

The venue is colorful, bold, and unapologetic. And the food is out of this world.

Her Michelin Star-awarded kitchen crafts intricate dishes, predominantly focusing on seafood and vegetables with global inspirations.

2. W Villadorata Country Restaurant

Viviana Varese’s culinary principles prioritize respect for raw materials, sustainability, and appreciation of regional biodiversity, as exemplified in Noto.

Nestled among the Val di Noto hills, the Country House Villadorata spans 25 hectares, adorned with olive, almond, and citrus groves and a quaint vineyard.

The restaurant’s menu highlights local ingredients, showcasing dishes influenced by Varese’s unique culinary techniques and Sicilian roots, with a wine list featuring primarily Sicilian wines, biodynamic selections, and Marsala D.O.C. Craft beers and cocktails that echo Sicilian aromas.

3. Viva Il Bistrot

Viva Il Bistrot’s menu, curated by Ida Brenna, Matteo Carnaghi, and Viviana Varese, is an ode to the Mediterranean.

Dishes are deeply rooted in southern Sicilian traditions but feature flavors from the Middle East and North Africa. Sommelier Valentina Rizzi’s wine list complements the culinary journey, offering selections from countries along the Mare Nostrum basin.

The ethos of “good, clean, and fair” drives the menu, adhering to Slow Food principles and organic, biodynamic agriculture.

Our Favorite Viviana Varese Recipes

1. Veal Bone Marrow And Tartare

Varese embraces the essence of fine dining by transforming classic ingredients into a dish that resonates with both tradition and innovation.

The star, veal bone marrow, is beautifully juxtaposed with onglet and fillet cuts, emphasizing the meat’s rich, buttery texture and inherent tenderness.

It is the accompanying sauces and garnishes that elevate this dish to a gourmet level.

The mustard mayonnaise is a zesty concoction, starting with the subtle warmth of mustard seeds.

The true pièce de résistance, however, is the vinegar snow. Crafted with maltodextrin and black rice vinegar, this delicate component adds an unexpected and delightful texture to the plate.

To round off the dish, Varese garnishes with slices of spring onion, providing a sharp and crisp contrast.

Daikon cress, with its mild peppery undertones, is delicately placed atop, offering not only a touch of green but also a hint of freshness.

2. Sigaretta Nera

A dish that dances on the line between delicate sweetness and deep, rich undertones, it weaves together three distinct sauces.

The caramel sauce brings forth a luscious blend of creaminess punctuated by the slightly burnt notes of sugar, creating a comforting and nostalgic taste.

This is contrasted by the deep allure of the chocolate sauce, which melds the bitterness of dark chocolate with the velvety nature of milk.

The crescendo of flavors is perfectly rounded off by the passion fruit sauce, offering a zesty punch and a tropical flair through its union of white chocolate and the tantalizing tang of passion fruit.

3. Crispy Sweetbreads With Beetroot Ice Cream

The veal sweetbreads form the centerpiece of this divine recipe.

Delicate and with a creamy texture, Varese enhances their earthiness by pan-searing them in clarified butter until they achieve a golden, crispy exterior.

However, what truly differentiates this dish is the beetroot ice cream. Beetroot, with its natural sweetness and vibrant hue, is transformed into a creamy delight.

The infusion of garlic and a hint of chili adds layers, making the ice cream a delightful play of sweet, savory, and spicy.

The dish’s landscape is further crafted by the beetroot soil, introducing a crunchy texture and a depth of flavor. Beetroot juice and milk powder converge to create this innovative component reminiscent of the earth from which the beetroot is born.

Marrying the dish components together is the yogurt sauce. The Greek yogurt’s tang, brightened by a touch of lemon juice, acts as a bridge, connecting the sweetbreads and beetroot elements.

Varese’s masterstroke is the glossy veal glaze, a reduction of veal stock that is drizzled atop, ensuring that every bite resonates with the veal’s inherent flavors.

4. Barbecue Pumpkin With Smoked Almond Milk

This recipe is an exquisite take on rustic ingredients, transforming them into an elegant dish that boasts of the flavors of autumn.

The butternut pumpkin, with its sweet and nutty flavor, forms the heart of the dish.

Oven-baked with aromatic herbs such as thyme and oregano, it encapsulates the warmth and comfort of the season.

But the true brilliance lies in the preparation post-baking; the pumpkin slices, kissed by the flames of the barbecue, attain a charred exterior and smoky nuance, contrasting its natural sweetness.

Yet, what sets this dish apart is the innovative smoked almond milk. This almond cream, when smoked on the barbecue, imbibes a unique woody aroma, adding depth to its nutty richness.

5. Marinated Mackerel With Leek, Potato, And Katsuobushi Broth

Varese’s Marinated Mackerel with Leek, Potato, and Katsuobushi Broth is a marriage of the sea’s bounty with the earth’s grounded flavors.

This dish harmoniously combines traditional Italian techniques with an evident touch of Japanese sensibilities.

At the core lies the marinated mackerel. Fresh, cleaned mackerel are bathed in a balanced blend of white wine vinegar, salt, and water, a process that not only enhances its flavors but also gives it a silky, delicate texture.

A twist to the narrative is introduced with the smoked mackerel oil and shards. The olive oil, imbued with the smoky nuances of mackerel, brings depth and a hint of mystery to the palate.

On the other hand, the shards, crafted with maltodextrin, are light, crispy, and subtly salty, providing an intriguing textural contrast to the soft, marinated mackerel.

The soul of the dish, however, is the leek and katsuobushi broth. Leeks, with their subtle onion-like sweetness, are simmered with water and aromatic bonito flakes, known as katsuobushi.

This fusion results in a broth that is at once umami-rich and brimming with layers of flavor, acting as the perfect backdrop to the mackerel’s boldness.

The potato and leek mash acts as a bedrock, grounding the dish. Creamy potatoes are melded with sautéed leeks and given a silky finish with olive oil, resulting in a mash that is both hearty and fragrant.

As a finishing touch, Varese introduces pea shoots, offering a burst of green and a peppery snap, ensuring that the dish is as visually appealing as it is delicious.

6. Rainbow Pasta With Italian Fish Stew

Viviana Varese presents a gastronomic spectacle with her Rainbow Pasta with Italian Fish Stew.

The pasta itself is a captivating array: peppery undertones in the green rocket variation contrast beautifully with the sweet pink hue of the beetroot-infused strands.

Adding to the mix, brown pasta boasts the richness of cocoa intertwined with hints of licorice, while the vibrant red from the tomato and the golden allure of saffron pasta play with both eyes and palate.

The neutral silkiness of the classic white egg pasta binds these varied flavors, ensuring a cohesive experience.

The dish dives deeper into the Mediterranean essence with a hearty Italian fish stew.

This concoction brings together the briny richness of cod, gurnard, and rockfish, harmoniously simmered with aromatic garlic, white wine, and tangy tomatoes.

The gentle addition of rice thickens the broth. Accompanying this is a selection of delicately steamed fish — prawns, monkfish, rockfish, and cod.

A velvety shellfish mousse adds another layer of depth, its briny undertones and soft texture seamlessly melding with the hearty stew.

As a finishing touch, steamed broccoli rabe offers a refreshing counterbalance with its slightly bitter notes, while a sauté of garlic and a hint of olive oil envelops the dish in traditional Italian warmth.

In Summary

Viviana Varese is a revolutionary Italian chef who respects tradition while pushing boundaries.

Her recipes are a testament to the vastness of Italian cuisine, made even more special by her unique interpretations.

Through her cookbooks and restaurants, Varese invites us all to experience Italy in a way that is both familiar and refreshingly new.

The Best Viviana Varese Recipes For Italian Dishes With A Twist

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