14 Delicious Pecan Pie Recipes By Martha Stewart

Pecan pie, a quintessential American dessert, is celebrated for its rich, caramel-like filling and crunchy pecan topping.

Martha Stewart, a household name in culinary excellence, has reimagined this classic dessert in numerous ways, each offering a unique twist on the traditional flavors.

In this article, we will share fourteen of our favorite pecan pie recipes from the dessert queen.

pecan pie recipes martha stewart

From the timeless classic to innovative variations infused with maple, bourbon, and even chocolate, these recipes promise to inspire both novice and seasoned bakers, so let’s dig in.

Classic Martha Stewart Pecan Pie Recipes

Let’s start with the classics – no frills, just deliciousness.

1. Classic Pecan Pie

Martha Stewart’s classic pecan pie recipe epitomizes the traditional flavors that have made this dessert a beloved staple in American kitchens.

The foundation of this pie is a delicate Pâte Brisée crust, a buttery pastry that sets the stage for the luscious filling.

Comprising a generous amount of pecan halves, the filling also includes a rich blend of dark and light corn syrup, accentuated by the deep flavors of dark brown sugar and a hint of bourbon.

A little bourbon, while optional, adds a nuanced depth that complements the pecans’ vanilla and natural nuttiness.

Eggs bind the mixture, ensuring it sets into a perfect custard-like consistency once baked.

This pie is finished with a top layer of artfully arranged pecan halves. Serve it cooled with a dollop of whipped cream.

2. Maple Pecan Pie

This maple pecan pie recipe is full of fall vibes and offers a delightful twist on the classic.

This recipe begins with homemade pie dough, which provides a flaky base that perfectly contrasts the smooth, thick filling.

The filling features a blend of dark brown sugar and high-grade maple syrup, enriched with melted butter and a touch of flour for thickness.

A dash of vanilla extract and a sprinkle of coarse salt enhance the syrup’s complex flavors, while toasted pecan halves stirred into the mix add crunch and nuttiness.

This pie bakes to a puffed, golden brown finish. Its texture is set on the edges but slightly wobbly in the center, ensuring that every bite is irresistibly gooey.

Serving this pie at room temperature allows its myriad flavors to shine through.

3. Layered Pecan Pie

The layered pecan pie levels up this classic dessert for a touch of sophistication.

This recipe uses a tart shell dough, which is pressed into a cake ring for a neat, round edge and provides a sturdy base for the heavy filling.

The pie itself is a concoction of light corn syrup and dark brown sugar mixed with eggs, melted butter, vanilla extract, and a splash of fresh lemon juice for a slight tang.

What sets this pie apart is the double layer of pecans—coarsely chopped pecans are mixed into the filling for a hearty texture, while whole pecan halves are meticulously arranged on top in concentric circles, giving the pie a decorative finish.

Baked until the filling is set, this pie is an exquisite balance of sweet and nutty flavors.

Boozy Pecan Pie Recipes

If you’re looking for a pie with a kick, Martha Stewart has you covered.

4. Maple Bourbon Pecan Pie

Martha Stewart’s maple bourbon pecan pie is an indulgent treat that combines maple syrup’s sweet warmth with bourbon’s rich complexity.

The crust is a flaky Pâte Brisée, rolled thin and molded into a pie tin, creating a sturdy base that is then chilled.

The filling, a creamy concoction of eggs, sugar, dark corn syrup, and a splash of bourbon, is poured over a bed of pecan halves in the crust.

Extra pecan halves are placed on top for a beautiful presentation. Before baking, the pie is adorned with decorative pastry leaves, brushed with an egg yolk, and heavy cream glaze to achieve a golden finish.

This pie bakes until set, with the maple and bourbon notes developing deep undertones that are both flavorful and aromatic.

5. Brown Butter Bourbon Pecan Pie

This brown butter bourbon pecan pie imparts a toasted, nutty flavor that we love.

This recipe starts with a base of homemade Pâte Brisée, filled with a mixture that includes eggs, dark and maple syrups, and a hint of bourbon for an extra kick.

The transformation of the butter through browning deepens the overall flavors, creating a rich backdrop for the pecans.

The pie’s surface is artfully arranged with pecan halves, forming concentric circles that not only look elegant but also provide a satisfying texture contrast.

After baking to just the right wobble, this pie is best served cooled with a dollop of unsweetened whipped cream on the side.

6. Brandied Pecan Pie

Martha Stewart’s brandied pecan pie introduces a spirited flavor through brandy, setting it apart from more traditional recipes.

The pie starts with a homemade crust that is blind-baked to crispy perfection before filling.

The filling, a rich blend of dark brown sugar, dark corn syrup, and melted butter, is elevated with a splash of brandy, enhancing the sweetness and adding a subtle woody note.

Toasted pecans are stirred into this luxuriant mix, providing a crunchy contrast to the soft filling. The pie is baked until the filling is just set and the top lightly caramelized.

Pecan Pie Recipes With A Twist

If you’re looking for a pecan pie recipe that’s a little different, why not try one of the below?

7. Chocolate Pecan Pie

Martha Stewart’s chocolate pecan pie transforms the classic pecan pie into a chocolate lover’s delight.

This recipe starts with a basic pie crust that sets the stage for a rich, chocolate-infused filling.

The chocolate is melted until smooth and mixed with eggs, light corn syrup, sugar, vanilla, and a hint of salt.

This mixture is poured into the prepared crust and topped with a single layer of pecans, ensuring each slice is packed with nutty crunch.

Baked until just set, this pie has a slightly jiggly center, offering a gooey contrast to the crisp crust.

8. Apple Pecan Pie

This apple pecan pie recipe is a delightful variation that introduces apples into the traditional pecan pie, creating a harmonious blend of fall textures and flavors.

This pie uses a Pâte Brisée crust and a crumb topping made from flour, pecans, brown sugar, and butter, providing a sweet and crumbly contrast to the filling.

The filling itself is a rich concoction of Granny Smith apples and pecans tossed with flour, sugar, lemon juice, and vanilla, which helps to balance the apples’ tartness with the crust’s sweetness.

Baked until the apples are tender and the topping is golden, this pie is an excellent choice for those who enjoy a bit of fruit in their desserts. It offers a rustic yet sophisticated flavor profile.

9. Date Pecan Pie

This date and pecan pie introduces the natural sweetness of Medjool dates to the classic pecan pie, adding a rich, caramel-like flavor that complements the pecans beautifully.

The pie starts with a homemade Pâte Brisée crust that is blind-baked to a golden brown.

Dates are then simmered with water and vanilla, pureed until smooth, and combined with eggs, light corn syrup, brown sugar, melted butter, and salt to create a velvety filling.

Chopped pecans are stirred into this mixture, adding texture and nuttiness. The pie is topped with whole pecans for a decorative touch and baked until the filling is just set.

10. Pumpkin Pecan Crunch Pie

Martha Stewart’s pumpkin pecan crunch pie is a festive dessert that marries the classic flavors of pumpkin and pecan.

The recipe starts with a Pâte Brisée crust, which is blind-baked to ensure it remains crisp beneath the moist filling.

The filling is a rich blend of cream cheese, sugar, and pumpkin puree, enhanced with spices like cinnamon, ginger, and cloves, and is bound together with eggs and flour.

This creamy base is then baked until just set. The highlight of the pie is the crunchy pecan topping, a mixture of chopped pecans, brown sugar, and butter, baked separately to a golden crisp and sprinkled over the hot pie.

The pie is cooled and refrigerated until firm, making it an excellent make-ahead dish for Thanksgiving gatherings.

Bite-Sized Pecan Pie Desserts

The recipes below are perfect if you want some pecan pie goodness for a picnic or party.

11. Pecan Pie Muffins

These pecan pie muffins encapsulate all the rich flavors of traditional pecan pie in a delightful, portable form.

Starting with a base of coarsely chopped, toasted pecans mixed into a batter of flour, baking powder, salt, dark brown sugar, eggs, melted butter, milk, and vanilla, these muffins offer a deep, caramelized flavor complemented by the crunch of pecans.

Each muffin is topped with a pecan half or additional chopped nuts, creating a pleasing texture and presentation.

Baked until they spring back to the touch, these muffins are a wonderful treat, perfect for breakfast, brunch, or a sweet snack throughout the day.

12. Martha’s Pecan Bars

Martha Stewart’s pecan bars are a simple yet sophisticated treat that combines a buttery, crumbly crust with a rich pecan-filled topping.

The crust, made from a mixture of butter, light brown sugar, and flour, is baked until golden and then topped with a concoction of butter, brown sugar, honey, granulated sugar, heavy cream, and pecans.

This luscious mixture is boiled to create a thick, sticky filling that is poured over the cooled crust and baked until bubbly.

These bars are cut into small pieces, making them ideal for sharing at gatherings or enjoying as a small, sweet snack.

13. Chocolate Pecan Pie Bars

These chocolate pecan pie bars elevate the classic pecan pie with semisweet chocolate chips, creating a decadent dessert that’s both crunchy and gooey.

The base is a shortbread crust made from a mixture of butter, brown sugar, flour, and salt, pressed into a pan, and baked until lightly browned.

A filling of eggs, corn syrup, granulated sugar, melted butter, chocolate chips, and chopped pecans is then spread over the crust and baked until set.

These bars offer a satisfying texture with the richness of chocolate and the nuttiness of pecans, perfect for chocolate and pecan pie enthusiasts alike.

14. Pecan Tassies

Pecan tassies are miniature treats that pack the rich taste of pecan pie into bite-sized portions, perfect for dessert buffets or as a light dessert.

The dough, made from cream cheese, butter, flour, and ground pecans, is shaped into small balls and pressed into mini-muffin tins to form tiny cups.

A filling made from eggs, light brown sugar, maple syrup, vanilla, butter, and salt is enriched with chopped toasted pecans and spooned into each dough cup.

Baked until the crust is golden, these tassies offer a delightful combination of creamy filling and crunchy pecans in a perfectly sized package.

Final Thoughts

Whether you prefer the classic richness of a traditional pecan pie or the inventive flair of a chocolate-infused or fruit-laden variant, this collection has something to satisfy every palate.

We think these recipes show why pecan pie’s versatility makes it an enduring favorite – especially for fall and Thanksgiving.

14 Delicious Pecan Pie Recipes By Martha Stewart

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