13 Divine Chocolate Cake Recipes By Martha Stewart

When it comes to indulgent treats, it doesn’t get any better than a chocolate cake.

Whether you’re preparing for an upcoming event or just want to treat yourself at home, chocolate cakes never let you down.

And best of all, there are so many chocolate recipes to choose from, all with different flavors to wow your taste buds.

If you’re in the mood for a chocolate cake or need to rustle one up quickly, you’ll want to find a recipe perfect for you as soon as possible. But, just a quick glance on the internet or in cookbooks, and you will be overwhelmed with choices.

Chocolate Cake Recipes By Martha Stewart

Thankfully, the undisputed culinary queen Martha Stewart has some of the best, tastiest recipes waiting for you to try.

Today, we have found 13 of the most divine chocolate cake recipes by Martha Stewart for you to have a go at making at home. Sit back with us and enter this delicious world of chocolate bliss.

The Best Chocolate Ganache Cake Recipes From Martha Stewart

1. Chestnut Chocolate Layer Cake

We start with this delectable nine-inch chestnut chocolate layer cake.

This recipe guarantees a luscious, rich, and irresistible chocolate topping that will go down a storm for any occasion with family and friends.

You will love the magical combination of semisweet chocolate and smooth heavy cream, resulting in a deep chocolaty flavor and enticing velvety texture.

There is a seamless blend between the hot chocolate poured over finely chopped chocolate delights. Allow it to thicken, and the ganache achieves a decadent consistency, much like a thick cake batter.

Anyone else salivating? 

2. Chocolate Cake With Malted Chocolate Ganache And Toasted Marshmallow Frosting

Shared with Martha Stewart by ABC kitchen chef Cindy Bearman, this is another nine-inch chocolate layer cake, but this one boasts layers and layers of chocolate ganache, giving it a rich, textural crunch.

Against the marshmallow frosting, the texture takes on a fluffy sweetness.

Roasted to perfection, this chocolate ganache cake has a symphony of rich flavors and textures that make it a perfect, decadent dessert.

3. Chocolate Mousse Cake

This is truly irresistible, with bittersweet chocolate giving the ganache a remarkable flavor profile.

A delight to behold and taste, the blend of bittersweet chocolate and luxurious heavy cream provides taste buds with a treat of the ages.

The hot cream poured over the chocolate helps create a divine, velvety, smooth texture that melts in the mouth.

Leave it to cool until lukewarm before serving. Then, watch as everyone who tries it is blown away by its rich flavors. 

4. Mini Chocolate Cakes With Dark-Chocolate Ganache

If you fancy some smaller treats, these mini chocolate cakes with dark chocolate ganache are ideal.

By cooking two days ahead of an event, you can enhance the cake’s chocolaty, rich flavor.

You can even choose to make the ganache a week ahead and store it in the refrigerator.

Then, simply rewarm it in the microwave or in a saucepan with simmering water for quick convenience.

Once warmed, these small delights have a rich and moist texture, with a dreamy combination of melted chocolate, cocoa paste, and a velvety batter. The result? A flavorful masterpiece topped with a luscious ganache and chocolate curls.

Heaven really does exist! 

The Best Dark Chocolate Cake Recipes From Martha Stewart

5. Dark Chocolate Cake

We know dark chocolate isn’t for everyone, but we had to include some recipes from Martha Stewart for the dark chocolate lovers among us.

And our number five is an exceptional example that stands out for its versatility and simplicity.

With high-quality yet simple ingredients, all you have to do is blend them in a mixer to achieve a mouth-watering velvet texture.

We particularly like the inclusion of hot chocolate, enhancing the depth of chocolate flavor. It sports a moist, exquisite texture, and coupled with the option to substitute milk; this recipe is easily adaptable for any chocolate lover. 

6. Dark-Chocolate Cake With Ganache Frosting

If you love intense chocolate flavors, this dark chocolate cake with ganache frosting is the one for you.

Dense with a delectable fudge frosting, it will captivate the senses with its perfect balance of rich flavors and moist texture.

The recipe requires a combination of butter, buttermilk, and premium cocoa, creating one mighty chocolate experience.

Best of all, it’s easy to make, so you can get started right away! 

7. Darkest Chocolate Crêpe Cake

This darkest chocolate crêpe cake never fails to amaze with an appearance that will floor anyone and a rich flavor profile that would win any baking contest.

This cake could stand alone as a fashion item, with its decorative nuts dipped in caramelized sugar on the cake’s surface, with the sugar stream hardened and standing upward.

Unique and eye-catching, this cake is versatile, too. If you don’t like hazelnuts, try Nutella chocolate crème instead.

You can even swap out the vanilla for raspberry chocolate crème for a more distinctive flavor profile. Be creative and have fun! 

The Best Rich Chocolate Cake Recipes From Martha Stewart

8. Rich Chocolate Cake

Serving up to ten hungry bellies, this chocolate cake recipe is for anyone who loves rich flavors. Dense and single-layered, this cake requires no frosting, and the recipe is one of the easiest around.

With a dozen eggs, almost one pound of butter, and 12 ounces of bittersweet chocolate, the cake is super decadent as well as super-rich.

It has an intense chocolate flavor without being too sweet, and its texture is incredibly moist and smooth.

We recommend sprinkling some slivered almonds over the powdered sugar dusting and serving the cake with coffee ice cream for the best treat possible.

9. Rich Chocolate Cake With Whipped Frosting

In just 45 minutes, this rich chocolate cake with whipped frosting can be ready for everyone to enjoy.

The prep time is just 15 minutes, meaning it’s a great recipe to try for beginners in the kitchen.

Oh, and it’s incredibly moist, wonderfully chocolaty, and simply delicious.

The whipped frosting and most layers deliver a sumptuous indulgence, and it shows off a perfect balance of cocoa, butter, and buttermilk.

Its texture is luscious, elevating it to one of the most satisfying dessert experiences you will ever have. 

10. Chocolate Sheet Cakes

Next up are these moist, rich, and incredibly versatile chocolate sheet cakes.

Guaranteed to wow family and friends, this cake’s blend of cocoa powder, sugar, flour, and moistening agents, like buttermilk and oil, results in a flavorful and moist treat.

And there is great flexibility in storage options, such as keeping the cake at room temperature for one day or refrigerating it for two days. Therefore, you can choose to eat it on the day or prepare it the day before a special occasion.

Versatile and rich – the perfect sheet cakes!

The Best Chocolate Mousse Cake Recipes By Martha Stewart

11. Triple-Chocolate Mousse Cakes

These triple-chocolate mousse cakes are as beautiful to look at as they are tasty to eat.

With three shades of chocolate, they will take any chocolate lover into a world of pure bliss. It’s another stellar example of Martha Stewart’s decadent brilliance, with a rich, chocolaty flavor and luscious texture.

You will fall head over heels in love with the combo of moist chocolate cake layers and dual-chocolate mousse, assembled to absolute precision before chilling to perfection.

The final touch of handcrafted chocolate curls is visually appealing, giving the cakes some added fun texture.

12. Milk-Chocolate-Mousse Cake With Cashew Brittle

Boasting towers of creamy milk chocolate mousse, rich bittersweet ganache, and layers of chocolate sponge cake, this recipe has everything and more for any chocolate fan.

Its smooth texture is only enhanced with crunchy cashew brittle, a pleasant surprise as you take each mouthful. Yes, there are many steps to follow, but the effort and time are worth it.

If you need to create an impressive dessert experience for guests or an event, this recipe will do the job nicely. Its layers of chocolatey goodness and delicate yet substantial texture will wow anyone.

With its luscious taste, achieving a perfect balance of rich chocolate flavors, and the exceptionally creamy mousse, this is one sophisticated cake with visual appeal and everything else you’ll ever want from a chocolate mousse cake.

13. Chocolate-Chestnut Mousse Cake

Our final recipe on today’s list is this sumptuous icebox cake with possibly the most delicious mousse we have ever tried.

Everything about this cake recipe is exquisite, from its chocolate flavors to its luxurious texture.

The finely ground chestnuts mixed with chocolate created an indulgent, rich flavor profile, and then there is the mousse. Wow!

It has a velvety smoothness that is like no other and combined with the chocolate wafers, you get a beautiful contrast of textures.

The whipped cream is the perfect finishing touch, along with chocolate shavings, enhancing the cake’s appeal. 

Final Thoughts

Chocolate cakes can display wonderful versatility, appealing to all tastes.

Whether you like milk chocolate, dark chocolate, creamy textures, or hard textures, there is a chocolate cake recipe to amaze your palette.

And above are 13 of our favorites for you to choose from. Now, it’s up to you to try a recipe and do that all-important taste test.

It’s a hard life, but someone’s got to be the designated chocolate tester!  

Up next: Delicious red velvet cakes and strawberry shortcake recipes from Martha Stewart.

13 Divine Chocolate Cake Recipes By Martha Stewart

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