14 Incredible Lemon Cake Recipes By Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart is an icon in the culinary world, sharing thousands of recipes over her illustrious career.

Whether you know her from her television shows or are a fan of her lifestyle and cooking books, you have probably tried one of her recipes at some point.

From indulgent pasta recipes to delectable salads, you will find a Martha Stewart for every occasion.

And today, we are going to take a look at 14 incredible lemon cake recipes by the legendary woman herself.

Lemon Cake Recipes By Martha Stewart

Read on to find the best lemon cake recipes that will impress your family and friends at your next gathering.

Perfect Lemon Cakes For Springtime

We will start by looking at a collection of Martha Stewart lemon cakes that will bring a refreshing zest to springtime.

1. Lemon Bundt Cake

We start with one of our favorite cake recipes and possibly one of the easiest-to-make Martha Stewart lemon cake recipes out there.

This is perfect for any dinner party but will especially go down a treat during the warmer months. It is full of lemon flavor, with a perfect balance of sweetness and tanginess.

With lemon-infused batter, a lemon syrup soak, and careful baking, this is one zesty and beautifully moist cake, making it a standout recipe for any occasion.

2. Lemon Cake

This moist lemon cake recipe is similar to Martha’s famous vanilla cake recipe but with bursts of citrus on every level.

Flavored with lemon zest and juice, the secret behind this cake’s richness is its yellow-layer cake batter made with egg yolks, whole eggs, and buttermilk.

The zesty flavors don’t stop! Once you bake these cakes, brush them with some lemon syrup and sandwich them together with lemon curd or whipped frosting.

The thick whipped frosting and candied lemon slices create a delicious, fragrant dessert suitable for celebrations all year-round.

3. Meyer Lemon Coffee Cake

Rich but also sweet, the perfect combo for a tasty coffee cake. Add in some lemon, and it takes on a brighter flavor to impress your taste buds.

Made with Meyer lemon, this coffee cake has a beautifully mellow citrus flavor thanks to the thinly sliced lemons and some zest in the sour cream butter.

There is also Meyer lemon glaze, finishing off the zesty richness of this delightful recipe.

This is a classic coffee cake with a dense yet light crumb. Add some streusel topping, and you are left with cake slices that are impossible to resist.

4. Meyer Lemon-Yogurt Cake

This Meyer lemon yogurt cake offers up an incredible texture with a burst of zesty flavors. The blend of yogurt, flours, lemon zest, and vanilla seeds create a luscious batter, all baked to perfection in a generously prepared Bundt pan.

What gives this cake its sumptuous, moist texture is its combination of Greek yogurt and olive oil, something that stands out with every mouthful.

Topped with a glossy, candied lemon slice glaze, this is super delicious, and the inclusion of almond flour gives it a tasty protein boost.

Yummy Snacks

While all the lemon cakes on our list today are ideal to snack on, we are going to focus on some of the best Martha Stewart lemon cake recipes that you can treat yourself to with tea and coffee.

5. Lemon-Poppy Seed Snacking Cake

Here’s another simple recipe but with the delicious add-on of poppy seeds. Combined with the aromatic lemon syrup and candied zest on top, the poppy seeds give this lemon cake a fruity flavor, ideal for springtime snacking.

This lemon cake recipe has an exceptionally moist texture and vibrant citrus flavor.

The infusion of lemon zest, syrup soak, and tangy glaze, along with the delightful crunch of poppy seeds, creates a wonderfully zesty and eye-catching dessert.

6. Lemon Cake Donuts

Fancy a snack with your coffee? Look no further than these rich, dense buttermilk lemon cake donuts.

Brightened by lemon juice and fresh zest, these donuts are dipped in a lemon glaze with a sprinkling of more zest, making it a lemon cake lover’s dream come true.

Thanks to its zesty flavors and tender texture, this lemon cake donut recipe is the perfect match for a cup of coffee with a balance between citrus and sweetness.

7. Lemon Crunch Cake

This cake has it all! Its crunchy, crisp shell sits above a lemony butter cake, giving a unique, textured contrast with each bite.

Martha Stewart excels once again with a meticulous combination of soft, fluffy cake and the crisp crunch from sanding sugar.

We love the infusion of lemon zest and juice, giving the cake a vibrant citrus essence, while the whipped cream topping adds a luxurious finish.

From the perfectly baked layers to the wholly inviting aroma, every element of this lemon crunch cake is made to perfection – a truly irresistible treat.

8. Lemon Honey Cake

Here, we have an artisanal gem made with honey, lemon, and a subtle touch of ground cardamom, perfect alongside a cup of tea or coffee. This cake features four layers, each one enriched with milk, oil, honey, and brown sugar, further indulged with honey brushing.

Our favorite part of this cake, though, is its velvety filling, combining that magical blend of cream cheese frosting and lemon curd.

We recommend adding further drizzles of honey or topping with honeycomb to enjoy honey-infused perfection.

Something a Little Different

Finally, let’s take a look at some twists on classic lemon cake recipes to give your taste buds a unique treat.

9. Lemon Mousse Cake

Whilst every cake on this list is an ideal dessert option, this lemon mousse cake stands out as the perfect sweet treat after a meal. The cake itself is infused with vanilla and lemon zest, creating a heavenly base.

The luscious filling, made with lemony richness and whipped cream, adds a decadent touch before being topped off with a toasted meringue.

The perfect balance of sweetness and texture. Then, there is the final topping of raspberries, giving the cake visual appeal and an overall delightful flavor. This dessert is an absolute masterpiece.

10. Sour Lemon Cake

Originally found in “Martha Stewart’s Christmas” book, this sour lemon cake is irresistible. It boasts a perfect balance of tanginess, and its use of fresh lemon zest and juice helps the moist cake layers stand out.

This is further complimented by a Cognac-infused glaze, creating a delicious blend of sweet and sour flavors that tantalize the taste buds.

The addition of candied lemon slices and kumquats adds a delightful visual and textural appeal, making this cake a refreshingly sour and irresistible treat.

11. Lemon-Ginger Bundt Cake

Buttery and dense, this lemon-ginger Bundt cake is freshened up with crystallized ginger and fresh lemon.

This is another tantalizing treat from Martha Stewart, blending the warmth of ginger with the vibrant zest of lemon.

It has an amazingly moist and fluffy texture, achieved through the careful mixing of butter, sugar, and sour cream. This ensures a delightful bite in every slice.

The balance of these unique flavors, coupled with the aromatic essence of lemon zest, creates a cake that is not only rich and satisfying but also refreshingly zesty.

Then, there is the finishing touch of confectioners’ sugar, adding a touch of sweetness, making this ginger lemon cake an irresistibly tasty indulgence.

12. Meyer Lemon Upside-Down Cake

Up next is this upside-down lemon cake, standing out as the best of its kind with a unique blend of flavors and textures. You will adore the luscious caramelization of lemons atop a layer of brown sugar, creating a sweet and tangy base.

The almond-infused batter, which includes finely ground almonds and honey, adds a delightful, surprising nuttiness.

As for the airy egg white, this gives the cake a light and fluffy texture that will please even the fussiest of taste buds. Make sure you bake this delight to a deep golden brown to enjoy its perfect balance of sweetness and citrus.

13. Meyer Lemon Anniversary Cake

Bright and lemony, this Swiss meringue buttercream lemon cake provides the perfect amount of citrus for sweet treats.

It’s the luxurious buttercream that takes this cake to a whole new level, giving it a texture to die for.

Its meringue-based frosting achieves a delicate balance, along with stiff peaks, giving the cake a light and airy texture.

The inclusion of butter adds richness and results in a smooth and glossy finish.

Another stand-out part of this cake is the versatility of tinting with food coloring. This means you can personalize it to your taste, elevating its elegance.

14. Lemon Thyme Pound Cakes

Last up, we have this unique and very special lemon thyme pound cake recipe. These pound cakes are packed with fragrances and soaked in Muscat and lemon thyme syrup, providing a sophisticated flavor profile.

The infusion of lemon thyme, both in sprigs and chopped leaves, brings a subtle note of herbs, perfectly complementing the citrus zest.

We fully recommend using mini angel food or bundt cake molds, like in the recipe, especially if you want to create individual servings and enhance the cake’s visual appeal.

The addition of lemon thyme syrup is a stroke of genius, adding a layer of sweetness and intensifying the herbal essence.

Final Thoughts

These lemon cake recipes from Martha Stewart are perfect for all occasions.

Whether you’re catering for a large party or simply want some sweet snacks throughout the week, these recipes are not only easy to make but guarantee a delicious treat at the end.

14 Incredible Lemon Cake Recipes By Martha Stewart

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