12 Delicious Madeleine Recipes By Martha Stewart

Delicate, light, and airy, Madeleines are delectable cookies that always go down a storm.

Also known as French butter cakes, Madeleines are shell-shaped sponge cakes with a distinct hump on one side.

As the name suggests, they originated in France, but thanks to their infusion of flavors, such as vanilla and lemon, they have become a popular treat worldwide.

Although these buttery delights have a reputation for being a little fussy to make, Martha Stewart has a range of incredible, easy-to-make Madeleine recipes for you to try at home.

madeleine recipes martha stewart

But, to save you time, we have picked 12 of the most delicious Madeleine recipes from Martha Stewart’s vast collection.

Stick around as we discover the most delicious Madeleine recipes to treat your taste buds today.

Classic Madeleine Recipes

1. Classic Madeleines

Originally shared by cookbook author Dorie Greenspan, this Madeleine recipe may be the catalyst for the cookie’s popularity in the U.S.

This amazing recipe goes against the norms, requiring a small amount of baking powder. This helps the delicate cookies rise a little in the oven.

They are mixed by hand with a combination of lemon zest and sugar, making them deliciously lemony with a perfect balance of texture and flavor.

Just one bite, and you’ll understand why Madeleine’s are such a beloved and timeless treat.

2. Vanilla Madeleines

Vanilla and Madeleines go hand in hand, and this is a classic example of a perfect recipe from Martha Stewart. The brilliance of this particular recipe lies in its meticulous yet simple preparation.

By whisking the eggs and sugars for around ten minutes, you create a fluffy texture that melts in the mouth, while the addition of honey and vanilla enhances the overall flavor.

The refrigeration period of two hours ensures incredible consistency, and when baked, the cookies boast a golden perfection.

The delicate honeyed notes, combined with the irresistible texture, make these Madeleines a wonderful treat, perfectly capturing the essence of this timeless French pastry.

3. Martha’s Madeleines

Elegant and delicious, this Madeleine recipe is a must-try and is guaranteed to wow anyone who tries the cookies.

This Martha’s Madeleine recipe is leavened by the whipped eggs, with no trace of baking powder in sight.

This results in a lighter, airier texture but still maintains that traditional and authentic character of this French classic, just with added tenderness.

These cookies are flavored with vanilla, lemon juice, and zest for a distinct, fresh flavor. Just make sure you use good quality butter to enjoy the best texture and taste possible.

Although a classic recipe, Martha uses a mixer to make these Madeleines, veering away from the usual method of hand mixing.

Using a mixer just means you can speed up the process and get eating sooner!

4. Lemon Madeleines 101

It’s time to introduce lemon Madeleines to the list; they are perfect for snacking on as the months get warmer.

With fresh lemon juice and zest added to the batter, these Madeleines take on a vibrant citrus flavor, elevating the classic recipe to new tangy levels.

The lemon glaze that accompanies the cookies provides a sweet and zesty combo, enhancing the overall flavor. The result? A perfect balance of sweetness and acidity.

And, we can’t forget the divine tenderness these Madeleines possess, giving us a flavorful twist on the popular treat.

Fruity Madeleine Recipes

5. Orange-Cardamom Madeleines

Time for some fruity fun with this orange-cardamom Madeleine recipe.

These delights stand out with their aromatic blend of vanilla and honey, which is then spiced with ground cardamom, creating a rich and flavorful batter.

The orange glaze is the star of the show, though, made with zest and juice, adding a vibrant citrus kick. This provides a perfect balance of sweetness with a delicious tang.

The resulting cookies are not only beautifully shaped and tender but also boast an enticing combination of fruity and spiced notes, perfect for showing off to guests and your next get-together.

6. Orange Madeleines

We’re sticking with oranges for this next one, with this fresh, fruity Madeleine recipe, which achieves perfection through its pure simplicity.

We love the magical combination of orange-flower water, vanilla, and zest, creating a citrusy, fragrant flavor profile that is unlike any other recipe we have tried.

The beating of the eggs results in a light and fluffy texture, creating a melt-in-your-mouth experience with every bite.

Again, there is a gorgeous balance of sweetness and citrus, which, when coupled with the cookie’s buttery richness, gives a unique blend of flavors with each bite.

Best of all, they are quick to bake, so you and your family can start enjoying their citrusy goodness in no time.

7. Lemon Madeleines

What’s better than little Madeleine cookies with a citrusy perfume, tender interior, and crisp exterior? That’s right – nothing!

And this recipe gives you all that and more. These lemon Madeleines are perfect as a light dessert with fresh fruit, or you can enjoy them on their own.

They are made with lemon zest and juice, enhancing the citrusy flavor, but be warned; you may need to lay off on the lemons, as some reviewers have stated the cookies can be too lemony.

To combat this, you can either ease up on the lemon juice or leave it out completely, just using the lemon zest. The true magic of these Madeleine cakes is their texture, thanks to the extended resting period for the batter.

This results in a blend of light, golden edges with a crispy exterior and tender inside. The final touch of confectioners’ sugar adds a wonderful sweetness, making these Madeleines an exquisite treat.

8. Orange Glaze for Madeleines

Okay, we know we’ve shared two orange Madeleine recipes already, but we had to include this one too.

It is possibly the easiest and quickest one to make, with a delicious orange glaze that comes alive on your taste buds.

We adore the combination of confectioners’ sugar, fresh orange juice, and zest, together creating a smooth and tangy topping.

With minimal effort, this glaze adds a burst of citrus flavor, making these cookies irresistibly sweet and fruity. It doesn’t get more convenient and fresh than these delectable pastries.

Unique Madeleine Recipes

9. Chocolate Madeleines

There are not many treats that are more delicious than this chocolate Madeleine recipe, effortlessly blending rich cocoa and bittersweet chocolate together. This results in a decadent treat boasting a deep chocolate flavor.

The addition of cocoa powder to the batter is a stroke of culinary genius, enhancing the cookie’s intensity.

Meanwhile, the melted chocolate gives these Madeleines a velvety texture that will have you going back for more and more.

Dusting the baked Madeleines with cocoa adds a final touch of indulgence and chocolate delight.

These cookies are a perfect balance of simplicity and luxury, satisfying your chocolate cravings every time.

10. Skull Madeleines

Now for something a little more macabre, perfect for Halloween. These skull Madeleines offer a unique and fun twist to the classic recipe, combining sweetness with spookiness!

Aside from their skull appearance, albeit cartoony, the flavors of these Madeleines are astounding.

The rich cocoa-Madeleine base, topped with a luscious bittersweet chocolate glaze, creates a mouth-watering decadent treat.

Then, marshmallow skulls are added, adding a whimsically sinister touch.

Trust us, kids will love these! These cookies also have a moist and tender texture, making each bite a thrilling experience.

11. Maple Madeleines

Another stand-out recipe, these maple Madeleines offers a unique twist, replacing honey with reduced pure maple syrup, creating a distinctive flavor profile.

The maple glaze, a dreamy blend of syrup, melted butter, and confectioners’ sugar, adds a luscious sweetness to take you into a land of maple bliss.

The result of all this maple goodness is a distinctly delicious treat, where the rich, caramel-like notes of maple perfectly complement the tender, scalloped Madeleines. You won’t be forgetting these indulgent treats any time soon!

12. Peanut Butter Madeleines

Our final Madeleine recipe is another from Martha Stewart’s Madeleine 101 page, packed with delicious delights.

By infusing natural peanut butter into the batter and adding chopped peanuts for a sumptuous crunch, this recipe finds that perfect balance of uniqueness with the classic Madeleine flavors we all love.

The innovation doesn’t stop there, though, as the baked Madeleines are transformed into peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwiches (told you it was unique), elevating this classic French pastry with a playful and savory-sweet twist.

We may have left the best till last with this fusion of textures and flavors. What you end up with is an extraordinary peanut butter experience.

Final Thoughts

Madeleines are the perfect treat for you and the whole family. Well, if there are any left for the family.

As they are so delicious, it’s always best to make a big batch, so everyone can have their fair share.

Now, it’s up to you to choose from our 12 recipes above and start making your very own Madeleines. Enjoy!

12 Delicious Madeleine Recipes By Martha Stewart

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