11 Amazing Fresh Ham Recipes By Martha Stewart

When it’s time to prepare a holiday feast for the ages, nothing beats the savory allure of fresh ham.

With so many recipes to choose from, you can create a delectable ham dish for every occasion, using herbs and spices to orchestrate a symphony of divine flavors and textures.

Fresh Ham Recipes By Martha Stewart

We’ll be the first to admit, however, that the internet is jam-packed with fresh ham recipes, so you may need to spend hours finding the right one for you.

This is where Martha Stewart steps in. An innovative entrepreneur and lifestyle guru, Martha Stewart is perhaps best known for her vast collection of delectable recipes, including fresh hams.

Today, we have chosen 11 amazing fresh ham recipes from the superstar herself so you can sit back and choose which one to try for your next holiday meal. Let’s get cooking!

Perfect Easter Fresh Ham Recipes

1. Aunt Naomi’s Easter Ham

First up, we have this delicious, unique recipe, originally shared with Martha by her friend Jane Heller.

This Easter ham recipe stands out thanks to the inclusion of pineapple rings and festive cherries, with marshmallows topping sweet potatoes.

And, of course, there is the famous cherry Jell-O mold securing this ham as a culinary triumph.

The scoring and clove-infused crosshatch pattern helps create an aesthetic masterpiece, but it’s the combination of brown sugar, pineapple juice, and Coca-Cola that gives this ham a sweet and savory glaze.

A perfect example of elegance and taste in one recipe.

2. Pineapple-Mustard-Glazed Ham

Next up, we have an iconic Easter ham, but with a twist.

This recipe infuses a fresh glaze of country mustard and fresh pineapple (yep, we can’t get enough of pineapple!)

When you bite down on this ham, you will think the roasted fruit is candy as it melts in your mouth. When combined with the mustard, you get a savory, sweet glaze, complementing each bite of ham.

This recipe transforms a simple, fresh ham into something masterful, providing a sweet and tangy flavor that elevates the entire dish.

We adore the ham’s diamond scoring and clove embellishments, creating an aesthetically pleasing dish. And, thanks to the dual baking process, you end up with a sultry, succulent interior and a beautifully glazed exterior.

3. Glazed Ham

What do you get when you put sugar, spices, and bourbon together? The perfect recipe for an extraordinary fresh ham dish!

That’s right, this recipe uses bourbon to coat and permeate the meat, imparting a rich, smoky flavor with a subtle sweetness.

This small addition enhances both the taste and texture of the ham.

The slow-cooking method at a low temperature helps form a moist and flavorful piece of meat that melts in the mouth.

It includes an aromatic spice glaze, including cardamom, mustard seeds, and more, providing a rich, unique flavor profile.

Then there is the decadent crust, helped by the sugar-coating and meticulous scoring. A true show-stopper for Easter.

Best Glazed Fresh Ham Recipes

4. Apricot-Bourbon Glazed Ham

When springtime rolls in (hooray), there’s nothing better than a fresh ham to get the taste buds salivating.

And this apricot-bourbon glazed ham is one of the best around with its sweet, smoky, and tart glaze.

The mouthwatering blend of sweet apricot jam and the smoky, rich notes of bourbon takes this classic ham to a whole new level, perfect for a spring celebration.

The glaze of this ham is simply perfection, coating the ham and giving it a glossy exterior and a balance of sweetness and depth.

The scoring is divine, resulting in a succulent, golden brown masterpiece, ideal for all occasions.

5. Honey-Glazed Spiral Ham

This glazed ham recipe differs in that it is spiral (pre-sliced in a spiral or helical pattern around its bone).

You’ll be pleased to know that these types of hams are great for the holidays and special occasions, thanks to their ease of preparation. And this recipe is no different.

All you need to do is bake an 8-pound ham for two hours before basting it with a glaze of honey, orange zest, ginger, and cloves, imparting a sweet-savory flavor profile and enhancing the ham’s natural richness.

A simple, succulent, aromatic centerpiece!

6. Bourbon-Glazed Ham

With this bourbon-glazed recipe, you will need a bone-in ham. This helps intensify the meat’s flavor and moisture retention.

The bone imparts a rich, savory essence to the surrounding meat as it cooks, resulting in the perfect dish for all occasions.

This specific recipe boasts simplicity and exquisite flavors, with the careful scoring of fat allowing the savory glaze of mustard, brown sugar, and bourbon to seep effortlessly into the meat.

The basting process provides a caramelized, flavorful exterior, whilst the ham itself boasts that perfect balance of richness and sweetness.

Oh, and make sure you include some crust with each serving, as its sweetness seamlessly complements the meat’s saltiness.

7. Marmalade-Glazed Ham

This marmalade glazed ham recipe achieves pure perfection with its bold flavors and sweet, tangy essence.

The ham is topped with thinly sliced oranges, delivering a unique, eye-catching offering, especially against its gleaming crust.

And it only heightens the citrusy flavors of the delicious glaze.

One quick note – make sure you follow the recipe closely, using parchment and foil wrapping to ensure even cooking, something a few have failed to do and paid the price!

Thankfully, the recipe is easy to follow, and the result is incredibly tasty.

The citrus, marmalade, and Madeira (or sherry) glaze infused the ham with a tangy, sweet flavor, whilst the scoring provides a golden-brown, tantalizing masterpiece.

Something a Little Different

8. Spice-Rubbed Fresh Ham With Citrus Glaze

With its aromatic combination of coriander, finely ground fennel, and peppercorns, this spice-rubbed fresh ham with citrus glaze recipe presents a fresh twist on fresh ham recipes.

Blended with salt and citrus zests, the rub of this meat is one of the most flavorful we have ever tried.

This ham requires a slow roasting process with the basting and parchment foil covering, ensuring a tender, succulent piece of meat.

We particularly like the addition of lime and grapefruit in the roasting pan, providing a delicate citrus burst.

The golden glaze of sugar, honey, and citrus juices is the perfect finishing touch, ensuring a unique twist on this classic recipe.

9. Honeyed Ham With Pears And Cranberries

If you’re looking for a Christmas ham, look no further than this honeyed offering with pears and cranberries.

The baked pears and cranberries give the ham a beautiful balance of sugar and acidity, whilst the infusion of cloves and the cinnamon, ginger, cider, and honey glaze help draw the smoky-sweet flavor of the meat out.

This is an exceptional festive delight with sumptuous aromatic flavors to please the whole family, even the fussy eaters!

There is a pleasant depth to this ham thanks to the ginger-infused glaze, with the whole ham offering a yummy balance of unique textures and tastes.

10. Fresh Ham With Green-Herb Paste

Our number ten spot goes to this stand-out fresh ham with green herb paste recipe.

Because fresh ham lacks those smoky, woody flavors cured ham possesses, its flavors excel when mixed with different herbs, such as this green herb paste.

The green herb paste is made up of rosemary, garlic, oregano, and olive oil, creating a flavorsome rub that only further enhances the overall flavor profile.

We have to mention the innovative onion-herb bed, which helps prevent any burning and infuses the ham with aromatic gravy.

There are layers and layers of flavors to this ham, thanks to the scoring, herbs, and bay wreath.

And the final touch of wine basting heightens the ham’s juiciness.

Cook for one hour before baking for three and a half to five hours to ensure a tender, perfectly cooked ham with a crispy exterior and tender, succulent inside. Yum!

11. Baked Country Ham With Honey Mustard And Lingonberry Jam

Our final fresh ham recipe offers a unique twist with the use of a dry-cured country ham that is wonderfully salty. In other words, it’s a delicacy that will leave a legacy!

To prepare this ham, you need to soak it to reduce the saltiness and allow the versatile flavor profile to shine through.

The honey mustard addition complements the meat’s savory intensity and can be served warm, at room temperature, or cold.

Whatever the occasion, this distinctive take on fresh ham recipes is the perfect choice for festive occasions or casual gatherings.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to preparing fresh ham, you can decide to roast, slow cook, grill, or braise the meat.

Whichever you choose, you will always enjoy diverse flavors and textures to suit all taste buds.

With our list of 11 amazing Martha Stewart fresh ham recipes, you have the choice to go down traditional routes or mix things up a bit.

Whatever you choose, we are sure you will be going back for seconds, thirds, and more every time.

11 Amazing Fresh Ham Recipes By Martha Stewart

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