7 Amazing Paula Deen Country Fried Steak Recipes To Try Today

Sometimes only fried steak will do. If you are currently feeling this way (we hear ya!) then you will be pleased to know that your prayers have been answered.

Amazing Paula Deen Country Fried Steak Recipes To Try Today

This is because Paula Deen has some wonderful fried steak recipes available for you to try. In fact, not only are they delicious, but you might just find a new favorite dish too.

From fried steak with scrumptious milk gravy to a juicy chicken fried steak, no doubt you will be struggling to figure out what to try first.

And because we love to eat meat dishes, we have also added the odd grilled steak recipe too – just in case you want to eat something healthier.

So, with all this in mind, let’s take a look at 7 amazing Paula Deen fried steak recipes to try today(see also: 10 Amazing Paula Deen Lasagna Recipes To Try Today)You are sure to be surprised by this lot!

Who Is Paula Deen?

You may already know who Paula Deen is, and we are not surprised to hear that. This is because she is not only a well-known cook in her own right, but she is also a television personality, restaurateur, and author.

She has been working in the food industry for over 30 years and learned to cook from her own mom. She bases most of her cooking on Southern cuisine due to being a Southern momma herself.

Her easy-to-replicate dishes have made her a household name with at-home cooks everywhere. 

Flavor Profile Of Fried Steak

Before we get on to the recipes, let’s take a look at the flavor profile of fried steak.

Generally, fried steak has an undertone of an umami flavor that tastes slightly minerally and salty. You should be able to taste both the seasoning and the beef – or whatever meat it is – rather than it being disguised by third-party flavoring.

It may also taste slightly smoky, with a crispy outer coating and a slightly chewy middle. When the steak is fried, it has a crusty exterior that tastes delicious with every mouthful. 

Fried and grilled foods both often have a burnt flavor too, and are associated with fatty and sweet flavorings. These taste characteristics make these types of food very popular to eat. 

We have rounded up 7 of the most amazing Paula Deen fried steak recipes for you to try today (see also “Amazing Paula Deen Shepherds Pie Recipes“). We have also added some extra recipes such as grilled steak which has a similar flavor profile to fried steak.

So here they are:

1. Paula Deen Country-Fried Steak With Milk Gravy

When you need a heartwarming meal that tastes both delicious and satisfying, then this country-fried steak with milk gravy recipe by Paula Deen will do the trick. 

Despite how complex it looks, it is actually really easy to make and does not take much time. Overall this dish can be completed within half an hour to 45 minutes in total.

It does include using hot sauce, but if you would rather skip the heat, then you can omit this ingredient.

However, it also includes black pepper – though this type of seasoning can be relatively mild compared to something like hot sauce.

2. Paula Deen Chicken Fried Steak With Cream Gravy

Another heartwarming dish comes in the form of this delight on the eyes: chicken fried steak with cream gravy.

This Paula Deen recipe consists of egg whites, buttermilk, chicken broth, black pepper, garlic powder, and milk, among other things. 

It is really easy to make and all of the flavors complement the chicken steak. Not only that, the recipe will take less than 20 minutes to do which makes it a convenient and tasty dish for a weekday dinner.

Add some roasted veggies too, to complete the dish and add extra nutrients. 

3. Paula Deen Chicken Fried Steak

If you love chicken steak and want to see another recipe, then Paula Deen has this one for you. It is a little less indulgent and creamy, which means you can add it to many different dishes.

While you can eat this dish as-is, you may want to add some veggies too. This will give you extra much-needed vitamins and minerals, as well as create a full meal that includes both veggies and protein. 

It will take a good hour and a half to create this dish, however, it will feed up to 4 people in total. 

4. Paula Deen Lighter Chicken Fried Steak

This recipe is the same as the above, however, it is the lighter version. Because of this, it uses fat-free versions of milk, as well as leaner chicken steak. 

Just like the recipe suggests, you may want to use a low-sodium chicken broth to help bring out the meaty flavor of the poultry. However, do remember to add some veggies too!

The method is similar, so expect it to take the same hour and a half time limit to make, with an expected serving of 4 people. 

5. Paula Deen Steak Kebabs

When it comes to the summer season, no doubt you will be thinking about eating outdoors in your yard.

Whether you want to use the barbeque or cook indoors is up to you, but you can easily make these delicious steak kebabs by Paula Deen both on the barbeque or the griddle in your kitchen.

Once you have prepped the ingredients (steak with seasoning, onions, bell peppers, and potatoes), and have put them onto bamboo skewers, you can then spend the next 20 minutes grilling them.

However, the time to cook these really depends on your own preferences on how well you like veggies and steak cooked. So it might take some experimenting to find out what works for you and your tastebuds. 

6. Paula Deen Flank Steak Lettuce Wraps

Just because you want to eat steak like a burger, does not mean that you need burger buns.

Whether you just are not a fan, or you are cutting down your carb intake, lettuce wraps are more delicious than they sound – and that is especially true with this Paula Deen flank steak lettuce wrap recipe.

Iceberg lettuce is the best option here as it holds its shape well, plus it makes sure the ingredients stay put while the lettuce leaves avoid becoming soggy.

There are umami flavors in this recipe due to the soy sauce and green onion, and then there is heat due to the red pepper flakes. 

While the cooking of this dish will take no more than half an hour, you will want to create the seasoning and let it marinate on the steak for 4 hours at the very least, or 24 hours at the most.

7. Paula Deen Micheal’s Grilled Steak Sandwiches

If you do like your carbs, however, you may just want to make this grilled steak sandwich recipe. It is full of herby and meaty flavors and includes a bit of heat due to the horseradish, Dijon mustard, and special Paula Deen seasoning. 

It will take a good hour and a half to create this delight, with the filling being enough for 10 servings in total. 

Final Thoughts

Whether it is barbeque season or you just want to eat some fried steak, there are many Paula Deen recipes to get your inspiration flowing. 

You will find that fried steak often gives the meat a delicious crispy edge and a juicy and meaty inside that has the right amount of chew – if not cooked for too long!

With all of this in mind, which delicious steak recipe are you going to try today(see also: 10 Best Deliciously Ella Recipes To Try Today)?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Steak Okay To Fry?

Yes, steak is fine to fry. In fact, a lot of people fry steak. One of the easiest methods is by frying the steak using a pan on the stove. 

This is best done with smaller pieces of steak, rather than a huge chunk of meat. You will need to brown the steak on both sides using high heat.

Over time the temperature is lowered, however, you will not want to leave the meat in high temperatures for too long otherwise it will overcook and become very chewy.

What Is The Easiest Way To Fry Steak?

One of the easiest methods of frying steak is by using a pan or skillet on a stove. Before you do this, you should add salt to the steak and let it rest for around 40 to 45 minutes.

This will ensure the meat is tender and seasoned. You will then need to brown off the steak in the pan on high heat. 
The steak will then need to rest again, but only for around 5 minutes.

Do You Use Oil Or Butter To Fry A Steak?

Oil is the best option when it comes to frying a steak. However, you can also add butter to the steak itself during the flipping of the meat process. 

Using oil on steak means that it will cook well but also that it will not stick to the frying pan itself. 

7 Amazing Paula Deen Fried Steak Recipes To Try Today

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