12 Female Chef Low Sodium Cookbooks You Do Not Want To Miss

12 Female Chef Low Sodium Cookbooks You Do Not Want To Miss

Well if that is the situation you find yourself in we have found 12 female chef low sodium cookbooks you do not want to miss.

With tons of recipes and lots of information on the benefits of a low sodium diet you’ll find a cookbook to suit your lifestyle in our guide. 


For those who follow a low sodium diet this cookbook from Jessica Goldman Foung is a must-have.

It has contributions from several world renowned chefs such as Hubert Keller.

Filled with delicious low sodium recipes including favorites such as buffalo wings it proves you can follow a low salt diet but still enjoy tasty food.

This book is also filled with gorgeous color photographs of the finished dishes.


  • Lots of tasty, low sodium recipes
  • Color photos
  • Contributions from well known chefs


  • Quite expensive


When you really don’t want complicated low sodium recipes this collection by Shelly Vaughan is perfect for you.

With 300 easy to follow recipes and dishes for practically every occasion you’ll never need another cookbook.

It provides great nutritional information and everything you need to know about following a low sodium diet including details on surprisingly high sodium ingredients.


  • Updated version with 50 new recipes
  • 300 low sodium dishes
  • Lots of useful information on salt


  • Kindle version is reasonably priced but paperback is expensive


One of the reasons why someone would follow a low sodium diet is because they have been diagnosed with kidney disease.

So for better eating and healthier kidneys, renal dietician Susan Zogheib has produced this comprehensive renal diet cookbook.

With 26 million US adults suffering from chronic kidney disease this book provides a 28 day meal planning tool to establish long term dietary change.


  • Weekly meal plans
  • Recipe modifications for dialysis patients
  • Color photos


  • Quantities are for large groups not individuals


This book by Harriet Roth was originally published in 1983 but is still popular with those following a low sodium diet.

It features recipes for low sodium, low fat and low cholesterol foods (Also check out Female Chef Low Fat Cookbooks) as well as the health reasons for consuming these foods.

Deliciously Low does emphasize a gourmet approach, but the recipes are accompanied by the relevant nutritional information.

There are thirteen chapters covering soups, fish, game, poultry, and meat.


  • Practical and informative cookbook
  • Covers almost all food groups
  • Menu ideas


  • No photographs


Using a slow cooker when on a low sodium diet makes cooking that much easier.

You can create healthy and tasty meals with minimum preparation using this cookbook by Shannon Epstein.

From breakfast to desserts, turkey chili to Mongolian beef you certainly won’t have to compromise on taste.
There are 100 low sodium recipes to choose from with tons of flavor but low sodium intake.


  • 100 flavorful recipes
  • Covers most food groups
  • Great color photographs


  • Only useful if you already own a slow cooker


It isn’t just those with kidney disease who have to watch their sodium intake.

People suffering from hypertension, heart disease and diabetes all have to take care with what they include in their diet.

Jessica Goldman Foung has created a beautifully photographed book that guides people through choosing a low sodium diet without missing out on taste and flavor.

There are more than 70 recipes to choose from as well as lots of good advice.


  • Great photos
  • Over 70 recipes
  • Lots of nutritional information


  • Could have added more recipes for such a large book


As someone who follows a low sodium diet, Lara Ferroni is not preaching but sharing the best way to enjoy food while keeping sodium intake low.

She provides 115 recipes accompanied by wonderful photos as she is also a food photographer.

This cookbook also includes daily meal plans so that you can include low sodium foods from breakfast all the way through to dinner and dessert.


  • 115 flavorful recipes
  • Great photographs
  • Meal planning included


  • Sodium levels per serving not included


This step up from low sodium recipes to salt free by Robyn Webb shows that it is possible to add flavor to dishes without using salt at all.

By using spice blends and exotic ingredients you can create amazing flavors.

With 125 healthy recipes this cookbook is a must-have for those who are following a low sodium regime for health reasons.

It proves that salt free doesn’t have to mean taste free.


  • 125 tasty recipes
  • Uses spices instead of salt
  • Low sodium and no salt dishes


  • Title is a little misleading as there are recipes with salt


A cookbook that focuses on healthy eating with a simple and sensible approach is perfect for anyone who wants to take control of their diet.

You can choose from recipes that have no salt, sugar or fat to help with cholesterol, diet and heart health.

Although this is a slightly older book, it takes account of the latest knowledge and ideas on salt, trans fats, food labeling and the availability of healthy products.


  • Variety of healthy recipes
  • Illustrated
  • Simple approach to healthy eating


  • Older book


For anyone wanting to follow a low sodium diet and simultaneously take advantage of the convenience of an Instant Pot this book is ideal.

There are more than 100 easy to follow recipes that combine lower sodium dishes with this quick cooking method.

The cookbook also includes lots of information on the benefits of a low sodium diet as well as ways to reduce your intake of salt.

You’ll also get tips on using an Instant Pot.


  • Lots of flavorful recipes
  • Tips on using an Instant Pot
  • Nutrition and health information


  • Ingredient quantities not clear


There are lots of reasons why you might want to reduce the amount of sodium in your diet.

You may have hypertension, chronic kidney disease, diabetes or Meniere’s syndrome, an issue with balance.

Alternatively you may just want to eat more healthily.

Whatever your reason for reducing sodium in your diet, this cookbook by Gina Lemke will help you do that.

With more than 150 flavorful recipes you won’t be short of inspiration for creating tasty dishes.


  • Over 150 recipes
  • Dishes have an international feel
  • Reasonably priced


  • No photographs of recipes


While this book is aimed at those who are suffering from kidney disease the low sodium recipes will benefit anyone looking for a healthier diet.

There are 150 in total to choose from and also a 30 day meal planner.

For those who are concerned about their kidney health there are low potassium and low phosphorus recipes too as well as general advice on how to deal with kidney disease.

It also includes a time saving shopping list for foods to eat and those to avoid.


  • Ideal for kidney disease sufferers
  • Lots of helpful information
  • 150 recipes


  • Some typos in the text 

Final Thoughts

There are many low sodium cookbooks on the market and most are excellent for giving advice on diet and the foods you should avoid.

The books that we have featured in our guide are all written by female chefs, dieticians, nutritionists and authors (see also "Female Chef Low Cholesterol Cookbooks You Do Not Want To Miss").

They are suitable for people who have to follow a low sodium diet for medical reasons but also those who want to eat more healthily.

We hope that you have enjoyed our guide to 12 female chef low sodium cookbooks (see also: 11 Female Chef Low Fodmap Cookbooks You Do Not Want To Miss)and that you found it both helpful and informative. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Sodium Should I Eat On A Low Sodium Diet?

The American Heart Association recommends eating no more than 2,300 milligrams of sodium per day. This is equivalent to around a teaspoon of table salt. 

What Meals Don’t Have A Lot Of Sodium?

The meals that are most likely to have a lot of sodium are processed foods.

Avoiding these will help to reduce your sodium intake. Fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and poultry are low in sodium. 

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