8 Female Chef Dessert Cookbooks You Do Not Want To Miss

8 Female Chef Dessert Cookbooks You Do Not Want To Miss

If you get it wrong then your cake could sink, your souffles could fall flat and your cheesecakes won’t set.

These dessert cookbooks are all written by female chefs (see also "Female Chef Thanksgiving Cookbooks You Do Not Want To Miss") and they include some amazing recipes for you to learn.

You will soon become a master of desserts - you do not want to miss out on these books. Keep reading to find your ideal dessert cookbook.

Here are the top recommended female chef dessert cookbooks that you do not want to miss (see also: 9 Female Chef British Cookbooks You Do Not Want To Miss)out on.


Jane Dunn began her career with an online food blog. Her foolproof recipes for delicious and elaborate desserts became extremely popular, and she is now a social media star and has released a cookbook.

The recipes are easy to follow with good explanations of the various steps, and they even include tips on how to customize the desserts.


  • Simple - The recipes are easy to follow 
  • Beginners - This book is perfect for beginners 
  • Tips - It includes plenty of helpful tips and tricks for baking


  • Photos - It could do with some more photos to show you what the dessert should look like 


Zoe Francois is a pastry chef and a popular food blogger. Her sweet and savory recipes are designed to make cooking and baking more accessible so everyone can make delicious food.

This award-winning cookbook includes over 80 incredible recipes for different cakes, each with step by step instructions and stunning photographs.

You will master different techniques including glazing and decorating.


  • Structure - There are different sections of the book which give general advice on cake making before you jump into the recipes 
  • Simple - The recipes are straightforward and easy to follow 
  • Photos - There are plenty of photographs to show you what the cakes should look like


  • Difficulty - Some of the cakes are quite advanced and would be challenging for beginners to make


Ravneet Gill is a successful pastry chef who has worked in high-profile London institutions.

This is her second book - the first focuses on techniques and basics, whereas this one explores more exciting and varied recipes.

Each recipe is very detailed and you will be amazed at the stunning and intricate desserts that you will be able to make with this book.


  • Variety - There is a wide range of different types of desserts for you to try 
  • Detail - The recipes are very detailed so you know exactly what to do 
  • Photos - There are lots of photographs to help you understand what you need to do


  • Dated - Although this is a modern book, some of the recipes feel a little dated


Ann Reardon is the creator of ‘How To Cook That’ a popular Australian cooking show.

Not only does she host the show, she also writes cookbooks to give you all of the guidance you need to create amazing recipes.

Ann is a pastry chef and a food scientist, so her recipes are meticulous but clearly explained.

Her fun personality and passion for food comes through in this book and you will find it easy to follow.


  • Range - There is a good variety of recipes to choose from 
  • Simple - The recipes are detailed yet simple to follow 
  • Longevity - The recipes range from beginner to advanced so the book will last you a long time


  • Chocolate - A lot of the recipes focus on chocolate, which is not ideal for people who prefer other types of desserts 


Spiked Desserts is a fun cookbook which is ideal for dinner parties - each dessert is infused with some kind of alcohol.

You can impress your friends with sophisticated yet fun recipes that will help you to get the party started.


  • Fun - The recipes are fun and cheeky 
  • Range - There is a great range of different desserts to try 
  • Photos - There are lots of mouth-watering photos


  • Booze - All of the desserts are alcoholic so they are not family-friendly or suitable for children 


Finch Bakery was founded by Lauren and Rachel Finch - two sisters with big personalities and a passion for food.

Their bakery has been so successful that they have decided to share their baking secrets in this delightful book.

It includes over 80 recipes for amazing desserts that will wow your family and friends.


  • Beginners - There are step-by-step tutorials for beginners
  • Range - There are over 80 recipes ranging from cakes to cookies to macaroons 
  • Customize - You can mix and match the different cakes & Frostings etc to come up with your own flavor combinations


  • Layout - Some of the recipes includes steps from previous sections of the book which can be inconvenient 


Mary Berry is a very experienced and popular British chef who is often dubbed the Queen of Baking.

Her recipes always include step by step instructions which are easy to follow and lead to perfect results.

This book is accessible for bakers of all levels and includes lovely photographs to show you what you are aiming for. She also has a book that focuses on cakes only.


  • Experience - Mary Berry has a wealth of experience that she draws from in this book 
  • Simple - The recipes are straightforward and easy to follow 
  • Photos - The photos help to guide you through the recipes


  • Traditional - The recipes tend to be very traditional rather than modern


Bernadette Gee is well known for her artistic cake designs, and this book will help you to learn how to create these masterpieces at home.

The recipes are allergy friendly and include step by step instructions as well as dual measurements.


  • Simple - The recipes are step by step and easy to follow 
  • Photographs - You can see the finished result of each dessert
  • Measurements - Each recipe has dual measurements


  • Difficulty - Some of the recipes will be too challenging for beginners

How To Choose The Best Female Chef Dessert Cookbook

If you are struggling to choose which dessert cookbook is going to be best for you, here are some things that you should consider.


You should check how many recipes are in each book to make sure that you are getting the best value for money.

The more recipes there are, the more things you will be able to make from just one book. You might prefer to get two shorter books for more variety.


Which desserts will you actually be able to make with the cookbook that you choose?

If there is a particular dessert that you want to master then you should check whether it is included in the recipe book.

You might want to focus on one type of dessert, like cake or pastries, or you might prefer a book with more variety so that you can attempt lots of different types of desserts.


If you are an experienced cook then you might only need limited instructions in order to create the desserts.

If you are new to cooking or less confident in the kitchen then you should make sure that the instructions are straightforward yet detailed, with some photographs to help you along the way.

If the cookbook takes the time to explain techniques and methods for tricky recipes then this will be especially helpful.


Younger chefs or food writers often have exciting and innovative recipes and tend to make the most of modern cooking techniques.

However, it can be helpful to choose a book by a more experienced chef, as they have years of cooking and baking behind them and they know how to get around various problems and prevent mistakes.


Any of these cookbooks would make an excellent choice for someone who wants to learn how to make desserts. They are all written by female chefs and include a great range of recipes for you to try.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about making desserts.

Are Desserts More Difficult To Make Than Savory Dishes?

It depends on the recipe and the dessert you are making. However, many desserts require a certain amount of finesse and exquisite presentation which can make them more challenging.

They often require patience and a certain amount of skill.

Can You Substitute Ingredients To Make The Desserts More Healthy?

Many people avoid making desserts as they tend to be high in fat and/or sugar.

Sometimes you can swap out ingredients for healthier substitutes, but you risk compromising on flavor or texture.

It is better to follow the recipe, and have a smaller slice or share it with family and friends if you are concerned about health.

Are Female Chefs Better At Making Desserts?

Baking is often seen as a female activity or a feminine hobby, but this is not the case. All chefs can be excellent at baking and making desserts.


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