5 Female Chef Bariatric Cookbooks You Do Not Want To Miss

Female Chef Bariatric Cookbooks

Specifically for women, it can be good to find the bariatric cookbooks that are made by women for women, understanding the various issues they may run into.

But more so, these cookbooks keep you in mind, providing easy and also tasty recipes that can really help you enjoy food the right way, making cooking a skill we can learn rather than a chore.

There is almost certainly a bariatric cookbook out there that suits you best, whether that is due to its presentation, tone, or simply the dishes that are being suggested suit your flavor preferences more.

Whatever your specific case, here are some of the female written bariatric cookbooks that we recommend as some of the best out there.

We hope you can find the right cookbook for you, to help you on your own unique weight loss journey. 

To learn more about bariatric cooking, the female cooks and doctors who are specialized in this area, as well as much more, in our article below.

Make the changes you need today, with the help of these cookbooks.


Not only is this book written by a female, but it's written by a female doctor, an RD to be specific, so not only can we be sure we are getting the right guidance, but we can be sure that this is written by a specialist in bariatric care.

She is the lead Bariatric Dietician at a nationally certified Bariatric Centre in Washington, so you can be sure you are getting the most stellar medical bariatric advice out there.

We love the actual recipe book because Megan Moore goes much further than just providing a bland recipe book but also provides grocery lists, exercise plans, but also some really great recipes.

These recipes aren’t boring or bland either but are genuinely tasty and teach you cooking skills that you will take into your everyday life after the bariatric post care period.

From peanut Butter and Chocolate Shakes, you won’t lose anything while following Megan’s guidance.


  • Written by an expert specialist in bariatric care
  • Has more than just recipe cards, but exercise plans and more.
  • Covers pre and post bariatric surgery care


  • Lack of pictures of the dishes


This is another really great resource to support your journey through gastric sleeve surgery, both before and after so that you can keep the weight off and generally embrace a healthier lifestyle and happier one too.

Once again you can rest easy knowing you are in the hands of a lead dietician at a bariatric surgery center in the US.

She has included some great resources in the book to take you further as well as really useful stuff like measurement conversion for an international audience, tips for eating out, and much more.

One thing we really enjoy about this cookbook is her inclusion of all kinds of foods as well as diets, so that everyone feels included.

By that we mean a whole chapter of vegetarian dinners for those who need it, as well as full chapters on sides, or poultry, or even sweets, so you can easily find what you need.


  • Well indexed
  • Inclusive of other diets
  • Great additions like measurement conversion and extra resources
  • Easy to find the food you want
  • Written by an expert


  • Not too recent
  • No pre surgery tips


Not everyone is an amazing cook, nor will you necessarily want to be one in recovery, and this is where a slow cooker can be really helpful by creating easy meals that are really tasty too.

Moreover, a slow cooker is the perfect post-op tool for bariatric surgery, creating soft, simple, but tasty food to keep you eating without much effort.

Deciding what’s for dinner has never been easier with 80 recipes that will cook themselves, while you focus on rest and recovery - healthy food has never been so easy!

Many customers suggest it's the variety of recipes that is why the cookbook is so popular and useful.

Not only is their variety but easy to follow guidelines about which recipes are suitable for specific periods of recovery.

Once more, we are getting our info not only from a female but from a registered dietician, amongst other qualifications, who understands the human body well and has dealt with bariatric patients previously!


  • All recipes are made in a slow cooker
  • Useful guide for which recipes are appropriate at different stages of recovery
  • Accessible and welcoming tone
  • Extra tips and tricks, not just recipes


  • Only slow cooker recipes
  • Could have more vegetarian recipes


One tool that is worth embracing in your post bariatric surgery recovery is an airfryer.

Of course, everyone loves fried foods, and an air fryer is a nifty invention that helps fry foods without any oil so that you can still have satisfying food that is much more healthy then it would have been.

This book is great for those who have invested in an air fryer for this post surgery period.

This is a great air fryer cookbook on its own, but for bariatric purposes it has a true encyclopedia of air fryer recipes that are conducive to your bariatric recovery. 

You won’t be stuck for dinner with this book that has chapters on all kinds of food: breakfast, lunch veggie options, snacks, desserts, and more.

We also love that the book includes its own introduction to bariatric surgery and the post-surgery life.

While written by a female, there is no qualified dietician writing this, just an interested party who has clearly done their research.

This said, the latter fact will put some people off, but we still think the book is worth having around, especially if you have an air fryer.


  • Over 1900 days of recipes to make in an air fryer
  • Well indexed
  • Focuses on recipes you can make in the airfryer


  • No point buying without owning an airfryer
  • Not written by a medically qualified professional


This is another approach to post bariatric surgery eating and many will enjoy this book written by a female bariatric research community.

This is great as the book comes from the point of view of those who research and have been through bariatric surgery, so while they aren’t necessarily registered dietitians they are well researched authors.

The book has a focus on the pureéd and soft food stages, which is useful as when liquid foods recipes feel a little pointless.

Another focus is being protein forward, something the research team have recognized as something that is often lacking in other bariatric cookbooks.

Fundamentally they recognize the importance of variety, and that food fatigue is one of the key reasons people break their diets in post bariatric surgery.

In other words, they purposefully include unique and interesting recipes that can help you remain interested in your new relationship with food, rather than eating the same boring stuff everyday.


  • Written by a bariatric research group
  • Focuses on reducing food fatigue with these new and different recipes
  • Has a protein forward focus in the post-op period


  • Not written necessarily by registered dieticians
  • Focuses only on pureéd and soft foods, no liquid recipes

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the post-op period of bariatric surgery can be hard but it isn’t something you need to undertake alone.

Many of the cookbooks provide the necessary guidance to reach your goals successfully and create and fortify your new relationship with food that can help you enjoy life and be happy, nourished, and independent.

Not only will you learn more about bariatric dieting but also learn loads of tips and tricks in the kitchen to help you lose weight and keep it off.

We hope you have found a cookbook to make your bariatric life a little more easy and enjoyable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Bariatric Cookbook?

The term bariatric commonly refers to a specialized area of medicine aimed at helping those in the pre and post surgery eating stages.

Bariatric surgery can be tough and lonely, but these cookbooks can help you plan meals and embrace proper eating both before and after bariatric surgery, providing useful advice, tips, and recipes.

From grocery lists, to exercise plans, to recipes, these cookbooks help you nurture a new relationship with food where you may have failed before, and provide the scaffolding and support you need to stick with it and make the most of the surgery itself.


No Spam, just delicious recipes, cooking tips and quality kit for your kitchen!

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No Spam, just delicious recipes, cooking tips and quality kit for your kitchen!

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