15 Amazing Israeli Recipes You NEED To Try

Welcome to a world where spices and herbs come together to create a cacophony of flavors. Israeli cuisine is a delightful fusion of cultures, with influences from Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and North African traditions.

15 Amazing Israeli Recipes You NEED To Try

It’s a cuisine that celebrates fresh ingredients, bold seasonings, and dishes that are as visually stunning as they are delicious. We’ve rounded up a collection of 15 absolutely scrumptious Israeli recipes that are guaranteed to add a burst of Middle Eastern flair to your dining table.

From rich and aromatic spices to fresh and vibrant ingredients, these dishes are a celebration of flavors and traditions that have stood the test of time. So, let’s get those aprons on and start cooking up a storm – your appetite won’t know what hit it!

1. Braised Chicken with Olives and Citrus

First up on our list is a dish that perfectly captures the harmonious balance of flavors that Israeli cuisine is known for. 

Braised chicken with olives and citrus is a succulent marriage of tender chicken, briny olives, and zesty citrus notes. The combination of savory and tangy is downright addictive.

Cooking Tip: For extra depth of flavor, sear the chicken before braising to lock in those delicious juices.

2. Ina Garten’s Shakshuka with Feta

Let’s talk about starting your day off right with a breakfast that’s as comforting as it is exciting – Ina Garten’s shakshuka with feta. 

This dish is a popular Israeli breakfast staple, and for good reason. The dish consists of a rich tomato and pepper stew with perfectly poached eggs, all topped with creamy feta cheese. 

Cooking Tip: Create small wells in the tomato mixture before cracking in the eggs – this ensures even cooking.

3. Rachael Ray’s Spicy Hummus

Hummus might seem simple, but it’s a dish that’s taken to new heights in Israeli cuisine. Rachael Ray’s spicy hummus brings the heat in the most delightful way. 

Creamy chickpeas, nutty tahini, fiery spices – it’s a party for your palate! Whether you’re dipping fresh veggies or warm pita, this hummus is a crowd pleaser.

Cooking Tip: Don’t skimp on the tahini – it adds richness and depth to the hummus.

4. Homemade Pita Bread

What’s a delicious Israeli meal without the perfect vessel for scooping and sopping up those amazing flavors? Homemade pita bread is the answer! 

Soft, fluffy, and with that signature pocket, this bread is a fantastic companion to all your Israeli dishes.

Cooking Tip: Preheat your baking surface (a pizza stone works wonders) to ensure a good puff in the oven.

5. Israeli Meatballs Simmered in Tehina

Get ready for a dish that’s pure comfort in every bite – Israeli meatballs simmered in tehina. These tender meatballs are bathed in a luscious tahini sauce that’s rich, creamy, and oh-so-satisfying. 

Cooking Tip: Mix ground meat with breadcrumbs and spices to keep the meatballs tender and flavorful.

6. Chicken Shawarma

We all know that chicken shawarma is the ultimate street food and with this recipe, you can bring it to your own home. 

Thinly sliced marinated chicken, slow-cooked on a vertical rotisserie results in layers of flavor that are simply irresistible. Whether served in a pita or on a plate, it’s a mouthwatering experience.

Cooking Tip: If you don’t have a rotisserie, you can achieve similar results by grilling or pan-frying the marinated chicken slices.

7. Falafel with Black Olives and Harissa

These crispy chickpea patties are taken to the next level with the addition of bold black olives and fiery harissa. It’s a flavor packed variation of the classic dish.

Cooking Tip: Soak chickpeas overnight and use fresh herbs for the best texture and flavors. Serve with a cooling cucumber yogurt sauce to balance the heat.

8. Israeli Salad

When it comes to refreshing and invigorating salads, this Israeli salad takes the spotlight. This vibrant mix of diced tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, and fresh herbs is a celebration of color and crunch.

Cooking Tip: Dice the vegetables evenly to ensure a consistent bite in every forkful. Dress with a simple vinaigrette of olive oil, lemon juice, salt, and pepper.

9. Cranberry Couscous Salad

Looking for a side dish that’s both light and satisfying? Cranberry couscous salad is here to steal the show. 

This medley of fluffy couscous, dried cranberries, nuts, and fresh herbs is a delightful combination of flavors and textures.

Cooking Tip: Fluff the cooked couscous with a fork to prevent clumping. Toast the nuts for a nuttier and crunchier dimension.

10. Israeli Nachos

Craving a playful fusion of flavors? Enter Israeli nachos – a delightful twist on the Tex-Mex classic. Crispy pita chips are topped with spiced meat, tahini sauce, and a colorful array of toppings.

Cooking Tip: Opt for a mix of ground lamb and beef for a richer flavor profile.

11. Paula Deen’s Couscous Salad

Get ready for a cross-cultural culinary delight with Paula Deen’s couscous salad. This recipe infuses Southern comfort with Middle Eastern flair, combining fluffy couscous, colorful veggies, and a zesty dressing that’ll set your taste buds alight.

Cooking Tip: Let the salad sit for a bit before combining everything – this gives the flavors a chance to mingle.

12. Herb-Crusted Roasted Lamb Shoulder

Prepare to impress with a dish that’s fit for a king – herb-crusted roasted lamb shoulder. This succulent cut of meat is rubbed with aromatic herbs and roasted to perfection, resulting in a tender, flavorful masterpiece. 

Cooking Tip: Use a meat thermometer to ensure the lamb reaches the correct level. Allow the meat to rest before slicing to retain its juiciness.

13. Israeli Eggplant Moussaka

Eggplant lovers, rejoice! Eggplant moussaka is a delectable dish that showcases layers of roasted eggplant, hearty ground meat and a creamy béchamel sauce. It’s a comforting casserole that’s sure to please. 

Cooking Tip: Roast the eggplant slices until they’re golden and tender, as this adds a wonderful smoky flavor to the dish. Season the ground meat well and cook until browned and flavorful.

14. Adana Kebabs

Fire up the grill and get ready to enjoy the fantastic flavors of these Adana kebabs. These minced meat skewers are seasoned with an array of spices and herbs, resulting in a charred, juicy delight that’s perfect for gatherings. 

Cooking Tip: Grill the kebabs over medium-high heat, turning occasionally to ensure even cooking.

15. Israeli Beef Roast

Picture this: a succulent Israeli beef roast, slow-cooked to perfection, filling your home with irresistible aromas. This recipe is all about simple ingredients and long, slow cooking that results in a fork-tender masterpiece.

Cooking Tip: Choose a well-marbled cut of beef for the best flavor and tenderness. Consider adding root vegetables to the roasting pan for a complete one-pan meal.


There you have it – 15 amazing Israeli recipes that are waiting to dazzle your taste buds and bring a touch of Middle Eastern magic to your dining experience. 

From braised chicken and savory shawarma to vibrant salads and indulgent moussaka, this collection covers a wide range of flavors and textures that showcase the heart and soul of Israeli cuisine.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes Israeli Cuisine Unique?

Israeli cuisine is a melting pot of flavors and influences from the Middle East, Mediterranean, and North Africa. It’s characterized by its use of fresh, vibrant ingredients like tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, and herbs. 

Spices play a crucial role, offering a balance of warmth and depth. Dishes often feature a combination of sweet and savory elements, creating a harmonious contract that’s a hallmark of Israeli cooking.

Are These Israeli Recipes Suitable For Vegetarians And Vegans?

Definitely! While there are meat-centric dishes like chicken shawarma and beef roast, Israeli cuisine offers a wide variety of vegetarian and vegan options. Dishes like falafel, Israeli salad, and cranberry couscous salad are not only packed with flavor but are also entirely plant-based. 

Whether you’re a meat lover or follow a vegetarian or vegan diet, there’s something delicious for everyone to enjoy in this collection.

Can I Find The Ingredients Of These Israeli Recipes At My Local Grocery Store?

Absolutely! Many of the ingredients used in Israeli cuisine are readily available in most grocery stores. Staples like tomatoes, cucumbers, olive oil, spices, and fresh herbs are commonly found. 

You might also find specialty ingredients like tahini or harissa in the international or ethnic food aisle. If you’re unsure, don’t hesitate to ask the store staff – they’re usually happy to help you locate specific items. 

Remember, while authenticity is wonderful, feel free to get creative and substitute with similar ingredients if needed.

15 Amazing Israeli Recipes You NEED To Try

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