14 Delicious Filipino Cassava Recipes

Get ready to indulge in a delicious feast with our article on 14 mouthwatering Filipino cassava recipes.

Whether you have a sweet tooth or a craving for something savory, we’ve got you covered with our favorite cassava recipes.

From the classic Cassava cake to a vegan and gluten-free Cassava Pone, Filipino cuisine has perfected the art of turning this humble root into a culinary masterpiece.

Filipino Cassava Recipes

Join us on an exciting journey through the heart of Filipino kitchens, where cassava takes center stage.

Traditional Cassava Cakes

1. Filipino Cassava Cake With Macapuno

This Filipino classic is a delicious combination of chewy cassava and sweet macapuno. The blend of textures and flavors creates a mouthwatering treat perfect for any occasion.

Cooking Tip: To add an extra layer of flavor, toast the macapuno before adding it to the batter. This enhances its nutty notes and adds a delightful crunch to the cake.

Pairing Dish: Enjoy a slice of cassava cake with a hot cup of native tsokolate. The cake’s flavors complement the richness of the chocolate, making it a perfect pairing.

2. Easy Cassava Cake

Looking to simplify your baking routine? Try this easy cassava cake recipe. It’s a fuss-free dessert that doesn’t compromise on taste, making it a go-to option for those craving a quick and delicious treat.

Cooking Tip: Brush the cake with a thin layer of melted butter before baking to achieve a golden brown top. This will add a tempting crispiness to the surface.

Pairing Dish: For a delightful tropical pairing, serve the cake alongside a scoop of creamy coconut ice cream.

3. Cassava Cake

This cassava cake is a classic favorite that combines the comforting flavors of cassava, coconut, and sweetened condensed milk. It’s a sure crowd-pleaser that embodies traditional Filipino flavors.

Cooking Tip: Wait for the cake to cool down before slicing to ensure clean and neat edges. This will make the presentation visually appealing.

Pairing Dish: It goes well with a cup of hot barako coffee for a rich and satisfying Filipino indulgence.

4. Steamed Sweet Cassava Cake

Try something new with this steamed version of cassava cake. It is moist and tender and has a distinct texture and flavor that sets it apart from the traditional baked version.

Cooking Tip: Steam the cake over simmering water to maintain moisture and ensure a soft and luscious texture.

Pairing Dish: Pair it with fresh mango slices for a refreshing contrast to the sweetness of the cake.

5. Traditional Filipino Cassava Cake

Enjoy the delicious Traditional Filipino Cassava Cake! This classic treat from the Philippines has layers of cassava, coconut milk, and a touch of macapuno, bringing the taste of home right to your kitchen.

Cooking Tip: Make sure your cake turns golden brown while baking and a toothpick comes out clean from the middle. This will ensure a moist and flavorful cassava cake.

Pairing Dish: For a truly authentic Filipino experience, enjoy a slice of cassava cake with a hot cup of strong coffee or ginger tea.

Gluten-Free And Vegan Options

6. Cassava Pone (Vegan, Gluten-Free)

Indulge yourself guilt-free with a vegan and gluten-free Cassava Pone that offers a unique twist. This tasty treat perfectly blends cassava and alternative ingredients that will tantalize your taste buds.

Cooking Tip: Try using maple syrup instead of traditional sweeteners for a natural hint of sweetness that enhances the flavor of the cassava.

Pairing Dish: For a wholesome and comforting dessert experience, enjoy your Cassava Pone with a cup of herbal tea.

7. Cassava Cake (With Coconut Milk) Gluten-free

Indulge in the delicious fusion of cassava and coconut milk, creating a gluten-free masterpiece. This cake has a moist and tender texture, and the coconut milk adds a subtle richness.

It has a tropical twist that will take your taste buds to the sun-kissed shores of the Philippines.

Cooking Tip: To add an extra coconut flavor, drizzle coconut milk over the top of the cake before serving. This enhances the taste and adds a luscious touch to each bite.

Pairing Dish: Enjoy a slice of this cake with hot pandan tea to complement the coconut undertones and elevate your gluten-free cassava cake experience.

8. Gluten-Free Cassava Cake

Immerse yourself in the gluten-free goodness of this cassava cake. The absence of gluten doesn’t compromise on taste; it relishes in the chewy yet tender texture.

Each bite carries the authentic flavor of cassava, making it a guilt-free treat for all to savor.

Cooking Tip: Allow the cake to cool completely before slicing to achieve clean, neat edges. This ensures a visually appealing presentation when serving.

Pairing Dish: Serve with a scoop of creamy coconut ice cream to create a heavenly pairing that enhances the dessert experience.

9. Vegan Cassava Cake

Delight in this vegan cassava cake without compromising on your ethics. The plant-based ingredients combine to create a velvety, satisfying treat, pleasing your palate and principles.

Cooking Tip: Use a flaxseed or chia seed egg substitute for optimal binding in this vegan version. It ensures the cake holds its structure while staying entirely egg-free.

Pairing Dish: Pair it with a dollop of dairy-free whipped coconut cream and a sprinkle of toasted coconut for an extra layer of flavor and texture.

10. Dairy-free, Egg-free Cassava Cake

Enjoy the taste of cassava in a cake that doesn’t contain dairy or eggs. Despite lacking traditional ingredients, the cake still offers a delicious flavor and a light, moist texture that caters to dietary preferences.

Cooking Tip: To get a golden brown top, brush the surface of the cake with a thin layer of coconut oil before baking. This simple step will enhance the aesthetic of your dairy-free, egg-free cassava cake.

Pairing Dish: Serve the cake with a refreshing mango salsa to balance out the richness and add a fruity note that complements the natural sweetness of the cassava.

11. Creamy Vegan Cassava Cake

Have you tried the guilt-free Vegan Cassava Cake? It is just like the regular one, but it is made with plant-based ingredients, which makes it kind to animals. The cake is still as delicious and creamy as the original one.

Cooking Tip: Make the cake rich and flavorful using coconut oil, almond milk, or soy milk. You can top it with coconut flakes to add more flavor.

Pairing Dish: Enjoy the Vegan Cassava Cake with coconut water or a fruit salad for a tropical vibe.

Specialty And Health-Conscious Varieties

12. Keto “Cassava” Cake

Embark on a keto-friendly journey with this unique “cassava” cake you can savor while keeping your carb intake low. This guilt-free option replaces traditional ingredients with almond and coconut flour, making it an ideal treat for those adhering to a ketogenic lifestyle.

Cooking Tip: Monitor the baking time closely to avoid overcooking. Keto-friendly ingredients tend to brown quickly, so you may need to reduce the baking time slightly.

Pairing Dish: Enjoy a slice with sugar-free whipped cream and a few fresh berries for a delightful, low-carb treat that fulfills your sweet cravings.

13. Moist Paleo Cassava Flour Orange Cake (Sugar-Free)

Enjoy a healthy trip with the Moist Paleo Cassava Flour Orange Cake. This sweet treat is made without sugar and instead uses cassava flour and fresh orange for a delicious taste.

Cooking Tip: Add fresh orange zest and juice to the recipe for an extra flavor boost. Be careful not to over-bake the cake, as a slightly gooey texture is desirable.

Pairing Dish: Enjoy the cake with a cup of herbal tea for a light and complementary pairing.

14. Cassava Pancake

If you’re looking for a delicious and healthy breakfast or snack option, try the Cassava Pancake! It’s pretty tasty and free from grains, gluten, dairy, and sugar.

The pancake is simple yet flavorful, allowing the natural sweetness of cassava to shine through.

Cooking Tip: Let the pancake batter rest briefly before cooking for a fluffier texture.

Pairing Dish: Top the cassava pancakes with fresh berries and coconut cream for an even more delicious and nutritious breakfast or snack.

Final Thoughts

Filipino cassava recipes offer a burst of irresistible flavor. From the classic cassava cake to Cassava pancakes, these dishes highlight the Philippines’ diverse culinary heritage.

Whether you crave a hearty snack or a sweet treat, these recipes have got you covered. Cassava’s versatility is evident, creating both comforting and satisfying dishes.

So, the next time you want to cook something delicious, try exploring Filipino cassava recipes. Your taste buds will surely appreciate the delightful journey!


How long does it take to cook cassava?

Cooking time for cassava depends on the method. Boiling cassava chunks typically takes around 20–30 minutes. However, for cassava cake, baking takes 40–50 minutes. Always check for doneness by inserting a fork; it should go in quickly when ready.

Is grated cassava the same as cassava flour?

No, grated cassava and cassava flour are not the same. Grated cassava is the raw, peeled, and grated root commonly used in various recipes. Cassava flour, on the other hand, is a dry, powdery product made by drying and grinding cassava. They have different textures and uses in cooking.

14 Delicious Filipino Cassava Recipes

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