10 Amazing Alex Guarnaschelli Recipes To Try Today

You may know Alex Guarnaschelli from her work in television. Her career took off when she competed in Iron Chef America on the Food Network, and she also took part in the Farmers’ Market Battle of 2007. 

10 Amazing Alex Guarnaschelli Recipes To Try Today

However, Guarnaschelli is also a successful chef and cookbook author outside of her television appearances.

While the Darby restaurant, where she once served as executive chef, has now closed, Alex Guarnaschelli continues to impress with her incredible recipes. 

We’ve tried so many of Alex Guarnaschelli’s recipes, it was hard to pick just 10 favorites, but we’ve narrowed it down to bring you 10 amazing Alex Guarnaschelli recipes to try today(see also: 20 Amazing Carla Hall Recipes To Try Today).

1. Baked Clams With Garlic 

Seafood lovers everywhere will absolutely love Alex Guarnaschelli’s recipe for baked clams with garlic.

Although this is a simple recipe that’s beginner-friendly and easy to make, it’s delicious and makes an amazing appetizer. 

You should use littleneck clams for this recipe, and you’ll need 2 different types of breadcrumbs to achieve that coveted crispy topping: fine breadcrumbs, and Panko breadcrumbs. 

For the seasoning, you’ll be using lemon juice and zest, white pepper, scallions, garlic, and parsley.

Unsalted butter and heavy cream contribute plenty of richness, with extra flavor coming through from the dry Vermouth. 

Even if you don’t usually love clams, we highly recommend giving this recipe a try.

2. Raspberry Tart 

You can prepare Alex Guarnaschelli’s raspberry tart in less than an hour, producing between 8 and 10 servings depending on how big you like your slices (and when it comes to this particular dessert, we think the larger the portions, the better!)

The dough for this tart is simple to make. You just need all-purpose flour, sugar, kosher salt, lemon zest, and some unsalted butter.

The fruit filling is made from raspberry jam, and you’ll be topping the finished tart with fresh raspberries. 

You can choose to use pre-made raspberry jam from the store for this tart, which is what the recipe recommends if you want to make the dessert quickly.

However, if you’re feeling motivated, you could even make your own raspberry jam from scratch.

3. Corn Bread 

Corn bread is one of the best foods on the planet, in our opinion, because it can be served with so many dishes.

However, if you love corn bread, you should make sure you’re following the best recipe, and we think this could be it. 

Alex Guarnaschelli’s corn bread takes just 50 minutes to make, including preparation and cooking time.

The bread can easily be baked in a cast iron skillet, and you don’t need too many ingredients. 

The corn bread is sweet thanks to the granulated sugar and buttermilk. You’ll also be adding a small amount of salt, but this shouldn’t come through very strongly. 

This recipe also includes instructions for enhancing blueberry jam with fresh blueberries and lemon zest. This is perfect for serving over the top of the bread.

4. Shredded Potato Cakes With Apple And Dill

You may have had potato cakes before, but Alex Guarnaschelli’s potato cakes are on another level.

They’re topped with apple and dill, which means they’re sweet and sour at the same time. 

The potato cakes are best made with Idaho baker potatoes, unsalted butter, kosher salt, and fresh thyme.

For the topping, you should use either Honeycrisp or Fuji apples to ensure that the sweetness comes through, along with fresh dill and lemon juice. 

It takes just over an hour to prepare these potato cakes, but if you want to add even more flavor, you can use some extra ingredients in the topping, such as sour cream, trout roe, or caramelized onions. 

5. Classic Easy Lasagna 

Lasagna is a comfort food classic, and if you’re at all interested in cooking, you’ve probably come across quite a few different recipes.

However, no matter how happy you are with your current lasagna recipe, we think you should give Alex Guarnaschelli’s classic easy lasagna recipe a try.

You should be able to make this lasagna in under an hour, meaning it’s quicker to make than most lasagna recipes out there.

This quick version of the lasagna recipe involves using pre-made lasagna sheets and mozzarella, but of course, if you’re up to the challenge, you can make these from scratch. 

The only equipment you’ll need is a baking pan measuring 9 x 13 inches.

You could use a slightly smaller or larger one, but bear in mind that the thickness of your lasagna will be altered.

This lasagna is full of flavor from the Parmesan and Mozzarella, basil, thyme, garlic, onion, and ripened tomatoes.

6. Steamed Pork Dumplings 

Looking at these pork dumplings by Alex Guarnaschelli, you might think that they’d be very complicated to prepare, but actually, they’re surprisingly beginner-friendly, and most importantly, the flavor is worth all the effort you put in. 

This recipe involves 2 parts: making the dumplings, and making the soy and garlic sauce to go with them. 

For the dumpling filling, you’ll need Chinese black mushrooms, ground pork, grated ginger, scallions, water chestnuts, kosher salt, egg, and soy sauce.

All of these ingredients are delicious, but it’s the sauce that really brings everything together. 

The sauce provides sharpness from the white vinegar, salt from the soy sauce, spice from the ginger, and sweetness from the honey. It’s the perfect balance of flavors to go with your dumplings.

7. Bagels With Cream Cheese And Salmon Roe 

Alex Guarnaschelli’s bagels with cream cheese and salmon roe is one of our favorite breakfast recipes, but you could also enjoy this as a light lunch or even a snack. 

While these topped bagels may look fancy, they only take 10 minutes to prepare, and you don’t even need many ingredients.

You can use any kind of bagel you want, and for the topping, all you need is full fat cream cheese, fresh dill, and salmon roe. You could also use trout roe as a substitute, since they taste very similar. 

Assembling these bagels is really easy, too. Just start with the cream cheese, then add the salmon roe, and sprinkle dill on top, and you have a balanced and delicious meal!

8. Strawberry Basil Shortcake 

We know what you’re thinking: ‘strawberry and basil’? But trust us on this one because Alex Guarnaschelli has outdone herself with this shortcake recipe.

The entire shortcake recipe, including the shortcake itself, the strawberries, and the cream, takes less than an hour to make. 

The shortcake dough includes cinnamon and lemon zest, which is amazing because the sharpness and spice complements the creamy sweetness of the other ingredients you’ll be adding to the shortcake.

For the cream, you will need 2 cups of whipped cream and raspberry sorbet. You’ll be using fresh strawberries as well as raspberry jam, along with some sugar to really sweeten the deal. 

9. Pumpkin Pie 

There are hundreds of pumpkin pie recipes available online, and many of them are fantastic, but we still think you should try Alex Guarnaschelli’s pumpkin pie recipe, because it’s just phenomenal. 

You’ll be making both the pie crust and the filling from scratch in this recipe, and while both are delicious, neither are complicated.

The crust is made from flour, shortening, sugar, salt, unsalted butter, and ice water. Don’t forget to have a little extra flour put aside for rolling out the pastry! 

The pumpkin filling, however, is what truly makes this recipe stand out. To make things easier, you’ll use canned pumpkin purée, along with sour cream, eggs, granulated sugar, and kosher salt.

Then, you’ll add plenty of spices, including ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves. 

What we love about this recipe is the fact that there is a focus on getting the pie to look as good as it tastes.

The instructions include tips on how to avoid cracks in the filling, which makes your bake look as professional as possible.

10. Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes And Frosting 

Although Alex Guarnaschelli is not a vegan chef, this recipe for vegan chocolate cupcakes and frosting is amazing and means that if you’re plant-based, you can still follow an Alex Guarnaschelli recipe to enhance your baking journey!

By following this recipe, you will be able to make up to 20 cupcakes in under an hour.

For the cupcakes themselves, you’ll be using Dutched unsweetened cocoa, brown sugar, and hot coffee.

These flavors combine to give the cakes a strong, rich overall taste. You can use olive oil and canola oil as an egg replacement.

Then, for the frosting, you’ll be using vegan butter instead of regular butter, and almond milk to replace dairy milk.

This recipe shows that making delicious chocolate cupcakes, complete with frosting, is possible even without using any dairy products!

Final Thoughts 

Alex Guarnaschelli is a chef whose recipes you can always turn to, whatever the occasion or craving.

From fruity tarts and chocolate desserts to seafood platters and hearty pasta dishes, she really can do it all! 

Be sure to check out some of Alex Guarnaschelli’s many other recipes, and don’t be afraid to try making some of the pre-made components of her recipes from scratch!

10 Amazing Alex Guarnaschelli Recipes To Try Today

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