7 Female Chef Paleo Diet Cookbooks You Do Not Want To Miss

7 Female Chef Paleo Diet Cookbooks You Do Not Want To Miss

The idea behind this diet is that we should return to eating what our ancestors did back in the Paleolithic era, that is, fresh fruits, meats, vegetables, and nuts.

It has been suggested that avoiding processed foods is the best way to stay healthy and avoid any diseases.

The idea behind this is that our body cannot handle the densely processed ingredients that come with things like fast food that are extremely high in salt and sugar.

So, what are the best paleo cookbooks written by female authors(see also: 7 Female Chef Paleo Diet Cookbooks You Do Not Want To Miss)? Which ones give you the basics for the paleo diet? Which paleo books help you with losing weight?

Well, we’ve scoured the internet and found some of the best-rated paleo cookbooks written by women.

Why Take Up The Paleo Diet?

If you are someone that suffers a lot from autoimmune diseases, then avoiding processed foods and reducing the strain on your digestive system could be a great method of not getting ill so often.

The foods that you can eat on the paleo diet includes: Fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, eggs, lean meats (particularly gamey meats), fresh fish, nuts and oils derived from raw nuts.

The foods you should avoid on the paleo diet are: wheat, oats, barley, beans, lentils, peanuts, dairy products, refined and added sugar, added salt, corn, jicama, peas, white potatoes, and highly processed sweet treats like chips and cookies.

Another reason why you might want to adopt the paleo diet is to lower your blood pressure and lose weight. If you cut out a lot of processed foods, then you will start to lose weight straight away.

This also helps you to lower your cholesterol and a lot of the negative effects that come with weight gain.

So if you fancy trying the paleo diet, then why not try some of our cookbooks that we have listed below? They are well rated and all of them are written by female chefs.

7 Female Chef Paleo Diet Cookbooks


This first book has sold over 1 million copies and has been named ‘the Paleo Bible’ by a lot of its devotees.

This is a great guide for helping you to avoid all processed foods and making those first steps towards a completely healthy diet.

The second edition of this book comes with over 40 new recipes, all of which are aimed at both beginner chefs and expert cooks.

This also comes with 30-day menu plans that allow you to chart your stress and hormone levels during the day to see if you can notice a pattern.


  • 180 paleo recipes
  • This covers breakfast and party snacks
  • Helps you to lower cholesterol
  • This helps to introduce healthy bacteria


  • This might not be helpful to those on a limited budget


This next dish seeks to integrate the paleo diet with normal family life. It has recipes that are not only paleo-friendly but are also keto and plant-based.

This covers everything from quick weeknight meals to larger birthday buffets.

This contains plenty of traditional favorites, including cheeseburger casserole, balsamic beef stew and cream puffs… and all of them are completely paleo.

There are so many diverse flavors that you won’t know where to start! But you can guarantee that you’ll find something here to get your mouth watering.


  • These meals are diverse
  • Keto-friendly and gluten-free
  • Great for families
  • Helpful for both experts and beginners


  • Some readers have claimed these recipes are time-consuming


This next cookbook takes you beyond the Whole30 manifesto (which is where you eat unprocessed foods for 30 days or 1 whole month).

This is a healthy diet that contains no grains, gluten, or dairy products. It is designed for people who want to avoid inflammation and illness.

However, this doesn’t mean there isn’t a diverse array of delicious dishes on offer here. From the pesto chicken breast to the sugar snap pea salad, there is plenty for all sorts of tastes.

There are also plenty of healthy living tips that are woven through this cookbook(see also: Female Chef Paleo Diet Cookbooks You Do Not Want To Miss).


  • This features lots of paleo recipes
  • Dairy-free and unprocessed foods
  • No grains
  • Easy to understand recipes


  • Some readers argue that this is not Whole30 compliant


This next cookbook has recipes for many different meals including creamy seafood risotto, bacon-wrapped asparagus, lime pound cake and blueberry cheesecake.

This comes with over 100 recipes, all of which are gluten- and dairy-free.

This also comes with a few handy hints for cooking these meals to perfection, as well as some insights from the chefs who made some of these dishes.

If you want an interesting twist on your drab paleo palate, then we would recommend that you start with this one.


  • 100 great recipes for paleo
  • A wide range of recipes
  • Lots of color photographs
  • Features main meals and desserts


  • Some readers have stated there are not enough recipes in this book


Now we have another paleo cookbook that is designed to cater to the whole family, from adults to children.

This is designed to give you and your family a healthy lifestyle revamp, so if you want to cut out all processed foods, then try starting with this book.

There are many dishes for you to try here, including chia seed pudding, basil pesto chicken power bowls, chocolate chip muffins, frozen pineapple whip, creamy broccoli salad with apple and chili-lime deviled eggs.

And that’s only just the start!


  • A recipe book brimming with unique flavors
  • Includes puddings and sides
  • Great for the whole family
  • Over 100 recipes


  • Not every recipe comes with a picture


This is a recipe book for people who like their food from North Africa, Southern Europe and the Middle East.

This comes with plenty of sumptuous dishes that are completely free from gluten and are sourced from organic places.

This comes with plenty of foods that we are used to that have been adapted for people adhering to the paleo diet including pizza, pasta and seafood dishes.

This also comes with a 30-day meal plan that will help you to stick to a diet that has been designed to help your autoimmune system.


  • This comes with menu planners for afternoon and evening meals
  • Recipes for paleo biscuits and brownies
  • 150 recipes for the paleo diet
  • Nutritional information on Mediterranean food


  • Might not be for newbie cooks


The best way to get your kids to try different things is to educate them on what food does to their body and their mood and this is what this book aims to do.

This features recipes that your kids can pitch in and make along with you. It features all their favorite dishes.

This book will teach you how to make French toast sticks, bacon tots, soft pretzels, chocolate layer cake and chicken nuggets.

Why should you buy processed food again when you can make wholesome meals with the kids? This could be a great alternative to your usual diet for a few nights a week.


  • The ideal paleo book for kids
  • 100 paleo recipes
  • Great for making a healthier diet
  • Uses completely natural ingredients


  • Some readers have complained that these foods are high in sugar

Best Female Chef Paleo Diet Cookbooks Buying Guide

When you are buying a paleo cookbook for yourself, there are a few ingredients that you’ll be looking for:

Outlines What Is And Isn’t Paleo

You might be confused as to what is and isn’t paleo-friendly. So having a list that you can refer to so you can know what to avoid in the future is crucial.

Easy To Follow

A lot of recipes can be laden with cooking jargon. If you are a new cook, then you’ll want something relatively easy to comprehend.


Hopefully, this guide to the best paleo cookbooks has helped you to figure out what the best ones are for you and your family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can The Paleo Diet Help Lose Weight?

It can help you to lose weight, although the best way to ensure that you do is to burn off more calories than you put on. A great method of losing weight is with lots of protein and vegetables, which you can get on paleo.


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