7 Best Ina Garten Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipes To Try Today

There are few names bigger in the celebrity baking world than Ina Garten – also known as the “Barefoot Contessa”, thanks to her enormously popular cooking TV show!

Ina Garten is a trusted expert on all kinds of dishes, from savory meals to delicious baked goods, and you can always bet that her recipes will give you something mouth watering.

7 Best Ina Garten Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipes To Try Today

This is especially true when it comes to her chocolate chip cookie recipes!

Chocolate chip cookies are the perfect snack, with their crunchy exteriors, moist and soft interiors that crumble in your mouth, and their deliciously rich chocolate chips!

Packed with flavor and texture, you can enjoy chocolate chip cookies in any scenario, like as an after dinner snack or as a treat to have with your lunch.

Naturally, Ina Garten makes some of the very best chocolate chip cookies, and you can make them yourself thanks to her recipes!

In our tasty guide below, we’ve got the 7 best Ina Garten chocolate chip cookies recipes for you to try today(see also: 6 Best Ina Garten Risotto Recipes To Try Today).

You’re sure to love these rich, scrumptious chocolate chip cookies, and they’ll have you coming back for more!

1. Ina Garten’s Giant Crinkled Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

We’re starting our list off with a fantastic recipe that will guide you through making Ina Gartne’s very own giant crinkled chocolate chip cookies, which are exactly as delicious as they sound.

These cookies have everything you could want in a cookie, from their crisp edges to their chewy, soft centers. Not to mention the deliciously rich chocolate chips! 

However, these chocolate chip cookies also stand apart from the competition thanks to their crinkled texture.

This makes them extra crisp and adds plenty of character to them too, making them far better than your standard chocolate chip cookie.

Even better, these cookies are pretty simple to make, thanks to a relatively small list of common ingredients.

You’ll need a variety of baking staples that you probably already have in the kitchen! For example, an extra-large egg, baking soda, all-purpose flour, granulated sugar, and more. 

As for the chocolate side of things, the recipe recommends a bittersweet chocolate. Ina Garter herself always likes to use Lindt chocolate for her baking, which is deliciously rich and tasty!

2. Ina Garten’s Crispy Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

Our next recipe covers Ina Garten’s recipe for chocolate chip cookies that simply melt in your mouth.

Better still, they’re much larger than most traditional cookies, giving you plenty more tasty chocolate flavoring and tender cookie.

On top of that, they’ve also got the classic crinkled texture to them, which makes them a crisp treat. 

Even better, these wonderful cookies are quick and easy to make! Taking just 15 minutes to prepare and 20 minutes to bake, you’ll be able to have these tasty treats ready in just 35 minutes.

But make sure you leave them to cool before digging in!

The fact that you can make these cookies so quickly makes them perfect as a last minute dessert snack to throw together, and they’re a quick treat that you’ll keep baking and baking again.

Another thing that makes these chocolate chip cookies stand out is the addition of salt, which you can sprinkle on top as a finishing touch.

This adds just a hint of saltiness which pairs perfectly with the rich chocolate, and it also helps to make the dough tighter. 

3. Ina Garten’s Chocolate Chunk Cookies Recipe

This next recipe offers one of Ina Garten’s most mouth watering chocolate cookies, but one with a slight twist.

While the other recipes have focused on using chocolate chips, this recipe uses chocolate chunks instead, which means they have even more delicious and rich chocolate.

However, if you want to use chocolate chips instead, you can simply substitute them into the recipe in place of the chocolate chunks. Easy!

This is another recipe that’s totally easy to throw together, and very quick to make, so it’s a must-try in our books. Even better, you’ll need only a handful of common baking ingredients for it.

For example, you’ll need a couple of extra-large eggs, all-purpose flour, vanilla extract, and so on. 

Meanwhile, you can also add some chopped walnuts into the mix, if none of the people eating the cookies are allergic to nuts.

Walnuts make a great pairing with chocolate, the richness of the chocolate complementing the nuttiness and slight bitterness of the walnuts. Plus, they add some crunch to the cookies! 

4. Ina Garten’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookies Recipe

If you liked the nuttiness of adding walnuts into the previous recipe’s delicious chocolate chunk cookies then you’ll love this recipe!

Here, Ina Garten adds smooth peanut butter into the ingredients, giving each cookie a perfect nuttiness alongside all the rich chocolate and crisp dough.

This is another recipe that uses chocolate chunks instead of chocolate chips, which means you’ll be getting much larger bits of chocolate in each cookie.

This is great if you want extra chocolatey cookies (and who doesn’t!), but if you want something a little less rich, then you can simply substitute the chocolate chunks for chocolate chips instead. 

The recipe recommends that you use an ice cream scoop to drop your balls of dough onto the prepared baking sheet, and this is a technique that the Barefoot Contessa uses herself!

Don’t worry if you don’t have an ice cream scoop, though, because you can use a rounded tablespoon instead.

5. Ina Garten’s White Chocolate Chunk Cookies Recipe

Chocolate chip cookies will already be rich and sickly in their own right, but what if you could make them even sicklier? This is where white chocolate chips come in!

White chocolate is a delicious variation on regular chocolate, being made from cocoa butter instead of any cocoa solids. It gives it a different (and delicious!) taste, and it’s one that lends itself well to cookies.

This recipe is all about Ina Garten’s scrumptious white chocolate chunk cookies, which use chocolate chunks instead of chocolate chips.

Once again, if you prefer to use chocolate chips, simply use them instead! Substituting them will be easy, and you’ll still get cookies that taste great.

Besides the white chocolate, these cookies require a small handful of very common baking ingredients, making them especially easy for you to whip-up.

For example, you’ll need 2 extra-large eggs, some unsalted butter, flour, and more.

Better still, the cookies should take a total of just 35 minutes for you to prepare and bake them, meaning that they’re the perfect indulgent snack to throw together for a last minute treat!

6. Ina Garten’s Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk Cookie Recipe

Our next pick from Ina Garten’s wealth of fabulous recipes is one for delicious oatmeal chocolate chunk cookies.

You’ll get all the flavors with this fantastic cookie, which offers plenty of richness (thanks to the chocolate!), some saltiness, sweetness, and even a little tartness.

It’s a taste overload and one that will keep you coming back over and over!

These chocolate chunk cookies are especially special, thanks to their use of old-fashioned oats.

By adding oatmeal to a cookie, it makes the dessert treat slightly chewier, making them even nicer to chew through. They’ll really melt in your mouth!

On top of that, oats helps to increase the fiber content of the cookies too, making them better for you. 

Of course, this recipe is for chocolate chunk cookies, but you can use chocolate chips instead! Chocolate chips will make the cookie much less rich than chocolate chunks, which some people will want.

Thankfully, it’s very easy to substitute chocolate chips in – simply swap out the chocolate chunks!

Additionally, you’ll be sprinkling the tops of these cookies with some fleur de sel, which is a thin type of salt. This adds a little saltiness to the cookies, which really contributes to their delicious flavor!

7. Ina Garten’s Delicious Chocolate Chunk Cookies Recipe

Our final recipe is another fantastic chocolate chunk cookie from Ina Garten. Once again, you can substitute the chocolate chunks for chocolate chips if you want something a bit different!

Perfectly crisp on the outside and totally tender on the inside, these chocolate cookies are the ideal dessert treat.

Even better, they’re one that you can make with very little time and effort, thanks to the quick baking time and the simple list of ingredients!

All of the ingredients are baking staples that you’ll likely have in your kitchen already.

For example, you’ll need some all-purpose flour, granulated sugar, unsalted butter, and so on. Meanwhile, the chocolate chunks should be semi-sweet, giving you great richness and flavor.

Final Thoughts

Ina Garten is one of the most famous bakers out there, and her delicious chocolate chip cookies will show you why! Find the very best recipes for them with our guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Chocolate Does Ina Garten Use? 

You can pick the chocolate you use, but Ina Garten tends to use Lindt for her baking. It’s delicious and rich!

7 Best Ina Garten Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipes To Try Today

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