11 Amazing Paula Deen Mashed Potato Recipes To Try Today

Paula Deen is an American cookbook author and chef. She owns and runs her own restaurant, where people come all over the world to taste her own food.

Throughout her cooking career, she is known to create comforting dishes that are filled with fats and sugar. 

Amazing Paula Deen Mashed Potato Recipes To Try Today

While she may be known for these richer dishes, Paula Deen is also loved since all her recipes are easy to follow.

Thus, anyone could give her recipes a go. In addition to this, you can make simple substitutions so that her recipes suit your dietary needs.

In this article, we have collected 11 incredible Paula Deen mashed potatoes recipes you need to try today(see also: 7 Amazing Paula Deen Coleslaw Recipes To Try Today).

1. Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes don’t have to be boring, and in this recipe, Paula Deen makes them taste better than before. The addition of 1 teaspoon of finely minced garlic, adds a subtle heat to the potatoes.

It is important that you mince the garlic as finely as possible, as the last thing you want is to bite down on a large piece of garlic. 

In addition to this, a 1/4 of a cup of sour cream is used with butter, to help create a smooth consistency. The sour cream balances out the harshness that sometimes garlic can produce.

Therefore, creating a very delicious bowl of mashed potatoes that will complement any meal. 

2. Pretzel Mashed Potato Bites

You can do a lot with mashed potatoes, and this recipe from Deen shows how versatile mashed potatoes can be.

Using a deep fryer or a Dutch oven, you will fry balls of mashed potato that have been rolled in crushed pretzel pieces. This adds a pleasant coating and crunch to the mashed potato.

The mashed potatoes are combined with flour, egg, and mustard to form the balls. The mustard adds another flavor to the potatoes, which pairs well with the salty pretzel coating.

Overall, this is a really simple recipe that will take a matter of minutes to create. 

3. Loaded Mashed Potatoes

If you find mashed potatoes boring by themselves, then why not make loaded mashed potatoes instead. The best thing about loaded mashed potatoes is that you can add any toppings that you wish.

In this recipe, Paula Deen has added cheddar cheese and cooked bacon, yet you could add anything that you want (Also check out Paula Deen’s Cheese Pie Recipes). 

The crispy bacon is a great contrast to the smooth mashed potatoes. While the cheese adds an acidity which balances out the sweetness from the mashed potatoes. 

4. Mashed Potato Casserole

In under 20 minutes, you can have this mashed potato casserole on the table to be enjoyed with roasted vegetables.

A combination of mashed potato mix and hashed browns are combined with jack cheese, butter, sour cream, and cream cheese. Hence, the result is a very rich yet indulgent mashed potato mixture. 

To add more texture, onion rings are placed on top of the casserole, and baked until golden brown. You could easily adapt this recipe to add in herbs or vegetables to make a one pot dinner. 

5. Buttery Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes

With a lot of Paula Deen’s recipes for mashed potatoes, she will use sour cream to help bring the potatoes together to form a smooth consistency.

Yet, in this recipe, Deen uses buttermilk instead. By using buttermilk, you still create a smooth texture, yet it adds a slightly sweeter flavor. 

You should mash the potatoes, until you reach a texture that you are happy with. Seasonings such as salt, pepper, butter, and nutmeg are used.

The nutmeg works really well with the buttermilk. It adds a hint of spice to the potatoes, which is really tasty. 

6. Chive And Onion Mashed Potatoes

To make the most flavorful mashed potatoes, then you need to give this recipe a go. Onions and chives add a powerful yet enjoyable flavor.

Both onions and chives are quite strong ingredients, so you can add less if you don’t want this flavor to be as powerful. 

The best thing about this race is that it only needs three ingredients and takes under 30 minutes to create. Overall, this is a fantastic bowl of mashed potato to be served alongside chicken, beef, or lamb. 

7. Mashed Sweet Potatoes

When it comes to mashed potatoes, it doesn’t just have to be regular white potatoes. Paula Deen has created this easy recipe for mashed sweet potatoes (see also “Amazing Paula Deen Scalloped Potato Recipes“).

Just as the name suggests, sweet potatoes have a much sweeter flavor than white potatoes. In addition to this, they also have a grainer texture as well when mashed.

To make these sweet potatoes taste more enjoyable, they are mashed with butter, honey, and cinnamon. This helps to balance out the sweetness of these potatoes, and provide a more complex flavor profile. 

8. Shrimp Mashed Potatoes

While shrimp mashed potatoes may sound strange, you won’t be disappointed by this dish. The shrimp add a pleasant meaty surprise while enjoying these mashed potatoes.

There is only one cup of shrimp included, but you could add more or less. 

The first thing you will notice about this dish is the vibrant pale pink color, thanks to the addition of a teaspoon of paprika. The paprika adds a gentle heat and a charming pink color to the potatoes. 

9. Turnip Mashed Potatoes

Turnips are a great addition to potatoes, as they provide a spicy and peppery flavor. This means you don’t need to season your mashed potatoes as much. 

Since both the potatoes and turnips need to be boiled, you can boil them together at the same time, which reduces the amount of washing up you need to do afterward.

To create your desired consistency, heavy cream, sour cream and butter are added. The end result is a rich and comforting bowl of turnip mashed potatoes. You can add herbs to evaluate this recipe even more. 

10. Mashed Potatoes With Sautéed Mushrooms

Mashed potatoes can taste great by themselves, yet why not top your mashed potatoes with these sautéed mushrooms.

The mushrooms add another texture to enjoy, while also they have been cooked in wine, chives, garlic, and onion.

Hence, the mushrooms are quite strong and have an acidic flavor which goes well with the sweet and soft mashed potatoes.

This would be a great side dish served alongside a stew or turkey for thanksgiving (Also check out Amazing Paula Deen Beef Stew Recipes). No matter the meal, you will be able to find an excuse to serve these mashed potatoes. 

11. Celery Root Mashed Potatoes

Celery root has a very distinct flavor, since as it cooks it becomes much sweater. This then pairs well with the diced russet potatoes.

This is a very simple recipe, without many additions, so the sole focus is on how good the potatoes and celery root taste together. 

In just 30 minutes, any chef no matter their level of experience will be able to recreate this recipe themselves. 


Mashed potatoes are a simple dish that can be customized in various ways to suit the meal you are preparing. Paula Deen has a great variety of mashed potato recipes that you should have a go at.

She has transformed the simple mashed potatoes into something really tasty and yet easy to recreate.

We hope you have found this article useful, and you now have 11 amazing Paula Deen mashed potato recipes to try (see also: 9 Amazing Paula Deen Cinnamon Roll Recipes To Try Today)tonight. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Do You Make Paula Deen Mashed Potatoes?

Put the potatoes in a big pot and fill it with cold, salted water. The potatoes should be brought to a boil over medium-high heat, and cooked for 20 to 25 minutes, or until they are extremely soft. Then drain the potatoes well and place in a bowl. 

Use a potato masher to mash the additional ingredients and seasonings into the hot potatoes, until you reach your desired consistency.

Why Is Butter Put In Mashed Potatoes?

In a lot of mashed potato recipes but especially Paula Deen’s mashed potato recipe she adds butter. Butter is an important ingredient as it helps to improve the overall flavor by creating a sweetener and creamer flavor. 

Furthermore, butter works well with the scratch in the potato to create a softer and smoother consistency. 

Can You Make Mashed Potatoes In Advance?

You can easily make mashed potatoes in advance. You can make your mashed potatoes as normal, by cutting, boiling and then mashing the potatoes. However, when it comes to mashing you can add your usual milk and sour cream but avoid the butter.

When you are ready for the mashed potatoes, you need to reheat them and then add the butter at the last minute. This will help the mashed potatoes to taste as if they were freshly made that day.

11 Amazing Paula Deen Mashed Potato Recipes To Try Today

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