10 Comforting Chicken Soup Recipes From Martha Stewart

Chicken soup is the perfect dish to turn to when you’re looking for a bit of comfort in your life. Whether it’s a cold winter’s day or you’re simply in the mood for something hearty, chicken soup never lets you down.

Fortunately, there are plenty of delicious chicken soup recipes you can try making at home, so you’ll never get bored with the same old dish.

But with such a busy schedule, we doubt you have the time to plow through your cookbooks and online recipes to find different recipes. This is where culinary marvel and much-loved icon Martha Stewart comes in to help.

chicken soup recipes martha stewart

Martha’s vast collection of incredible recipes is waiting to be discovered, and we have selected some of the most comforting chicken soup recipes from the homemaking legend.

Join us as we share delectable chicken soup recipes that will undoubtedly become go-to dishes for you and your family.

Our Favorite Chicken Soup Recipes From Martha Stewart

1. Basic Chicken Soup

Despite its somewhat self-deprecating name, this chicken soup packs a flavorful punch and goes far beyond the ordinary. It is a hearty, comforting meal, perfect for when the weather starts to cool down.

Best of all, it is quick and easy to make, meaning you can enjoy it in less than an hour.

The aromas of this soup are divine. It has a savory scent of simmering chicken and earthy notes from the celery, onions, carrots, and garlic.

These simple ingredients make this soup endlessly customizable. By making the stock and soup simultaneously, you have a rich, concentrated flavor and a golden, fragrant soup that will get you through even the coldest winter nights.

2. Martha Stewart’s Chicken Soup

Most of us have tried canned chicken soup to fill a hungry void, but once you try this chicken soup recipe, you will never go back to canned goods again.

This recipe combines tender chicken and hearty vegetables to create a soup that the whole family will enjoy and a go-to recipe for colder days.

One of the areas where this particular chicken soup excels is with its aromatic burst of garnish and fresh veggies. Everything comes together to form a fresh, tantalizing soup, with the chicken’s tender texture ensuring the richest of broths.

Feel free to customize it with different herbs like rosemary or sage, or try to incorporate some different vegetables such as celery or potatoes. We recommend adding some spices like cumin or paprika for extra flavor.

3. Classic Chicken Vegetable Soup

It doesn’t get much more comforting than this classic chicken vegetable soup, packed with carrots, celery, potatoes, and, of course, chicken. The recipe is simple to follow, and the soup itself is hearty to its core.

You may be put off by making soup from scratch, but this recipe makes the process easy.

You just need to follow the two parts and make the chicken soup base with shredded chicken and broth ahead of time. In just 25 minutes, you can get stuck in and enjoy your culinary masterpiece!

A true crowd-pleaser, this classic chicken soup is incredibly flavorful. The key to its flavor is using a good quality stock or broth. We suggest using a broth or base made with chicken, including parts such as the back and neck.

But if you find the soup a little bland, try squeezing some lime or lemon or a splash of vinegar and stirring it in. You can also add a dash of salt.

Chicken Noodle Soup Recipes From Martha Stewart

4. Favorite Chicken Noodle Soup

Everyone needs a good chicken noodle soup recipe up their sleeves, and – trust us – this one is perfect.

Straight from Martha Stewart’s Test Kitchen, this chicken noodle soup is a classic, comforting dish that’s also easy to make.

The addition of tender egg noodles enhances everything we love about chicken soup and makes it even more delicious and filling.

Her top tip for this recipe is to ask for the backbone from your butcher – this will make for an even more divine broth.

5. Saffron Chicken Noodle Soup

Next up is this rustic chicken noodle soup, elevated by a pinch of saffron. This simple ingredient gives the homemade broth a veggie-like tomato flavor, perfect for your soup cravings.

Other ingredients used include celery, leeks, carrots, and egg noodles, which add to its overall comfort.

With each slurp, this soup conjures a delicate yet rich flavor, further enhanced by the saffron and aromatic herbs. The chicken and soft vegetables provide a comforting, hearty texture, while the egg noodles add a satisfying chewiness.

Finish with some fresh parsley to create a soup that sports a gorgeous balance of warmth and freshness.

6. Chicken Soup With Pasta And Tomatoes

Chicken soup isn’t only for colder days and nights; it can also be enjoyed as a fresh meal at any time of the year. This chicken soup with pasta and tomatoes is a perfect example.

While it is still comforting, this take on a classic chicken noodle soup recipe boasts rich flavors from its broth infused with vegetables and herbs.

The recipe calls for simmering chicken bones, which intensifies the soup’s overall depth and texture. Adding fresh vegetables like carrots, onions, and tomatoes adds a vibrant flavor and color reminiscent of a Mediterranean classic treat.

Topped off with lemon juice, basil, red pepper flakes, and grated Parmesan, the soup has a refreshing, zesty twist and a welcome spark of spiciness. In other words, it has everything your taste buds will ever want!

Chicken Soups With A Tantalizing Twist

7. Chipotle Chicken And White Bean Soup

By adding a chipotle chili or two to this soup, it takes on a whole new level of depth and complexity, with smoky and spicy flavors galore. The soup is super easy and quick to make (just 35 minutes from start to finish), and it will fill you every time.

You will love this soup’s bold and smoky flavor profile, emanating from the chipotle sauce and complemented by the richness of the tomato base. The dish takes on more flavor by using boneless, skinless chicken thighs rather than chicken breast.

Combined with the creamy beans, this soup has an orchestra of satisfying textures. The toppings of chips, radishes, and avocados add a unique freshness and crunch to every mouthful.

8. Summery Chicken And Rice Soup

If your refrigerator is jam-packed with late-summer vegetables, this recipe is the perfect one to turn to, ensuring you don’t waste any greens. Packed with veggies like summer squash and Swiss chard, this summer chicken and rice soup is as comforting as it is fresh.

With its light taste, this soup is perfect for summer weather. The blend of chicken, rice, and assorted vegetables creates the foundation for a satisfying texture, while the greens provide a bright color and nutritional boost.

Although we strongly suggest following this recipe to a tee the first time you try it, we also want our readers to be creative and bold in the kitchen.

So, try customizing the soup with other vegetables like green beans, carrots, or bell peppers for added flavor and complexity. Drizzle some olive oil and sprinkle a generous dose of cheese and basil to provide a flavorful finish.

9. Thai Chicken Soup

Quick to prepare and full of flavors, this Thai chicken soup is a unique recipe for anyone looking for something extra in their soups. All you need is some store-bought broth, a rotisserie chicken, green curry paste, sweet bell peppers, and baby bok choy. In just 30 minutes, this soup will be ready to slurp down and wow your taste buds.

This Southeast Asian rendition achieves its welcoming aroma and spice from ginger and chilies, while its pleasing floral note comes from the unique addition of lemongrass.

Its vibrant flavors and aromatic textures are reminiscent of Thai restaurant-quality cuisine. Its soothing nature is enhanced by the infusion of fragrant ingredients, like ginger and cilantro, and the spicy chilies and tender chicken creates a dreamy balance.

This Thai chicken soup is as comforting as any chicken soup but with layers of nuanced flavors taking it to a whole new level.

10. Chicken Posole Soup

Here’s another unique recipe inspired by Mexican cuisine. For this soup, you need to use bone-in, skin-on chicken thigh pieces rather than the traditional pork usually used with Posole, a classic Mexican soup.

This recipe uses Savoy cabbage, canned hominy, cilantro, lime juice, and a generous two tablespoons of minced garlic. And, in only an hour, it will be ready for you to devour!

The flavors of this soup are wonderfully robust, thanks to the chicken, hearty hominy, and a rich broth infused with garlic, onion, and cilantro. We love the addition of cabbage, which gives the soup a delightful texture.

Meanwhile, the oregano and tomato paste add depth to the dish, complementing the savory notes from the chicken and broth. If you like, you can customize it with toppings such as chips and lime, creating a comforting yet versatile dish.

Final Thoughts

Whatever mood you are in, there is always time for the ultimate comfort food – chicken soup.

Above are just a small selection of our favorite chicken soup recipes from Martha Stewart, but there are so many more waiting for you to try.

We suggest you cozy up, review these recipes again, and decide on one to make today. After all, it can always be soup season in your house.

10 Comforting Chicken Soup Recipes From Martha Stewart

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