10 Scones Recipes From Martha Stewart You Will Love

Scones, a cherished treat enjoyed with tea or as a delightful snack, come in countless flavors and textures.

Martha Stewart, with her culinary expertise, offers a varied collection of scone recipes that cater to every palate.

From classic to fruity, and even a savory twist, her recipes ensure that there’s a perfect scone for every occasion.

scones recipes martha stewart

Whether you’re a baking novice or a seasoned pro, these scone recipes from Martha Stewart invite you to explore the rich possibilities of homemade baking.

Classic Scone Recipes

Let’s kick off with some classics – perfect scones for every occasion.

1. Perfect Scones

Martha Stewart’s perfect scones recipe is a testament to the beauty of baking simplicity. It combines fundamental ingredients like all-purpose flour, baking powder, and unsalted butter to achieve a classic taste and texture.

The addition of heavy cream enriches the dough, ensuring a tender crumb, while a light egg wash before baking lends a golden sheen to these delightful treats.

This recipe strikes a balance between the crumbly texture scones are known for and the moistness that makes them irresistible.

Rolled to just the right thickness and cut into preferred shapes, these scones serve as a versatile base for various add-ins or toppings, making them perfect for any occasion.

Whether served warm from the oven or enjoyed at room temperature, these perfect scones are a pure and simple pleasure, embodying the essence of traditional baking.

2. Currant Scones

Currant scones bring a delightful burst of tartness and texture to the classic scone, thanks to the incorporation of dried currants into the dough.

Martha Stewart’s recipe expertly combines all-purpose flour with a leavening mixture of baking powder and baking soda, ensuring a light and airy texture.

Cold, unsalted butter cut into the flour mixture creates a crumbly base, which is then moistened with buttermilk for a tender crumb.

The lightly beaten egg contributes to the scones’ richness and color, while a final brush with milk and a sprinkle of sugar before baking adds a subtle sweetness and appealing golden crust.

These currant scones strike a perfect balance between the scone’s traditional buttery flavor and the zesty, chewy currants, offering a delightful twist on the classic recipe that’s both easy to make and delicious to taste.

3. Cream Scones

Cream Scones are the epitome of indulgence, featuring a rich and tender texture that melts in your mouth, courtesy of Martha Stewart’s masterful recipe.

By integrating heavy cream into the dough, these scones achieve unparalleled moistness and a delicate crumb that distinguishes them from their counterparts.

The simple combination of all-purpose flour, sugar, and baking powder forms the base of the scone, which is then elevated by the addition of cold, unsalted butter to achieve a flaky texture.

The dough, enriched with beaten eggs and more heavy cream, is a harmony of flavors and textures that promises a luxurious treat.

Brushed with cream and sprinkled with sugar before baking, these scones bake into a true delight, offering a slightly crisp exterior with a soft, rich interior.

Served with strawberry preserves and softly whipped cream, Martha Stewart’s cream scones are a testament to the simple pleasures of baking.

Super Fruity Scones

If you’re feeling fruity, you’re going to love this next selection of scones.

4. Lemon Scones

Martha Stewart’s Lemon Scones are a vibrant, zesty treat that perfectly captures the essence of fresh lemons.

Integrating finely grated lemon zest into the sugar not only infuses the scones with citrus flavor but also releases the oils for an aromatic experience.

The recipe carefully balances the acidity of the lemon with the richness of heavy cream, creating a tender, full-flavored dough.

After baking to a golden hue, these scones are then drizzled with a tangy lemon glaze, adding an extra layer of sweetness and zest.

The result is a refreshingly light and moist scone that pairs wonderfully with a cup of tea, making it a delightful choice for breakfast or an afternoon snack.

5. Cranberry-Orange Scones

Cranberry orange scones bring a harmonious blend of tart cranberries and fragrant orange zest, creating a scone that’s both vibrant and flavorful.

This recipe expertly combines the tanginess of dried cranberries with the citrusy brightness of orange zest, mixed into a dough that features all-purpose flour, sugar, baking powder, and soda for lift.

The cold, unsalted butter ensures a flaky texture, while buttermilk adds a tender crumb and slight tang, complementing the fruity flavors.

The scones are finished with a sprinkle of sugar before baking, which caramelizes into a sweet crust.

6. Fast Raspberry Scones

Fast raspberry scones are a quick and delightful way to enjoy the sweet-tart flavor of fresh raspberries in a homemade scone.

Martha Stewart’s recipe efficiently incorporates the delicate berries without compromising their integrity. It uses a light kneading process that folds the raspberries into the dough.

This approach ensures bursts of berry flavor in every bite, complemented by the rich, buttery backdrop of the scone.

The use of buttermilk adds a subtle tanginess that enhances the overall flavor profile, while a simple egg yolk enriches the dough for a tender, moist crumb.

Fast Raspberry Scones are perfect for a last-minute brunch or a leisurely morning treat, offering the delightful experience of fresh berries enveloped in a soft, comforting scone.

7. Blueberry Scones

Martha Stewart’s blueberry scones capture the essence of summer with plump, juicy blueberries nestled in a tender, flaky scone.

This recipe skillfully combines the classic scone ingredients with a fresh burst of blueberries and a hint of lemon zest, enhancing the dough’s flavor with a citrus note that complements the berries.

The dough, enriched with heavy cream and eggs, is carefully mixed to preserve the integrity of the blueberries, resulting in a rich and crumbly texture.

These scones are finished with a sprinkle of sugar for a slightly crunchy top that contrasts beautifully with the soft interior.

Blueberry scones are an ideal treat for breakfast or an afternoon snack. They embody the perfect balance of sweetness and tartness with the comforting buttery texture of a classic scone.

8. Cranberry Scones

Martha Stewart’s cranberry scones are a delightful autumnal treat. They combine the tartness of cranberries with the rich, buttery texture of classic scones.

This recipe meticulously balances the sharp bite of halved cranberries with a dough that is lightly sweetened and enriched with half-and-half, creating a moist, tender, and full-flavored scone.

The inclusion of sugar not only adds a subtle sweetness but also helps to caramelize the exterior, offering a slight crunch that contrasts the soft interior.

Baked to a radiant golden brown, these scones celebrate the cranberry’s natural zest, making them an excellent choice for a seasonal breakfast or tea-time snack.

9. Strawberry And Toasted Sesame Scones

Strawberry and toasted sesame scones offer a unique and delightful combination of flavors that set them apart from traditional scones.

Martha Stewart’s innovative recipe pairs the sweetness of fresh strawberries with the nutty depth of toasted sesame seeds, creating a scone that is both flavorful and texturally diverse.

The addition of freeze-dried strawberries and freshly diced strawberries provides a concentrated berry flavor that is enhanced by the sesame seeds’ subtle crunch and aroma.

The scone dough, made with cold unsalted butter and heavy cream, is tender and rich, the perfect canvas for the strawberry and sesame blend.

Sprinkled with sanding sugar and more sesame seeds, these scones are a visual and culinary delight. They offer a unique twist on the classic scone that is both sophisticated and satisfying.

Bonus Recipe: Savory Scones

If savory scones are more your bag, we have a bonus recipe – just for you.

10. Herb-Cheddar Scones

Herb cheddar scones are a delicious departure from the sweet varieties. They incorporate sharp cheddar cheese and fresh herbs for a savory twist on the classic scone.

Martha Stewart’s recipe masterfully blends the rich, tangy flavor of cheddar with the aromatic freshness of scallions and dill, creating a scone that is both flavorful and fragrant.

The freshly ground pepper adds a subtle heat that complements the cheese and herbs, while the use of heavy cream and eggs ensures the scones are moist and tender.

Baked to a golden brown, these scones have a crispy exterior and a soft, cheesy interior, making them irresistible for any meal.

They are perfect as a standalone snack or as an accompaniment to a hearty soup or salad.

Final Thoughts

Martha Stewart’s collection of scone recipes offers a delightful exploration of flavors and textures, from the classic to the inventive.

Whether you crave the simple pleasure of a perfect scone or the unique combination found in Strawberry and Toasted Sesame Scones, there’s a recipe to satisfy every taste.

These recipes invite bakers of all levels to experiment with ingredients and enjoy the process of creating homemade treats that are perfect for sharing or savoring alone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it better to make scones with butter or oil?

Using butter is preferred for making scones because it provides a richer flavor and helps achieve a flaky texture. Oil can make the scones more cake-like and less traditional in texture.

Why do you add bicarbonate of soda to scones?

Bicarbonate of soda (baking soda) is added to scone recipes as a leavening agent when an acidic ingredient is present. It helps the scones rise and become light and fluffy.

10 Scones Recipes From Martha Stewart

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