3 Best Paula Deen Banana Bread Recipes To Try Today

Welcome to the delicious world of Paula Deen’s banana bread! These amazing recipes come packed with flavor, sweetness, and just the right amount of spice.

3 Best Paula Deen Banana Bread Recipes To Try Today

Whether you’ve been looking for a classic banana bread recipe or something more unique, we’ve got you covered.

Scroll through the best 3 Paula Deen banana bread recipes below

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1. Paula Deen Classic Banana Bread

Paula Deen’s banana bread is the stuff of dreams. Soft, fluffy, and full of sweet banana flavor, this bread is sure to put a smile on everyone’s face. 

Unlike other banana bread recipes, Paula Deen’s version skips all the bells and whistles of added cinnamon sugar or chocolate chips – instead relying solely on the delicious flavor of ripe bananas in every bite. 

The texture is spot on; completely moist without being soggy, and it just melts in your mouth. To top it all off, she adds some chopped pecans for a bit of crunch that ties everything together flawlessly.


Though simple in its ingredients list, Paula Deen’s banana bread packs tons of flavor while still being approachable enough to make any time you crave something sweet – you’d never guess how easy it is when cutting into that perfectly golden brown loaf. 

Get ready to be amazed because this classic dish puts store-bought packaged versions of banana bread to shame and may become a staple recipe in your house as it has with so many others before!

The star of this dish is obviously the bananas, which combine with Paula Deen’s fresh ingredients to create a delightful texture. 

The nutty crunch provided by chopped pecans pairs perfectly with the sweet and savory layers that make up each bite. 

2. Paula Deen’s Loaded Banana Bread

Paula Deen’s Loaded Banana Bread is the perfect way to use up those leftover bananas that have been sitting around! 

It’s a classic recipe with an indulgent twist, and it can please even the pickiest of eaters. With tasty extras like chocolate chips, walnuts, and pecans, this banana bread is definitely anything but basic. 

The crunchy, toasted pecans really take it over the top and make this otherwise classic dish something entirely new and exciting.

If your family loves banana bread, but you’ve grown bored by the same old recipe, Paula Deen’s Loaded Banana Bread is the ideal solution. 

It takes basic, comforting banana bread to a whole new level of deliciousness – which just about everyone does appreciate in their desserts! 

Plus, with all these amazing additions mixed in, it tastes just as good for breakfast or brunch as it does for dessert. 

It’s All About The Bananas

Baking delicious banana bread requires a key ingredient, ripe bananas. But not just any bananas for this recipe – they need to be very ripe. 

When selecting your bananas, look for fruit with yellow peels that have brown spots or streaks. The more browning on the peel indicates they are very ripe.

Ripe bananas should also be soft to the touch and have a sweet smell.

Once you’ve selected your perfect bananas, mash them as soon as you’re ready to use them; don’t do this ahead of time, as it can cause browning. 

You will need four mashed bananas for one loaf of banana bread; that is about 1 ½ cups. The ripeness of these bananas mustn’t go unnoticed – without overripe fruit, you won’t get the same sweet taste from the bread! 

3. Paula Deen Sweet Banana Bread

The Paula Deen Sweet Banana Bread is considered a delicacy, which means that it is one of the most favored recipes out there. 

This tried-and-true recipe offers a delicious and easy way to make banana bread at home. It starts with simple ingredients like mashed banana, vegetable oil, eggs, and sugar. 

These components are combined with flour, baking powder, and baking soda for a fluffy texture. Once all the ingredients are mixed together in a bowl, the dough is poured into an oven-safe loaf pan for baking. 

The resulting product has a slightly sweet taste that’s balanced nicely by the earthy flavor of the banana.

Overall, this banana bread has earned multiple rave reviews from users who have tried it, and it’s no wonder why it’s become such a popular community pick! 

Not only is it incredibly easy to make, but it uses inexpensive ingredients too, so anyone can enjoy an amazing homemade treat without breaking the bank.

This beloved recipe proves that Paula Deen knows how to create tasty treats that everyone will love!

How Can You Make It More Unique?

Making some small tweaks to a classic recipe can help give it an extra punch of flavor and make it even better than the original. 

That’s exactly what we did when we were baking banana bread a few years back. Instead of using white sugar, we decided to use half brown sugar and half white to really bring out the sweetness of the bananas. 

To reduce the amount of “dry ingredients” in the recipe, we opted for self-rising flour so that we don’t have to add baking powder, baking soda, or salt.

Additionally, we added 2 tsp of cinnamon, 1/2 tbs of honey, and about 2 tsp of vanilla to further enhance its flavor.

The results were astonishing! It turned out amazing – it was so moist and had tons of flavor depth due to all of our tweaks and modifications. 

As an experiment, we made two loaves at once – one in a traditional metal loaf pan and another in a glass loaf pan – just to see if there was any difference between them (there wasn’t!). 

This experience with banana bread has taught us that sometimes less is more when it comes to tweaking classic recipes; making smart adjustments can yield delicious results without drastically changing the result.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Paula Deen’s Sweet Banana Bread is an incredibly easy and tasty recipe that anyone can make at home. 

With simple ingredients and a few tweaks of your own, you can enjoy a delicious homemade treat any time! Plus, the addition of spices such as cinnamon or honey can give it an extra punch of flavor. 

So the next time you’re looking for a quick and tasty dessert, look no further than Paula Deen’s Sweet Banana Bread (Also check out Best Paula Deen Bread Pudding Recipes)!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Best Tips For Making Banana Bread?

Place your bananas with some ripe apples in a paper bag and set it in ideally a warm area of your home – like on top of your fridge or near your window. 

Apples naturally contain ethylene, a compound responsible for helping facilitate the ripening process. The sweeter your banana is, the better your loaf!

Should You Use Ripe Or Unripe Bananas?

Frozen overripe bananas are actually even sweeter than those that are simply left out to age naturally, as most of their natural sugars are concentrated after being frozen.

When preparing a delicious loaf of banana bread, keep this tip in mind.

How Do You Keep Your Banana Bread Moist?

All hope is not lost if you happen to end up with dry bread. Simply cut it into slices and warm each slice in your microwave with damp paper towels placed on top.

The steam from your paper towel brings moisture back into the loaf.

As long as proper steps are taken when baking, banana bread can maintain its moistness for days thanks to its main ingredient: bananas! 

Make sure to store your loaves in an airtight style container to lock in not just moisture but also that wonderful taste everyone loves!

3 Best Paula Deen Banana Bread Recipes To Try Today

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