Tasty Lobster Roll Recipes By Martha Stewart (With Some Additional Lobster Dishes)

Lobster treats – the epitome of seaside summer bliss. Incredibly delicious, lobster is the perfect seafood for any occasion, from family barbecues to more formal gatherings. Best of all, there are so many lobster dishes you can try, from lobster rolls to lobster spaghetti.

There’s no one better to turn to when looking for fresh, exciting recipes than the culinary master chef Martha Stewart.

With a lifetime of culinary experience behind her, Martha has treated us to thousands of delicious recipes that we can try at home. And her lobster roll recipes are some of the best seafood treats we have ever had.

lobster roll recipes martha stewart

To save you the time of finding new recipes, we have curated a list of tasty lobster roll recipes by Martha Stewart, as well as some other lobster dishes, below.

From appetizers to main courses, get ready to indulge your taste buds and find your new favorite seafood recipe.

Tasty Lobster Rolls By Martha Stewart

1. Easy Lobster Rolls

Originally making an appearance in Martha Stewart’s Appetizers book, these pull apart lobster rolls are super easy to make. Not only is the recipe simple to follow, the resulting rolls are wonderfully tasty and perfect for impressing guests.

Preparation takes minimal effort, whilst the heating of the rolls with butter adds a comforting warmth and crunch. You will love the combination of fresh lobster, aromatic herbs, and tangy mayo, creating a joyous blend of flavors and a delightful prelude to any meal.

2. Luke’s Lobster Roll

This lobster roll recipe was shared with Martha by Luke Holden, President of the beloved Luke’s Lobster in New York City. Again, it is a minimalist, simple recipe. It offers up a fun twist on the classic dish, with zesty butter and lemon drizzle tantalizing the taste buds.

The split-top buns are toasted to golden, crunchy perfection, and the blend of creamy mayonnaise and succulent lobster meat forms a rich, indulgent flavor profile.

There is no doubt that Luke Holden’s seafood expertise shines through in this recipe. If you’re looking to capture the essence of seaside indulgence, this appetizer is a must-try.

3. Lobster Rolls

Most lobster rolls are made with mayo and/or melted butter, but that can get a bit old after a while. If you’re looking to spice up your lobster rolls, this is the recipe to try, with fresh herbs adding a fresh flavor to the mix.

Another testament to simplicity and elegance, this recipe’s blend of mouth watering lobster, creamy mayonnaise, and zesty lemon juice creates an exquisite balance of flavors. The true magic comes in the form of fresh chives and tarragon, adding a burst of freshness. These elevate the dish to gourmet status!

Delectable with every bite, we highly recommend making these if you have a party coming up, as they will impress even the fussiest of eaters.

4. Perfect Lobster Roll

Here we have a classic New England lobster roll recipe, and one that can be customized based on your taste preferences. We particularly love the variations of this recipe, such as Connecticut Bright, Maryland Spice, and California Cool, adding versatility so you can mix things up in the kitchen when you feel like it.

Whatever variation you go for, this recipe boasts a brilliant balance of flavors and textures. The tender lobster meat pairs like a dream with the mayonnaise and zest lemon, whilst the crispness of the toasted buns provides a pleasing crunch.

The variations just make this recipe all the more enticing, with the melted butter providing a dreamy richness and the Old Bay seasoning adding a powerful kick.

Other Comforting Lobster Recipes From Martha Stewart

5. Lobster Stock And Meat

If you’re on the lookout for a comforting, filling lobster dish, this is a must! A standout recipe, this lobster stocks and meat dish offers layers of beautiful flavors and textures to treat your taste buds.

The broth is hugely flavorful, infused with the essence of carrots, leek, and celery, creating a strong, nutritious base, enhancing the natural sweetness of the lobster meat. The lobster is cooked whole in its shell, making a rich, aromatic stock. This adds a wonderful depth and complexity to the dish.

With its mixture of flavors and ease of preparation, this lobster stock and meat recipe wows everyone who tries it. Now it’s your turn to be wowed!

6. Lobster Shepherd’s Pies

When it comes to comfort food, it doesn’t get much better than shepherd’s pie. But, rather than the traditional use of minced lamb meat, this recipe has sumptuous lobster meat, and boy, it works so well!

Bursting with comforting flavors, the creamy mashed potato provides a luscious contrast to the savory filling of lobster. This forms a dish that is both satisfying and super indulgent. Then there is the addition of leaks, dill, and butter, enhancing the overall richness of the dish.

You can be creative with this recipe, too, adding lime juice or additional spices for personalized touches. This is one of the best meals for a cozy family night in, but its elegance is also ideal for a more formal gathering. With its hearty texture and delightful flavors, this is lobster at its best.

Unique Lobster Recipes

7. Spaghetti With Lobster Fra Diavolo

This spaghetti dish is both unique and comforting, standing out with its spicy sauce containing chunks of sumptuous, tender lobster meat. It’s so easy and quick to make, too, with most of the time spent simmering.

This dish boasts rich, fragrant flavors and a luxurious texture that satisfies the senses every time. The tomato sauce is slow-cooked and infused with garlic, onion, and red pepper flakes, creating a bold base that compliments the soft lobster meat to precision.

What is unique about this recipe is the addition of lobster tails, adding a touch of indulgence. And, the al dente spaghetti provides a gorgeous bite.

If you like, you can customize the recipe by adding other seafood like crab or shrimp, making a joyous seafood medley. Just make sure you add some fresh basil for a burst of herbaceous flavor.

8. Lobster Newburg

Last up is this traditional New England dish, consisting of shellfish in a rich buttery sauce, topped with sherry for extra flavoring. A masterpiece of sophistication and comfort, this unique recipe offers up a symphony of bold, rich flavors, and satisfying textures.

The lobster stock is slow-cooked, infusing the dish with complexity and depth, while the creamy sauce is enriched with cream and sherry.

We adore the tender chunks of lobster meat, enveloped in the creamy sauce, adding another level of indulgence to the dish. If you fancy being a little creative, try some variations by adding extra herbs like basil for a fresh, aromatic twist. Or, you can add some vegetables, such as mushrooms or peas for added texture and depth.

Finish it up with a touch of whisked egg yolk to add a velvet richness, taking this classic dish to new culinary heights.

Final Thoughts

Lobster recipes, especially lobster rolls, encapsulate the culinary wonders we get to experience at the seaside. Whether the lobster recipes above are served in an upscale restaurant or enjoyed as a snack at home, they offer a quintessential taste of summer.

Each recipe is simple to make, with lobster rolls, in particular, giving you a tasty glimpse into the maritime traditions of New England.

Iconic symbols of coastal cuisine, lobster dishes are a must for any seafood fan. Don’t forget to share these recipes with friends and family, so everyone can enjoy their blend of beautiful flavors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a traditional lobster roll made with butter or mayonnaise?

Lobster rolls, believed to have originated in the coastal areas of Maine, Connecticut, and Massachusetts, traditionally have both butter and mayonnaise, depending on the area they came from. A traditional Maine lobster roll is typically served with chilled lobster meat with a dressing of mayonnaise and greens such as celery, chives, and scallions. A traditional Connecticut lobster roll, however, is generally served on a warm toasted bun and dunked in butter.

What is a true lobster roll?

A true lobster roll tends to include just a few ingredients, like chunks of tender lobster meat, celery, and mayonnaise (or butter). These ingredients are stuffed into a grilled or toasted split-top hot dog bun. Sometimes, the roll is seasoned with salt, pepper, and some lemon juice for added flavor. The lobster meat is usually served cold, but some variations include warm buttered lobster. Traditionally, lobster buns are best enjoyed in coastal areas.

How many lobsters do you need for four lobster rolls

Generally speaking, to make four lobster rolls, you will require three one-and-a-half-pound lobsters. This will typically yield approximately one pound of lobster meat to fill the rolls.

Why are lobster rolls so expensive in Maine?

There are three main reasons for the high price tag associated with lobster rolls in the New England area, including Maine. One is the quality of the meat, whilst challenges sourcing lobsters, and the labor-intensive nature of making the rolls also result in higher prices. The often complex nature of lobster fishing can have a great impact on prices, whilst inflation and regulations also have a say.

8 Tasty Lobster Roll Recipes By Martha Stewart (With Some Additional Lobster Recipes)

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