13 Korean Spam Recipes To Try

When you think of spam, you may not be filled with culinary enthusiasm.

After all, it is often viewed as a low-quality, mass-produced, emergency food source.

But, when it comes to Korean spam-infused recipes, the canned ham product elevates dishes, surprising many with its delicious flavors.

For many, spam is a cultural icon and something that can be relied upon time and time again. It is so versatile that Koreans use it in all types of dishes to boost flavors. 

Korean Spam Recipes

If you’re having difficulty finding spam-based Korean recipes, we are here to help. In today’s guide, we have 13 Korean spam recipes that you have to try.

From seaweed rice rolls to street food toasts, we have something to make your mouth water. So, let’s get started!

Hearty Korean Spam Dishes

1. Spam Kimchi Jjigae

We start our journey with this spam kimchi jjigae recipe. The addition of spam provides a salty and savory essence that combines wonderfully with the kimchi’s tanginess.

The recipe also includes tofu, introducing a creamy texture which tempers the spiciness imparted by the chili peppers in the kimchi. The result? One hugely flavorful and well-balanced Korean meal. 

2. Kimchi Fried Rice With Spam

Many Koreans make this Kimchi fried rice with spam recipe when they have ripe kimchi left over, along with day-old rice. It’s true what they say – waste not, want not!

This is a truly delectable Korean dish that blends the bold flavors of ripe kimchi, savory ham, and the richness of a fried egg. 

This dish is a perfect example of paying homage to South Korea’s history, where spam became especially popular during the Korean War.

With each bite, you get to enjoy the gochujang’s sweet-spicy balance. The dish has versatile, hearty flavors, and it is super easy to make. A great way to use up any leftovers and satisfy your cravings. 

3. Army Stew (Budaae Jjigae)

Here, we have a post-war era stew that blends Korean traditions with American influences (the Americans introduced spam to the Koreans during the Second World War).

This hearty stew includes spam, kimchi, and bacon, creating a comforting fusion of flavors.

It’s a popular dish amongst Koreans with its savory richness. There are varieties of this stew, but it typically combines spicy, savory, and umami flavors with a variety of ingredients like kimchi, ramen, sausages, and tofu.

Its rich, hearty broth and mixture of textures create a satisfying culinary experience.

4. Spam And Egg Deopbap for One

This spam and egg Deopbap for one recipe is a popular Korean dish. It offers a filling and flavorful experience, with each mouthful better than the last. If you like your garlic, you will love this dish!

The spam is garlicky and coated with a glaze of maple syrup and spices, giving the dish a sweet and savory kick. This is further complemented by the soft-scrambled eggs, providing a sumptuous creamy texture.

The comforting base is made up of rice, whilst the light soy-stained mayonnaise adds a pleasing umami richness, boosting the overall taste.

This dish actually enjoyed a resurgence during the pandemic and is once again a beloved comfort food for many worldwide.

Tasty Korean Spam Snack Recipes

5. Spam Kimbap Roll

Featuring warm rice, eggs, savory spam, pickled radish, carrots, and lettuce, all in a seaweed-wrapped rice roll, spam Kimbap rolls are extraordinarily delicious.

This particular dish boasts well-seasoned ingredients, like sesame oil and toasted sesame seeds, contributing to its rich flavor profile. 

The dish can be served as part of a main meal, but it often goes down very well as snacks at gatherings. It is versatile, quick, and super yummy; it is a perfect option for breakfast, lunch, or just to snack on during the day.

These rolls are loaded with taste, and they don’t need reheating. Therefore, you can make a batch for a road trip and enjoy them whenever and wherever you want. 

6. Korean Spam Onion Pancake (Spam & Onion Jeon)

Our number six spot goes to this Korean spam onion pancake, often enjoyed as an appetizer or as a snack.

The addition of spam gives the pancake a savory flavor, whilst the onions give it a satisfying crunch. 

To bind the ingredients together, egg is used before being fried in a pan to achieve a crispy exterior. Flavorful and easy to make, this spam and onion Jeon is a must for any day of the week!

7.  Korean Street Toast

Korean street food is popular all over the world, and Korean street toast is one of the reasons why.

Featuring fresh vegetables, fluffy eggs, and slices of spam sandwiched between two slices of buttery toast, this treat will instantly make the worst of days much better.

It achieves a subtle sweet note from the addition of ketchup and mayonnaise, whilst the melted cheese brings the whole sandwich together, resulting in comfort food at its very best.

8. Korean Rolled Omelet (Gyeran Mari)

We adore this Korean rolled omelet recipe due to its mix of delicious flavors and how easy it is to make. Known as Gyerin Mari, this famous Korean dish is usually served as a delectable side and is a sight to behold.

With its bright, fresh colors, it is ideal for spring and summer gatherings. Most importantly, of course, is its flavor, which is savory to the very last bite.

The texture is wondrous, too! The eggs are beaten with a dash of salt and milk, giving the omelet a fluffy, light texture. We’re hungry just thinking of it!

Convenient Korean Spam Recipes

9. Korean Lunch Box Recipe (Dosirak)

We understand that you may not always have the time to prepare and cook a full-blown Korean-inspired meal.

But, even if you are strapped for time, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the delights Korean cuisine has to offer. And, this lunch box recipe, known as Dosirak, is a perfect example of convenience at its best.

This recipe skillfully blends tradition with modern convenience, ensuring you enjoy traditional Korean flavors with little effort in the kitchen. The short-grain rice, steamed to perfection, provides a comforting base, whilst the kimchi is fermented to its signature sour-spicy glory, adding depth to the dish.

It also includes stir-fried vegetables, which are cooked until tender and flavorful. These complement the ensemble of various ingredients to a tee.

When you combine all of these ingredients with the savory addition of Spam, this recipe marries authentic Korean flavors with practicality, making a well-rounded lunch.

10.  Spam And Fish Cakes Stir-Fry (Odeng)

Masterfully combining the savory goodness of spam with the delicate flavors of fish cakes, this spam and fish cakes stir-fry recipe boasts a symphony of incredible tastes and textures.

If you’re new to making Korean dishes, or cooking in general, this recipe is a great place to start.

Make it, and your friends and family will think you’re a culinary maestro! Its flavorful blend will impress the taste buds and have people clamoring for the “secret” recipe.

11. Korean-Style Spam And Eggs (Buchim)

Here, we have a Korean-inspired recipe using slices of spam coated in whisked eggs and pan-fried until reaching a golden brown perfection.

When paired with kimchi, steamed rice, and noodles, this simple-to-make spam and eggs dish always goes down a treat.

Thanks to its easy preparation, you can rustle it up in no time and add it as a side to meals or enjoy it on its own.

Just make sure you make more than you think you’ll need because people always want second helpings. 

Traditional Favorites 

12. Korean Potato And Spam Stew (Gamja Jjageuli)

Although stews are often associated with colder, darker nights during fall and winter, this Korean recipe is delicious for any time of the year, even a hot summer’s day!

Known as Gamja Jjageuli, this stew contains potatoes that are cooked until sumptuously tender in a broth packed with onions, spam, chili peppers, and gochujang.

If you want some additional flavor, simply add some more chili peppers in, or take some out for a milder version. 

13. Rabboki (Ddukbokgi With Ramen)

Last up is this Rabboki recipe, a traditional, beloved Korean dish combining two very popular street foods known as tteokbokki and ramyeon. Tteokbokki are spicy rice cakes, whilst ramyeon is instant ramen. 

Cook the tteokbokki right through before adding the ramyeon to the sauce.

Then, you cook the combination until it reaches a soft consistency, and finish off with a garnishing of sesame seeds, green onions, and cheese.

Just one mouthful and you’ll enjoy the Rabboki’s dynamic flavor profile, with the spicy kick of tteokbokki’s rice cakes with the comforting and savory notes of the instant noodles. Rich and flavorful, it doesn’t get much better than this!

Final Thoughts

Spam is such a versatile food item and a common ingredient in many Korean dishes.

As you can see above, there is something to suit all taste buds, and we’re sure whatever you decide to make at home, you, your friends, and your family will enjoy every bite.

13 Korean Spam Recipes To Try

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