12 Martha Stewart Salad Recipes We LOVE

At Womenchefs, we love a good salad. They’re super refreshing and light, and they can be paired with almost any other savory dish.

When you know how to make a good salad, you can take this healthy eating staple to new levels – and your salads will never be boring again.

One person who knows how to spice up a salad recipe is Martha Stewart. We love how flavorful and unique her dishes are, and her salads are no exception.

Martha Stewart Salad Recipes

If you’re looking for a salad that will inspire you, stick with us – we have compiled a list of 12 of the best Martha Stewart salad recipes ever!

Our Favorite Martha Stewart Salad Recipes

If you are feeling overwhelmed by choice, we’ve got some of our ultimate faves to get you started.

1. Grilled Salmon Salad

This Nicoise-inspired salad makes for a perfect main course.

Created with ingredients such as grilled salmon, eggs, sugar snap peas, watercress, and boiled new potatoes, it is filled with nutritional goodness and tastes fantastic to boot!

This irresistible salad is so refreshing and makes the perfect, light main course—you won’t be able to get enough of it.

We recommend serving with eggs and peas on top and, of course, some salad dressing.

2. Italian Hero Chopped Salad

If you have cold meat cuts you need to use up, this Italian hero chopped salad will be just what you are looking for.

You take the meats of your choice and combine them with spicy marinated vegetables and garlic-ciabatta croutons to create a wonderful lunchtime salad.

Not only does this dish taste incredible, but it is also colorful, which makes our eyes happy.

Serve with the homemade dressing included in this recipe, or feel free to make your own.

3. Chicken, Chickpea, And Pesto Salad

This recipe combines chicken, chickpeas, and pesto to create a flavorful salad dish.

Using shredded cooked chicken breasts as your main ingredient, you will be combining them with chickpeas and green pesto, along with cucumber, celery, and a dash of squeezed lemon.

This salad is light, refreshing, and unique in flavor. It can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

This is a personal favorite of ours for the warmer months when you want something quick and nutritious.

Summer Martha Stewart Salad Recipes

Summer is salad season!

In the warmer months, hot dishes can be too much, so having a delicious summer salad recipe under your belt will make dinner time much easier.

Below, we have included our favorite summer Martha Stewart salad recipes.

Which one will you try first?

4. Tomato And Strawberry Salad

Tomato and strawberry might seem like a strange combination at first, but once you try this recipe, you will never look back!

The tomatoes and strawberries come together stunningly with fresh basil, white balsamic vinegar, and olive oil to create a summer salad that will keep you cool on a hot day.

Season with salt and pepper before serving, and then sit back and enjoy.

5. Watermelon, Orange, And Feta Salad

This is another fruity surprise for you!

Salty and sweet, this Watermelon, Orange, and Feta Salad is to die for.

Combining fruity citrus with creamy feta, this recipe oozes with summer vibes. It’s another colorful salad that tastes just as good as it looks.

This salad comes together in minutes as well, so you don’t have to spend all day in the kitchen making it.

Serve with olive oil and salt and pepper to really bring out all the flavors.

6. Eggplant, Tomato, And Mozzarella Salad

This recipe takes the classic caprese salad and adds an eggplant twist.

The thick slices of eggplant pair well with the juicy tomatoes and creamy mozzarella to create another summer salad that is light and refreshing.

Combined with other ingredients such as balsamic vinegar, fresh basil, and salt and pepper, this salad will really get you in the summer mood.

Add some grilled chicken to the salad if you want to make it more of a main course.

Martha Stewart Salad Recipes With Added Protein

Salads don’t always have to be straight greens; some of the best recipes include meat.

Whether you are in the mood for tasty chicken or refreshing fish, Martha has plenty of meat salad recipes for lunch and dinner.

Below, we have included our favorite meaty Martha Stewart salad recipes you can make at home.

7. Warm Quinoa And Chicken Salad

Not all salads have to be cold, and this quinoa and chicken salad is the perfect warm salad to try first.

Quinoa is incredibly nutritious and packed with protein, iron, and fiber. Paired with boneless, skinless chicken breast, this is a tasty meal that is also really healthy.

Combine the whole dish with springy vegetables such as peas and asparagus for a delicious treat.

8. Scandinavian Shrimp Salad

Light on the stomach and packed with protein, this Scandinavian shrimp salad isn’t one to miss out on.

This recipe combines shrimp with hard-boiled eggs, cornichons, fennel, soft buttery lettuce, and boiled baby potatoes to create a tasty dish that works wonderfully as a main course.

Use the same pan to cook the shrimp and the potatoes so you don’t miss out on any of the flavors.

Serve this shrimp salad with dressing when it is done.

9. Barbecued Chicken Salad

This recipe takes classic chicken salad and gives it a smokey, barbeque taste.

Toss the chicken in with lettuce, avocado, cherry tomatoes, and tortilla chips to create a dish the whole family will absolutely love.

The marinade in this recipe also doubles as salad dressing, so don’t forget to add some extra in for more flavor.

Top your barbecued chicken salad with extra tortilla chips for some extra crunch.

Martha Stewart Pasta Salad Recipes

Pasta salads come in all shapes and sizes, and Martha Stewart has recipes to suit all tastes.

Let’s dive into some of our favorites from her repertoire.

10. Pasta Salad With Goat Cheese And Arugula

Creamy, tangy, and so easy to make, this pasta salad will inspire you in the kitchen.

The spicy arugula pairs so well with the creamy goat cheese to create a super moreish dish. Don’t be surprised if you want a second helping!

This recipe also uses Dijon mustard to give the whole dish extra tang and flavor. It is a well-rounded pasta salad that can be enjoyed for lunch or dinner.

Serve with a sprinkle of Parmesan if you’re a cheese lover – it adds a wonderful, nutty bite.

11. Tuna Macaroni Salad

Tuna salad is a classic, and we adore Martha’s take on it.

Martha Stewart’s tuna macaroni salad can be served as a versatile side dish or even a simple lunch.

Her recipe takes the classic dish to a new level by including spicy jalapeño and tangy buttermilk, making the whole dish creamier and hotter.

A top tip for this recipe is to soak the onions for 15 minutes in order to let the flavor mellow, giving the whole dish more depth.

12. Spaghetti Salad

Colorful and unique in flavor, this spaghetti salad will quickly become one of your favorite dishes.

This recipe is full of delicious ingredients, such as bell peppers, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, olives, and feta. It is tangy, creamy, and incredibly satisfying.

For the best results, prepare the spaghetti salad the day before you plan to serve it. This will give the flavors time to marinate and combine.

Final Thoughts

Salads don’t have to be boring, and when you try some of Martha’s recipes, you will definitely agree.

Whether you are in the mood for something meaty, a simple salad, or one packed full of refreshing fruits and vegetables, this list’s choices will satisfy your cravings.

Try the selections we have curated on this list and see which dishes you enjoy the most.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can I Put In A Salad To Make It More Interesting?

Some of the best things you can include in your salads to make them more interesting are spices and flavors such as paprika, chili flakes, curry powder, harissa, or parmesan. You can also add more acidic things like vinegar or lemon juice. These ingredients will really transform your salad.

Should I Store Salad In Glass Or Plastic?

Most people choose to store their salad in a plastic container, but for the best results, you should store it in a glass container. Glass does a much better job with moisture control for salad storage, which keeps your salad fresh for a longer period of time.

Does Lemon Juice Keep Salad Fresh?

Yes, lemon juice does keep salad fresh. The citric acid in lemon juice can help kill any harmful bacteria on the surface of the greens, which, in turn, keeps it fresh for a longer period of time. Plus, lemon juice is perfect if you want to elevate the taste of your salad.

12 Martha Stewart Salad Recipes We LOVE

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