14 Amazing Eggnog Recipes By Martha Stewart

There aren’t many better ways to get into the festive spirit than with a delicious eggnog recipe.

With a perfect blend of creamy richness and aromatic spices, eggnog is a seasonal institution throughout the US and something most of us can not go without.

Another American institution is our beloved Martha Stewart. Leaving an indelible mark with her culinary expertise, Stewart is an icon we often turn to when looking for fresh recipe ideas. And today is no different.

Eggnog Recipes By Martha Stewart

From classic eggnog concoctions to innovative twists, Martha Stewart has a collection of amazing eggnog recipes waiting for you to try. But you don’t need to navigate through hundreds of recipes yourself because we have done that for you.

So, stick around as we guide you through 14 of the most delicious Martha Stewart eggnog recipes that will satisfy your taste buds with every sip.

Classic Eggnog Recipes

1. Homemade Eggnog

With a delicate flavor and aromatic scent, this homemade eggnog is a joy to behold. It is made with freshly grated nutmeg, enhancing the overall flavor profile and complementing the rich, creamy texture of the drink.

The nutmeg’s warm, aromatic flavor adds a wonderful depth and complexity, providing the perfect backdrop for festive occasions. A classic example of a classic holiday beverage. 

2. Eggnog

It doesn’t get much simpler than this classic eggnog recipe. Martha Stewart has created a recipe that is easy to follow for absolute beginners, and you just need some simple ingredients.

The milk, sugar, and egg yolks make a smooth, rich base, and when cooked to the right consistency, the beverage takes on a pleasing, velvety texture.

The addition of bourbon and cream, both of which are optional, gives the drink extra rich flavors, whilst the nutmeg garnish adds a festive touch. You can also try gin or rum instead of bourbon if you like. Be creative and enjoy!

3. Classic Eggnog

If you want a classic rich and creamy eggnog drink but with a boozy twist from rum or bourbon, try this recipe.

The cream, bourbon, and rum enrich the flavor profile, helping form a well-balanced and truly indulgent eggnog beverage. Then, there is the infusion of vanilla beans and seeds, introducing a nuanced sweetness.

Follow the recipe to a tee, and you will achieve a creamy, velvety consistency that coasts your spoon perfectly.

Add some nutmeg at the end for that much-loved festive touch. And we recommend chilling the drink before serving to enhance the flavors.

4. The Original Eggnog

This eggnog recipe appeared in Martha’s first book, Entertaining, and was described as being “so rich it needs no accompaniment.” And we can only agree!

Made with a generous dose of bourbon, dark rum, cognac, heavy cream, and a dozen eggs, this original eggnog recipe is a great one if you need to serve a crowd of people. It is indulgent with a decadent blend of cream and spirits.

The stiffly beaten egg whites and whipped cream create a velvety, luxurious texture, while the alcohol content can be customized, making for a versatile, flavorful, holiday delight. 

5. Martha’s Classic Eggnog

This eggnog recipe is so good that Martha Stewart, herself, is said to make it ahead of her annual holiday party every year.

This recipe has a creamy richness with a potent mix of three liquor types – bourbon, dark rum, and cognac.

It is perfect for a get-together, but we suggest serving it in small cups to avoid a bad head the next day.

Best of all, the recipe is simple, requiring six eggs, heavy cream, milk, sugar, alcohol, and the magical final garnishing touch of nutmeg. Christmas always comes early with this recipe!

Fun Eggnog Twists

6. White Russian Eggnog

Time for some playful twists on traditional eggnog recipes, and we start with this spirited white Russian example.

Incorporating vodka and Kahlua, this eggnog recipe is a perfect adult version of the classic holiday drink.

For this one, though, you will need to boil the milk, adding another unique touch, and the final step of garnishing with whipped cream just before serving heightens its indulgence.

If you need to, you can make this recipe two days in advance, and it will still taste as fresh when served. 

7. Eggnog-Lime Lassi

This eggnog-lime Lassi recipe is a playful take on the traditional Indian beverage and one to try if you fancy something a little different this holiday season.

The addition of lime adds a zest and citrusy kick, transforming the classic festive treat into something more vibrant and tropical. Honestly, it’s refreshing enough for a summer vacation!

You will love its fun and unexpected flavor combination, giving your holidays a fresh, summer feeling kick. 

8. Spiced Chocolate Eggnog

This is a brilliantly unique eggnog recipe with the addition of bittersweet and milk chocolates, resulting in a rich, smooth texture.

The recipe itself is inspired by traditional Mexican flavors, hence the pinch of spicy chili.

We love the inclusion of cinnamon, vanilla, and hints of cayenne, adding to the drink’s complexity.

You have the option of adding brandy and churros to add to the coziness and warmth this drink offers. 

9. Peppermint Eggnog

With a yield of 5 cups, this peppermint eggnog recipe is a perfect way to treat your family this holiday season. It’s a creative and festive twist on the usual eggnog recipe, with the incorporation of candy canes and chocolate-rimmed cups.

These add a delightful peppermint crunch to the much-loved beverage.

The magical combo of custard and whipped cream results in a luxurious, creamy texture, whilst the final presentation with peppermint sticks in candy-rimmed mugs makes it visually appealing. 

10. Coconut Eggnog

Another unique recipe, this coconut eggnog, is inspired by a Puerto Rican version known as  Coquito, and it is ideal for any time of year, not just Christmas! It is infused with coconut, offering a tropical twist on the classic recipe.

The coconut milk imparts a creamy, rich texture boasting a hint of exotic flavors, too. The rum complements the coconut, creating a refreshing eggnog variation.

Garnish with some coconut flakes for added visual and textual appeal, and you are left with a distinctive, delicious holiday treat.

11. Cooked Custard Eggnog

This cooked custard eggnog recipe is a tasty alternative to a traditional recipe. What draws this apart from others is the custard, made with egg yolks, milk, and sugar.

This gives the eggnog a flavorful, rich, silky texture. It’s not quite as thick as many other eggnog recipes, but this is something many prefer.

We love the addition of dark rum, introducing a bold, festive note. You can choose to add extra booze if you like, mix bourbon and rum, or substitute the alcohol with a cup or two of hot coffee.

The final topping of whipped cream and grate nutmeg enhances the treat’s appeal, resulting in a standout holiday drink. 

Mixing It Up

12. Eggnog Latte

Looking to upgrade your morning coffee? This is the way to do it! This eggnog latte is the best way to start any day.

The heated eggnog is whisked until thick and foamy, resulting in a sumptuous topping for your latte. It sports a flavorful combination of rich, creamy eggnog with the boldness of the double shot of espresso.

The end result is a warm, indulgent beverage that somehow tastes like Christmas.

If you’re feeling creative, try adding a dash of flavored syrups like vanilla, cinnamon, or caramel to enhance the taste, or spice it up with some sprinkles of ground cinnamon, nutmeg, or a pinch of pumpkin spice. This will give the latte extra warmth and flavor.

13. Eggnog Bavarians

Okay, this is more like a dessert than a classic eggnog drink, but we had to include it because of how utterly delicious it is.

It includes spices like cinnamon and nutmeg, imparting a rich flavor profile, and has the addition of gelatin, providing these Bavarian treats of joy with a smooth, silky texture without fully setting.

The whipped cream adds an airy, luscious quality, whilst the overall blending of the ingredients results in a well-balanced, sophisticated eggnog drink (dessert) with an indulgent, filling consistency.  

14. Eggnog with Rum and Bourbon

This vanilla-scented variation of a classic eggnog recipe is one for all the rum and bourbon lovers out there.

The two spirits are whisked into a delectable custard base, helping create a drink that will steal the spotlight at any holiday party.

The texture is exceptional, and its flavor is wonderfully rich, whilst the blend of rum, bourbon, and vanilla seeds enhances the transitional eggnog flavor profile.

The inclusion of whipped egg whites and cream gives it a forty and light consistency that will go down a storm with anyone who tries it. Perfect for Christmas celebrations this year. 

Final Thoughts

The holiday season wouldn’t be complete without tasty eggnog beverages and treats.

Above is a collection of our favorite eggnog recipes from culinary Queen Martha Stewart that we want you to try and fall in love with.

Make any of these eggnog recipes, and you will definitely have a very happy holiday season!

14 Amazing Eggnog Recipes By Martha Stewart

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