The 15 Best Vietnamese Vegetarian Recipes To Try

In the heart of Vietnamese culinary traditions lies a diverse assortment of vegetarian dishes that are as wholesome as they are delicious.

In this exploration of Vietnamese vegetarian cuisine, we encourage you to experiment with the rich flavors and aromatic blend of spices that make Vietnamese food so great.

Vietnamese cuisine is celebrated for its fresh ingredients and harmonious balance of flavors.

From the bustling streets of Hanoi to the serene landscapes of the Mekong Delta, every region contributes its unique twist to the style of food.

Vietnamese Vegetarian Recipes

Join us on this flavorful journey through the street side stalls and family kitchens, uncovering the 15 best Vietnamese vegetarian recipes that showcase the artistry and soul of this cuisine.

Noodle Dishes

1. Vegan Pho Chay (Vegetarian Pho)

The first recipe that we’re going to look at is this aromatic vegan pho chay. Fragrant broth, rice noodles, and a medley of vegetables create a comforting bowl highly reminiscent of traditional pho.

Cooking Tip: Enhance the flavor of this dish by simmering the broth with charred onions and ginger. Add a splash of soy sauce for an extra umami kick.

Pairing Dish: Complement your vegan pho with a side of fresh goi cuon, vegetarian spring rolls filled with crisp veggies and vermicelli dipped in a tantalizing peanut sauce.

2. Bun Chay (Vegetarian Vermicelli Salad)

Bun chay is a refreshing vegetarian vermicelli salad that’s bursting with color and texture. Tossed with herbs, julienne veggies, and a zesty dressing, it’s a light yet satisfying dish.

Cooking Tip: For an authentic touch, marinate the tofu in lemongrass, soy sauce, and a hint of chili before grilling.

Pairing Dish: Serve bun chay alongside a plate of banh xeo chay, vegetarian crêpes filled with mushrooms, bean sprouts, and a savory batter.

3. Bun Rieu Chay (Bun Rieu Chay)

Bun rieu chay reimagines the classic crab noodle soup with a vegetarian twist. A flavorful broth, tofu, and a medley of herbs create a delightful soup that captures the very essence of Vietnamese comfort food.

Cooking Tip: Use a combination of tomato paste and miso for a rich broth with a hint of umami.

Pairing Dish: Enjoy bun rieu chay with a side of bi cuon chay (featured here later on) – shredded tofu rolls wrapped in rice paper.

4. Bun Thit Nuong Chay (Vegetarian Grilled Lemongrass Noodles)

Take your noodle game to a whole new level with bun thit nuong chay, featuring lemongrass-marinated vegetarian protein, vermicelli, and a symphony of fresh herbs.

Cooking Tip: Achieve that smoky flavor by grilling the vegetarian protein with a touch of sesame oil and lemongrass.

Pairing Dish: Pair it with a serving of xoi dau phong, a Vietnamese sticky rice topped with peanuts for a delightful blend of textures and flavors.

Rice-Based Dishes

5. Cơm Cháy Chiên Giòn (Vegetarian Vietnamese Rice)

Cơm cháy chiên giòn is a crispy delight, transforming plain rice into a crunchy sensational meal. This dish adds a delightful crunch to your Vietnamese vegetarian repertoire.

Cooking Tip: Achieve the perfect crispiness by frying day-old rice, ensuring each grain is golden and crunchy.

Pairing Dish: Enjoy it with bánh cuốn chay, vegetarian rice rolls filled with mushrooms, and seasoned tofu, served with a side of soy dipping sauce.

6. Xoi Dau Phong

Xoi dau phong is a sweet treat featuring sticky rice adorned with peanuts, creating a harmonious blend of textures and flavors – a simple yet satisfying Vietnamese dessert.

Cooking Tip: Toast the peanuts before adding them to the sticky rice for an extra layer of nutty aroma.

Pairing Dish: Indulge your sweet tooth with a serving of che chuoi, a vegetarian banana and coconut milk dessert, offering a delightful combination of creamy and fruity goodness.

7. Bánh Cuốn Chay (Vegetarian Rice Rolls)

Bánh cuốn chay offers a delicate balance of flavors and textures. Soft rice rolls filled with mushroom and tofu served with a savory dipping sauce – this is a real Vietnamese delicacy.

Cooking Tip: Steam the rice rolls until they are translucent and tender, ensuring a perfect bite.

Pairing Dish: Accompany bánh cuốn chay with a bowl of canh chua chay, a vegetarian sour soup brimming with tamarind and fresh vegetables.

Rolls And Wraps

8. Goi Cuon (Vegetarian Spring Rolls)

Goi cuon, or vegetarian spring rolls, are a delightful combination of fresh vegetables, vermicelli, and tofu wrapped in rice paper – a perfect balance of crunch and freshness.

This recipe calls for shrimp, but you can leave out this ingredient for a dish that’s 100% veggie.

Cooking Tip: Soak the rice paper briefly in warm water to make it pliable for rolling without becoming too sticky.

Pairing Dish: Serve goi cuon with a side of gỏi ngó sen, a vegetarian lotus stem salad, offering a crisp and refreshing contrast.

9. Banh Mi Chay (Vegetarian Banh Mi)

This next dish reinvents a classic Vietnamese sandwich with a vegetarian twist. Banh mi chay is made with a crispy baguette, flavorful tofu, and some vibrant pickled vegetables.

Cooking Tip: Marinate the tofu with soy sauce, garlic, and a dash of sugar for a savory and slightly sweet profile.

Pairing Dish: Enjoy this banh mi chay alongside banh beo chay, water fern cake topped with a savory mushroom mixture, adding an extra layer of indulgence.

10. Banh Xeo Chay (Vegetarian Vietnamese Crêpes)

Crispy Vietnamese crêpes filled with mushrooms, bean sprouts, and a savory batter, banh xeo chay is a satisfying blend of textures and flavors.

Cooking Tip: Achieve the perfect crispiness by ensuring the batter is thin and evenly spread. Add a pinch of turmeric for that golden hue.

Pairing Dish: Pair it with a side of gỏi ngó senm, a refreshing vegetarian lotus stem salad, creating a balance between the savory crêpes and the crispiness of the salad.

11. Banh Beo Chay (Vegetarian Water Fern Cake)

This next recipe offers a unique culinary experience – a steamed, savory water fern cake is topped with a delicious mushroom mixture. Banh beo chay is guaranteed to satisfy even the hungriest of bellies.

Cooking Tips: Steam the cakes just until they are set but still tender, ensuring a delightful softness.

Pairing Dish: Enjoy banh beo chay with a bowl of canh chua chay, a sour soup with tamarind tang, and fresh vegetables, enhancing the overall savory profile.

12. Bi Cuon Chay (Vegetarian Shredded Tofu Rolls)

Bi cuon chay transforms shredded tofu into delectable rolls wrapped in rice paper. The combination of textures and the savory tofu filling makes it a rich snack or appetizer.

Cooking Tip: Sauté the shredded tofu with aromatic spices like lemongrass and garlic for an extra burst of flavor.

Pairing Dish: Serve bi cuon chay with a dessert of che chuoi, a milky recipe that provides a sweet and creamy contrast to your savory rolls.

Salads And Sides

13. Gỏi Ngó Sen (Vegetarian Lotus Stem Salad)

This next recipe is a refreshing lotus stem salad featuring crisp slices of lotus stem, herbs, and a zesty dressing. A vibrant salad that adds a burst of freshness to your meal.

This particular recipe calls for shrimp, but you can leave it out for a completely vegetarian dish.

Cooking Tip: You can blanch the lotus stem briefly for a tender yet crunchy texture in the salad.

Pairing Dish: Enjoy this salad with Vietnamese crêpes for a satisfying and complimentary meal.

14. Canh Chua Chay (Vegetarian Sour Soup)

Bring the tangy goodness of sour soup to the vegetarian table with this canh chua chay. Tamarind-infused broth, fresh vegetables, and tofu create a comforting and flavorful dish.

Cooking Tip: Adjust the tamarind and sugar levels to achieve the perfect balance of sourness and sweetness.

Pairing Dish: Pair this with the previously mentioned banh beo chay, and vegetarian water fern cake.

15. Che Chuoi (Vegetarian Banana And Coconut Milk Dessert)

The final recipe on our list is also the perfect finale to a Vietnamese feast. Simmered bananas in coconut milk create a luscious dessert, balancing sweetness with creamy richness in the form of che chuoi.

Cooking Tip: Use ripe but firm bananas for the perfect texture in the dessert.

Pairing Dish: Conclude your meal with egg coffee, a popular post-meal drink that many Vietnamese people enjoy.

Final Thoughts

In wrapping up our culinary exploration of vegetarian Vietnamese recipes, we’ve uncovered some amazing dishes that are guaranteed to impress anyone around your dinner table.

Vietnam’s cuisine, known for its depth of flavors, draws inspiration from a diverse array of ingredients like fresh herbs, rice noodles, and an array of aromatic spices.

Remember that Vietnamese vegetarian cuisine isn’t just about what’s on the plate; it’s about the joy of sharing, the warmth of gatherings, and the celebration of life through food.

So, invite your friends and family and serve up one of these incredible vegetarian Vietnamese dishes.

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Is Vietnam good for vegetarians?

Great vegetarian food is very common in Vietnam and makes up a large portion of the cuisine. This is generally because Buddhism is the most common religion in the country. Buddhist cuisine uses a variety of vegetables and spices to create delicious vegetarian dishes.

Why is Vietnamese food so healthy?

Not only is Vietnamese food bursting with flavor and very accessible to vegetarians, but it’s also typically pretty healthy! This is because a lot of the food is low in fat and gluten-free whilst also being packed with different vitamins and minerals.

The 15 Best Vietnamese Vegetarian Recipes To Try

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