12 Delicious Korean Pear Recipes

Korean cuisine may not be as famous worldwide as Chinese or Thai food, but every bite tells a story, with Korean dishes often blending tradition with innovation. 

Whilst there are famous Korean dishes, like Bibimbap and Bulgogi, some of the tastiest Korean dishes are made with pears. Not just any pears, but Korean pears.

Also known as Asian pears, these fruits are beloved for their sweet, juicy flavor profile and crisp, apple-like texture.  

Korean Pear Recipes

If you’re in the mood for some delicious Korean pear recipes, you’re in the right place.

Instead of spending hours on the internet looking for various recipes, we have selected 12 of the most delicious Korean pear recipes below.

From mouthwatering desserts to savory dishes, we have recipes that promise to take your taste buds into a realm of tasty bliss. 

Traditional Korean Pear Recipes 

1. Baesuk (Steamed Pear)

Baesuk, otherwise known as Korean steamed pear, is a unique recipe that can be enjoyed as a delectable dessert or used as a remedy for colds.

So, if you have a sore throat or a cough, but also fancy trying something new and delicious, this Baesuk recipe is the one for you. 

The recipe gives us a perfect example of how to steam pears to absolute perfection. It offers a unique blend of sweetness and medicinal qualities, making it a great treat to comfort any ailed loved ones, whilst satisfying their sweet tooth at the same time.

The final result is a treat with a sweet, tender flavor profile, combined with a subtle pear essence. Its texture is succulent and soft, getting better with every bite. 

2. Baesuk (Poached Pear)

We’re including Baesuk again, but this time in its other form of poached pears.

Poached Korean pear recipes are often the more popular of the two, with a sweeter flavor, ideal for dessert. But, like the steamed pear recipe, this can also be used as a natural cold and flu remedy.

This particular Beasuk poached pear recipe offers a glorious combination of sweet, floral, and subtly spiced flavors.

The pear’s tender flesh absorbs the cooking liquid beautifully, providing a delightful, aromatic flavor profile. As for its texture, it is soft and velvety, a pleasing contrast to the syrupy glaze. 

The natural pear essence balances well with the dish’s sweetness, making it a truly comforting treat, whether you want to treat your cold or indulge in a satisfying dessert. 

3. Savory Asian Pear Tart

Next up is this savory Asian pear tart recipe, a delicious treat packed with fresh, vibrant flavors. Whether you have a wedding shower or a brunch party coming up or you just fancy treating yourself, this is a fun recipe ideal for all occasions. 

The recipe features one puff pastry sheet, one Asian (Korean) pear, and half goat cheese log.

The pear is thinly sliced and halved into bite-size pieces. Add in its other orchestra of flavors like fresh thyme, pistachios, honey, and balsamic glaze, and you are left with one of the tastiest tarts out there. 

4. Asian Pear Coleslaw

This Asian pear coleslaw dish is wonderfully versatile and can be served as a main course or as a tasty side.

It boasts tangy, sweet flavors, emanating from the pears, perfectly complimenting the crunchy celery and crispy cabbage. If you fancy a little more spice to the coleslaw, feel free to add some additional Sriracha sauce! But, be careful!

You will be amazed at how simple this dish is to prepare and make. All you have to do is slice the pear, shred the cabbage, and add your remaining toppings. And, voilà, it’s ready.

We recommend serving it with fish or grilled chicken for the most delicious flavor combination.

Tasty Korean Pear Dessert Recipes

5. Asian Pear Sorbet

You haven’t lived until you have tried a Korean pear sorbet recipe like this one.

It is unbelievably refreshing, perfect for a hot summer’s day, and delivers a dreamy amount of sweetness. 

Best of all, you only need a few simple ingredients for this recipe – around three Korean (Asian) peeled and cored pears (two and a half pounds), one and a half cups of sake, two tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice, and half a cup of sugar.

The pears are cut into eighths for delicious mouthfuls, and will impress anyone who tries them. This sorbet recipe showcases the crisp and juicy nature of Asian pears, disguised as a frozen treat that’s irresistibly delicious.

6. Asian Pear Butter Hotteok (Korean Sweet Pancakes)

This Asian pear Hotteok recipe stands out with its combination of chewy Hotteok dough and a luscious, indulgent Asian pear filling.

The dough is made with sweet rice flour, delivering a distinct, satisfying texture. Meanwhile, the concentrated flavor of pear butter enhances the overall taste. 

The Asian pear filling is further complemented by a mix of dark brown sugar and cinnamon, creating a gooey, sumptuous, mouthwatering syrup.

It gets even better! If you are new to the kitchen, this recipe is a breeze to make, and its incorporation of traditional flavors will give you a truly authentic Korean pear dessert experience.

7. Asian Pear Apple Pie

Whatever you’re doing today, make time for this Asian pea apple pie. After all, there’s nothing tastier than a freshly baked pie, and you definitely deserve a treat!

For anyone with a sweet tooth (that’s all of us), this apple pie recipe will satisfy the cravings. It sports a combination of tart apples and juicy pears, creating a perfect balance of fruity flavors.

Then, there is the flaky crust, a dynamic contrast in textures and the ideal canvas to showcase the pie’s mouth-watering filling.

Make sure you enjoy it with a scoop of ice cream or some whipped cream to complete the satisfaction this pie brings.

8. Asian Pear Cobbler Dessert

With its buttery, biscuit-like topping and sliced Korean pears, this cobbler dessert is as tasty as they come.

The pears, all six of them, are rinsed, peeled, and sliced, giving the dessert a fruity, refreshing flavor.

Yet again, this dessert is easy to make. You just need flour, butter, sugar, baking powder, salt, and a few other ingredients to make this dream come true.

The final result is a wonderfully crumbly, fluffy piece of perfection that would win any dessert competition. 

Best Korean Pear Snack Recipes

9. Asian Pear Prosciutto Appetizers 

When you pair Asian pears with Prosciutto, you get a winning combination that will dazzle the taste buds.

This appetizer is zesty, light, sweet, refreshing, and crunchy, with creamy-tart goat cheese fusing the flavors together into something magical.

Whatever social gathering you have coming up, prepare this recipe and impress everyone.

Whether it’s a cocktail party or a birthday, these Asian pear Prosciutto appetizers will always go down a storm.

10. Bacon, Lettuce, And Pear Sandwich

Forget the classic BLT sandwich; we have a new King in town in the form of this BLP sandwich.

Super delicious and very easy to make, this sandwich provides a great balance of sweet, salty, and crunchy flavors.

The bread is soft and sumptuous, giving the sandwich a salivating, chewy texture.  

You can get as creative as you like with this recipe. For instance, you can add more lettuce and more bacon or use another fruit instead of the pear.

Whatever ingredients you opt for, serve alongside some salad or chips for the most satisfying sandwich you’ll have all week. 

11. Caramelized Pears

Okay, this may lean towards dessert rather than a snack, but this Asian Pear recipe is a must-try, promising sheer delight.

The pears are simmered to absolute perfection in a sumptuous browned butter, becoming irresistibly mouthwatering. 

You can enjoy them solo for a burst of flavor, or add a dollop of whipped cream for added indulgence.

We suggest you pair them with a scoop of refreshing vanilla ice cream, especially on a summer’s day. These caramelized pears are the ideal dessert (snack) for your next dinner party. 

12. Apple Pear Steamed with Honey

Apples and pears are a classic combo that would headline any culinary event. Add in the sweet flavor of honey, and you have a delicious, healthy snack to enjoy at any time. 

The honey’s sweetness compliments the tartness of the pears and apples, whilst the steaming process helps retain all the nutrients from the fruit.

Finish off with a dollop of ice cream or yogurt, and the treat becomes a creamy delight.

Satisfying and nutritious, this apple pear steamed with honey recipe has a burst of fruity flavors, with a cheery balance of sweet, tart, and creamy textures that make each bite a flavorful celebration.

Final Thoughts

Korean pears are a versatile fruit when it comes to cooking.

They can be used in savory and sweet dishes, providing a fruity spectrum of flavors, taking your culinary creations to the next level.

From refreshing salads to decadent desserts, the crisp texture and subtle sweetness of Korean pears make them an ideal ingredient for a variety of well-balanced dishes.

12 Delicious Korean Pear Recipes

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