Trail Celebrity Nora Pouillon
Hosts: Chef & Restaurateur Nora Pouillon, Washington, DC
New Morning Farm (Hustontown, PA) or The Farm at Sunny Side (Washington, VA)

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One Week Stage with Award-Winning Chef Nora Pouillon

A once in a life time opportunity to spend time with Chef Nora Pouillon before her name sake restaurant transitions to its next incarnation. One lucky recipient will work /play alongside legendary Chef and Restaurateur Nora Pouillon and her team at her pioneering restaurant Restaurant Nora. Spend a week sharpening your knowledge of organic cuisine. Winners of this farm-to-table internship will spend four days in the kitchen with Nora’s chefs, two days on an organic farm, and one day at the Dupont Circle FreshFarm Market in Washington, DC  This a broad introduction to the philosophy behind organic food and how it is grown, sourced, and prepared. You will also be able to shadow Nora and hear the story of the restaurant’s path to organic certification to better understand her concept of an organic, sustainable lifestyle. You will also have the opportunity to experience Nora’s daily routine, including exercise classes and nature walks.

Location: Restaurant Nora, Washington, DC



Includes: Airfare (up to $500). Lodging- in Washington, DC as Nora’s house-guest. Lodging – two days at a local farm-to-table some staff meals

About Nora 

Nora Pouillon is a pioneer and champion of organic, environmentally conscious cuisine. Born in Vienna, Austria, Nora came to the United States in the late 1960s. She was shocked to discover the processed, chemical-laden foods Americans were eating, which she realized contributed to their health problems. That’s when she embarked on her crusade to promote a healthier lifestyle.  When she opened Restaurant Nora in 1979 she wove together an extensive network of organic and natural farmers, personally driving out to farms in Virginia, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania to purchase local produce. Nora organized bus tours to introduce DC chefs to these local farmers, jumpstarting the farm-to-table movement while helping to ensure the viability of their farms.

In 1999, Restaurant Nora became the first certified organic restaurant in the United States, a feat accomplished by few since. Nora is the author of Cooking with Nora, a seasonal menu cookbook that was a finalist for the Julia Child Cookbook Award. Her memoir, My Organic Life (Knopf, 2015) is a must read for all interested in the organic movement.

Over the years, Nora has received awards from many culinary and organic organizations. In 2009, she was the first recipient of the Genesis Award from Women Chefs and Restaurateurs, which recognizes a woman who has achieved a true ‘first’ in the culinary profession. In October of 2011, Chefs Collaborative inducted her into their Pioneers Table. And in 2017 she will be receiving the James Beard Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award.

About Restaurant Nora

In 1979, Restaurant Nora opened its doors in a 19th century red brick corner building in the Dupont Circle neighborhood. The restaurant represents the vision of Nora Pouillon, who, with the help of her two partners, Steven and Thomas Damato, has always been a proponent of a sustainable lifestyle and believes that the most important element is organic, seasonal, local food prepared in a flavorful, balanced, healthy way.

In 1999, Restaurant Nora became the nation’s first certified organic restaurant, which means that at least 95% of all ingredients must be produced by certified organic farmers, growers, and suppliers. The menu changes daily, offering a la carte items and a four-course chef’s tasting menu. The wine list presents over 100 exceptional wines from small producers, many of them using organically grown grapes and sustainable practices.

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Dates: To be determined with host at a mutually agreeable timeone week (Monday to Sunday) in April or May of 2017


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