WCR-Women Chefs & Restaurateurs is once again popping up in Calgary for a one-day Educational Conference with the theme, People. Purpose. Passion. The Pathway To Success' on Saturday, September 16, 2017. Join us for an exciting day where attendees are part of inspirational discussions, educational workshops and events full of connections and networking. Join some of the brightest minds in the industry, from the front and back of the house to agriculture and media. Contact For Sponsorship Opportunities

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The Agenda

8am Doors Open

9:10am Keynote #1: PURPOSE

Renowned as the Gastronomic Ambassador for the Riviera Nayarit in Mexico, Chef Betty Vázquez González will speak about her views on the true purpose of cooking.

9:30am Keynote #2: PASSION –Poetry In Motion

With so many people working frantically in a kitchen to get meals to tables, it can sometimes feel like a sporting event. Canadian Olympic champion wrestler Erica Wiebe will talk about what it takes physically and mentally to be successful and rise to the top.

9:45am Session #1: How to Reinvent Yourself –Finding Your Place After Disruption

Many of us spend years tailoring our skills so we can excel in our chosen career. But when unforeseen circumstances leave us jobless, we have to find a way to get back into the workforce. This session will discuss how to successfully reinvent ourselves for the next phase of our career in an industry we love.

10:35am Social Media Introduction

10:50-11:10am BREAK

11:15am Session #2: Be Our Guest –“Setting the Table” for an Exceptional Guest Experience

This divers expert panel discussion will explore the various ways of creating the guest experience including décor, theme, ambience, and service. It will also delve into the unique challenges and opportunities guest services departments regularly face.

12:05pm First Nations Ceremony

12:30-1:30 LUNCH provided by WinSport

1:40pm Session #3: It Takes a Village -The Relationship between Producers, Suppliers, and Retailers

The farm to plate concept involves a diverse system of people all working together to achieve success. This panel discussion will look at all the roles involved – from the farmer to the retailer to the chef – and how developing an effective, sustainable system is critical for all parties to achieve equal success.

2:30pm Keynote #3: Showcasing the Faces Behind a Brand – How to build Authentic Relationships With Your Clients

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2:45pm Keynote #4: Designer Food –Bridging the Gap Between Design and Marketing For Your Products and Businesses

Aesthetics have always gone hand-in-hand with food, but now the design aspect of what we eat, where we eat, and how we eat is undeniably linked. Designers have been obsessed with food as a medium, and in the age of social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram, the role of design in food culture can’t be missed. People aren’t just eating food, they are experiencing it. The industry is engaging, dynamic, and creative in a way that makes the relationship between design and food vital. I’ll talk about how to build an experience that’s memorable, meaningful and thoughtful. Insight: Brand Awareness From a Powerhouse Brand Taylor Fladgate & Cococo Chocolatiers (Natascha Schwarzer) Presentation

3:15-3:45pm BREAK Sponsored by Callebaut Chocolate

3:40pm Keynote #5: Cocktail Culture -Back to Basics

This discussion will focus on the need to get “back to the basics” when it comes to the cocktail scene. Mixologists and bartenders are rapidly entering the industry and quickly inventing their own recipes. While this creates unique cocktails for consumers, the core basics are getting lost and pushed to the side for fads which in turn is putting the longevity of the cocktail industry in jeopardy. This discussion also touches on the challenges of women succeeding in the bartending industry.

4:00pm Keynote #6: Pathway to Success

A candid account of the milestones and roadblocks on the road to professional development and success.

4:15pm Session #4: Entrepreneurs in the Kitchen

Some of the most talented in the culinary industry discuss what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

5:30 After Party

Keep the conversation about people, passion and purpose going at the post-conference networking reception.

9:30pm-LATE The After After Party

Looking to keep the party going? Join us for drinks and snacks at Pigeonhole, one of Canada’s best restaurants. Let's toast a libation or two as we celebrate the success of WCR and mingle with friends new and old! 306 - 17th Avenue SW.