One Year Scholarship at SAIT
Sponsored by: SAIT Polytechnic and Women Chefs & Restauranteurs

Sponsored by SAIT Polytechnic and Women Chefs & Restauranteurs

Students enrolled in the Professional Cooking and Baking and Pastry Arts diploma programs not only learn the fundamentals of cooking and baking, but the ebbs and flows of the industry through living classrooms that model the real-world environment.

SAIT students don’t just study the culinary industry, they work in it.




Dates: 2017 – 2018 School Year

Location: Calgary, Alberta

Includes: Round-trip Airfare/Hotel to attend WCR 2017 Conference in Seattle, Washington — May 6 – 8, 2017

Eligibility: Female applicants must currently be enrolled in the first year of SAIT’s Professional Cooking or Baking & Pastry Arts diploma program.


About SAIT
The School of Hospitality and Tourism at SAIT Polytechnic is recognized worldwide for its progressive curriculum, state-of-the-art facilities and real-world education.

SAIT’s culinary programs offer an unparalleled educational opportunity to put theory into practice through competitions, professional internships, international study tours, conferences and a host of other special events. Students enrolled in the Professional Cooking and Baking and Pastry Arts diploma programs apply their classroom knowledge to experiences in the renowned Highwood, an award-winning restaurant; The Market Place, a popular SAIT bakery and retail shop; The Butchery, a world-class facility and butcher shop; 4 Nines Dining Centre, a busy campus cafeteria; and the innovative Culinary Campus where students prepare and sell gourmet cuisine to the bustling downtown crowd. In 2016 alone, SAIT’s students will anticipate, prepare and deliver meals in real-time to nearly 400,000 paying customers.

  • Active membership in WCR is required to apply for any scholarship.
  • SAIT culinary students must submit an application HERE
  • One page essay needs to outline:1. The benefits of participating in the 2017 WCR Conference.2. A summary of what interests you most about the conference, and what events and guest speaker presentations you would like to attend.3. How you plan to share the information with your peers and faculty.4. How attending this event would help with your future career.Eligible applicants must attach their resume to the application and demonstrate a passion for the culinary industry, commitment to community, and a high degree of professionalism through work experience, volunteerism and/or academic pursuits.


In order to be considered for this scholarship, please complete the form to the right and upload the required documents in PDF format. Applying for scholarships is free for Professional and Corporate members and is $25 for Friend Members.

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The scholarship application deadline has passed, and filing is now closed. If you recently applied, please stay tuned for information on awarded scholarships. If you are interested in applying for future scholarships, the next round of applications will be available soon.

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